My morning also begins by Vishal giving gyaan on what high class girls like! As Prabu requested, Vishal also goes to the house of his aunties. In the first half Santhanam covers maximum portion of the movie but no big use of it. But whether they made us to laugh as a normal Sundar C or not? Do you have writing skills? Based on that story, the father of Prabu has been killed by Prabu himself, so that the three sisters of Prabu hate Prabu completely.

Nothing new in story or treatment. Maybe Sundar directed the comedy part. Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi story leaked: Blog Comments Facebook Comments No comments: Truly enjoyed it so much.. But in the second half, yes there are some comedy scenes making us laugh only because of some counters form Sathish and by the natural comedy scenes determined by Sundar C himself. C film MadhaGajaRaja not released yet!

Tamil movie Aambala – Complete Review: Majorly driven by Santhanam in the first 40 mins. Surendhar Mk Posted Aambala: Vishal and Hansika Motwani starrer “Aambala” has got mixed reviews from the audience and critics. Karthik Scen Writes Aambala Good in all aspect!!!

Tamil movie Aambala – Casts and Crew, Story and Review – Tamil Cinema

Krmaten Wrote Aambala is a great casting festival!! A promotional material of “Aambala”. After than, did Vishal – Hansika love succeeded or not? Santhanam All The Way, Hilarious! Pakka Treat For Pongal!! Kollywood Cinema Writes Aambala 3. Then the movie goes on with some Comedy tracks of Santhaanam and the love track between Tamil actor Vishal and Hansika Motwani and 2 number of video songs.

I dont know what is the purpose of these scenes as she is one of the main roles of the movie that she is the sister of Prabu and the core story of the movie has been kept as if Tamil actor Vishal trying to make the family of Prabu united!!.


C film MadhaGajaRaja not released yet! Aambala first half – The actual plot starts only after 45 minutes. Cpimax F1 teams and their cars. Commercial Elements r not mixed well. Then Prabu tells a story about their family to Vishal. Their earlier movie “Madha Gaja Raja” did not see the light of the day for some reasons. Over all, Aambala scen been planned to be a family entertainer with the mix of Sundar C, Vishal and comedy actors.

Its time for him to try different genres with lesser commerical elements!!! The story of “Aambala” is about the hero, who goes to his village to solve some issues between his father and three aunts.

Vijay’s film release date likely to be changed? Do you have writing skills? Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli attacks Karan Johar for not mentioning her in list of best actresses.

Tamil actresses and their casts, Religion list. All will Love it Except Kodu fans Rating: Truly enjoyed it so much. My morning also begins by Vishal giving gyaan on what high class girls like! In the first half Santhanam covers maximum portion of the movie but no big use of it. Half way through Aambala. Aambala” is the second collaboration of Sundar C and Vishal Krishna. Kangana Ranaut’s dummy horse riding: The movie has big line up of Casts and even it has the latest comedy actors, Santhanam and Sathish too.

But Hansika keeps on expressing her hateful face to Vishal. But the scenes like, Vishal sits on a flying car with police uniform is making us to laugh instead of getting a mass feeling on Vishal.


Sai Shyam G Wrote Aambala Review – There are offensive camera angles involving Hansika and an item song too, but still movie got ‘U’ Aambala Review – Never promised to offer anything new, but the regressive jokes could have been avoided.

Tamil actresses in Tamil movie Ambala The three aunties of the movie Ramya Krishnan, Kiran and Aishwarya are making sounds and no big power roles for them is well. Interesting tidbits about Allari Naresh surfaces online. Hardly funny so far!

C gives dir Hari a tough competition.

Satyam Tamil Movie – Vishal Reveal Kota Srinivasa Rao’s past | Climax Scene

Colourful And Glamorous Too! It definitely looks like a product from his factory. Tamil movie Aambala – Complete Casts In between, some one interferes into the love of Vishal and Hansika and it gets end with a break up.

Rit tym to releas Hats of VffVishal and salute 2 d team khushsundar. When we come to the role of Tamil actor Vishalit has been designed aambaoa be a mass action hero who does comedy also.

Royal Biographer warns Prince Harry about what the Duchess is doing wrong. Tamil actress Priya and director Atlee – Love Story.

Mahesh Babu’s Maharshi story leaked: Sandheep Shanmugaraj Posts Vishal has met the saturation point with Aambala. In the movie Aambala, the role of Vishal is the one who gathers crowd for political meetings, and other big events by getting money from the concern parties.