I usually do not kill all the pigs in doing so, but add their score to what I am able to do damage wise to get a final score. Flinger with 50 points Platform: This level I spent most of the time on …. Wishing my sunniest friend in the world sunshine all the luck and patience I can give! I lost my patients after 3 minutes and shot the white bird, to bad I needed to use the last bird as well, but I still got ! On the third shot, I feel like it might be possible to arc the bird into the tiny gap between the middle and right structures and do an ultra-late detonation to get both pigs and lanterns while destroying significantly more wood. How do I get the update? Woot karen68 Thank you!!

The score in the video below is 83, Not quite sure how to save the game versions pre and post updates. It makes me feel like a great player, when I am so close to the top scorer! Popping that last pig with the first bird is essential. Our strategy for Mooncake Festival level is to fire the White bird high and bomb between the first two towers. Pig Leader with points Platform: Out of this World with points Platform: Flinger with 20 points Platform:

I do not remember very seeing anything like that in the other AB Seasons games. I honestly think that way is walkthrrough. Boss Hog with points Platform: Score using this method: But you still have to launch Matilda at the right time to maximize the damages made by the egg.

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This level gives me all kinds of trouble. This level I spent most of the time on …. I have the problem of my score in Mooncake being reported as the same as Trick or Treat. He keeps hiding under the roof debris!


The large pig on the bottom right was the challenge with the debris fall after the activation of the tnt. Guess I hit the tree just right.

Flinger with 45 points Platform: I could knock it over from the top of the structure but not the bottom for about a 22k score. Fling King with points Platform: Flinger with 5 points Platform: Then blowup pigs and TNT with second white bird. It is seasoons appreciated. Belated thanks e-star for the fine video.

Angry Birds Seasons Mooncake Festival Level 2-15 Walkthrough

Champion with points Platform: The third Bird is a point bonus. Popping that last pig with the first bird is essential. It was killing me …. Lob the Black bird to barely clear the first tower, and its explosion should clear the level completely.

For those of you who want to see the tree come a live here is my video: From reading about glitches, I understand that this glitch was fixed by update 2. Then used the hen to lay an egg on the 1st 3 and knocked the tnt down as well. I first I was excited because I thought I discovered a super secret ending movie or whatever.

Well I saw the picture and I revisted the level the next day to three star it. Use the triangle bird to cut down the tree and I was able to knock down the house too. When I three star the level instead of getting a picture button at the as usual I instead got a roll of film probably from trick or treat. This usually does minimal damage to the central building, but a well-placed bomb bird can take out all of the pigs in it as well as in the left tower.


If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. Flinger with 30 points Wslkthrough If you see the tree branches shaking.

Angry Birds Seasons Ham’o’ween 3 Stars Walkthrough

Flinger with 85 points Platform: The key thing is to remove the tree trunk altogether so it will not block the tree branches is they move ….

We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. GameCenter lies quite easily. The point of taking out the middle plank with the first bird is that the entire tower now readily falls seeasons, whereas normally only the top half likes to fall.

Hardened with points Platform: Sessons with points Platform: Flinger with 35 points Platform: I have been following e-star video as a guideline.

Keep at it and Good luck, hope you will up your score a bit further: Finally, the last bird is almost a carbon copy of the first, bombing some leftover debris and toppling the entire tower. If necessary, use the last White bird to blast any remaining pigs. I never was able to get above 85K, so the 92K was obviously a blessing.

Wishing my sunniest friend in the world sunshine all the luck and patience I can give!