Meanwhile, Jen bets Caitlin that teen magazines are trash and will not help Jude with his problem. Wyatt has a fear that Marlowe could break up with him after they’ve gotten on each other’s nerves for a while. Jonesy and Nikki win a pair of tickets to one of Jonesy’s favorite sci-fi flicks, War Star Galaxy Force which parodies the Star Wars saga , but the other pair of tickets are awarded to Darth and Julie, meaning they all have to be together. Jen needs to sell the wrestling gear while her job is still on the line, so Jonesy, in his wrestling name “The Stud,” lends a hand along with Jude and Wyatt as color commentators. Create a free ShareTV account to make a personalized schedule of your favorite TV shows, keep track of what you’ve watched, earn points and more. Nikki falls for a new guy named Stone, while Jonesy is beaten by a twelve-year-old at an arcade game and Jonesy tries desperately to take his title back at all costs,especially if it meant cheating. Meanwhile, Jude uses too much of Jen’s muscle relaxing cream and his whole body becomes numb , so he’s forced to look for help by pushing himself on his skateboard with his mouth. Plus, Jonesy tries to get a date with a beautiful French exchange student working at an ice cream shop.

The guys try to get tickets for a new karate movie, but the girls are acting strange Caitlin is acting very defensive and upset, Jen has cramps, and Nikki is acting nicer than usual as well as eating chocolate, which she normally hates because they’re having their periods. Meanwhile, Nikki’s mom, Mrs. But after Jen’s older sister, Courtney,drops of his brother, he embarrasses him in front of her. Ron the Rent-a-cop hires an assistant security guard, Kai Drew Nelson , who is way more fun than Ron. Meanwhile, Jude races his Zamboni against Ron the Rent-a-cop to see which vehicle will stay at the mall. Wyatt tries to impress the older Serena by making her believe that he is more mature than she thinks.


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This article needs additional citations for verification. Jen gets promoted to Assistant Coach at The Penalty Box, only to order too much wrestling merchandise from a marketing representative when dpisode develops a crush on him. Jen is putting some old clothes up for the mall clothing donation drive, but Jonesy sees that the donated clothes were from his father and uses the donated wardrobe for himself in an attempt to act cool.

However, Jonesy tries to turn the party into a “chick fest. Jonesy becomes the manager of a guru. The kids and parents want to work things out.

Rpisode a Review All comments [0]. This page was last edited on 24 Januaryat Every guy in sixth grade had a crush on her. Near the end, Jonesy finally declares Nikki as “The One,” mostly what Caitlin calls every boy that she dates. Enter the text in the image shown if you are human. After she gets hit constantly, she counterattacks them.

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She’s also kind of a shallow witch and is dismissive as ever of Jen — but none of the fazhion seems to notice. During the filming, Jonesy and Darth work on a plan to film the movie in order to sell unlicensed DVDs.

Jude finds out that he has a lucky zit, while Wyatt becomes depressed because he can’t manage to get a girlfriend after his last date disaster.

Jonesy gets a job in the mall’s spa.

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It doesn’t work, however, because he gets the job anyway. The gang then goes to a movie but then are kicked out for making too much noise.

Olympic athlete Travis Gibson visits the mall to meet Jen, but Jen won’t spend time with him because of the time Travis threw a rock right at her forehead back in grade 2 and gave her a nasty scar. Jen’s jealous throughout the whole episode.

6teen 071 Fashion Victims A T

Jen received a new method of being mean and unattainable for getting guys fashionn Jonesy while Nicki seconded Caitlin’s idea to be nice and respectful to the guys. So Caitlin needs to find a way to search for Calum and get her Khaki card back.


Jonesy takes advantage of his new job screening applicants for a episoe service. Meanwhile, Jonesy starts selling the lost and found items to people in the mall. Jen’s used to guys falling all over her sister but she’s dismayed to see that Nikki and Caitlin can’t get enough of her.

Using a song that describes how great his friends are, Wyatt wins an idol competition taking place in the mall and becomes famous.

They all go to the mall to try to get jobs while on their holidays. Fasnion also gets addicted to Burger McFlippster’s ragin’ cagin’ fries. Once again, Ron uses the incident as an excuse to harass the gang by throwing them in the mall security lockup until Jonsey bails them out by giving Ron his, Jude’s and Wyatt’s tickets for the movie.

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When Jonesy comes to bail her out, Jade convinces him to accept her as his new girlfriend in exchange for victimw the keys from her. Edit Details Release Date: By using this site, you agree to the Terms 66teen Use and Privacy Policy.

The whole mall becomes infested with zombies. As of February 11,91 episodes plus 2 one-hour special episodes of 6teen have been aired, 52 of which have been released on DVD. The Clones go first because of their stupidity. The episode title is a reference to the comedy film Wedding Crashers.