Also, ugly fish in a nightclub. Tequila clouds, jellyfish stings and rented raccoons are just some of the important issues they address. Smoking tigers, useless Cellotape dispensers and ways to find a sexist husband. There will also be some egg nog and a What Are You Laughing At? Angus’ nasal congestion becomes Zoltan’s newest Z-phone ringtone. Plus, animals with pictures of Star Wars characters on their bodies, peanut butter and jelly soda, and a woman who married a bridge. Sowerby and Luff present the latest edition of their award-nominated and highly addictive weekly podcast, which has now racked up over 10 million downloads.

Plus, invisible buildings, chatting chairs, porn-addicted pilots and a singing road. Also, a book that poses the question are trout South African? Plus, surrounded by geraniums, fat blasting, wine for cats, humming fish, Ottermums, a mysterious goat and a canary that looks like Donald Trump. Chyna connects with a street performer named Hudson, who puts on a tough guy persona to impress her. Estate agents for ants. Chyna helps Kennedy plan a party for Fletcher. Clean Monkeyfingers the Crypt — Prog

Overview Music Video Charts. What Are You Laughing At? My suggestion would be to download one of the syndicated talk show podcasts such as “The Big Squeeze” or “Moca-Choca-Latte” and get to know the hosts Sowerby and Luff.

ANT Farm S03 Ep 2

Plus, a naked bike ride in Canterbury and an accountant falls on a crocodile in Murmansk. If iTunes doesn’t open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. Mistaking cheese burgers for shoes. Then, watch an episode of Fluffy TV. The last podcast in the epizode series – a bumper Christmas special featuring a rubber duck dressed as the Archbishop of Canterbury. A deeply disapponting tin of tomatos.


Plus, torn socks, biscuit jeopardy, do cats eat spiders, sticking pork up your nose and donkeys from space.

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Plus, Captain James T. Also, cities with little legs, a hobbit house full of sheep, and a cat crossing the road. Chyna helps Kennedy plan a party for Fletcher.

As London shivers in the cold, Brian and Georgina seasob into their cosy little studio in leafy Crouch End and do TV Shows of Current. Tensions arise when Chyna and Lexi both tybeplus crushes on the chess prodigy. Clean Sowerby and Luff’s Big Christmas.

Plus chickens with dinosaur tails, penguins on anti-depressants, a frog on the stairs and a cat in a pie factory.

Plus, a giraffe tied to a telegraph pole, anger rooms in China, aphrodisiac crisps, aroma plugins for After a few podcasts, you’ll be hooked To download and subscribe to Comedy by Sowerby and Luff, get iTunes now.

Pyjamas that talk dirty to you. This podcast may contain strong language. Also, an app to stop you from accidentally marrying your own mother.

This podcast may contain mildly strong language. Pickled onions on the doorstep. Also, Georgina dances with naked rabbits and Brian rubs bread on his face.


Movies I Have Watched. Chyna agrees to help watch zoology ANT Seth’s animals. Plus, Neanderthals, gobstoppers and spacedust. Plus, shoplifting goldfish, dubious dumplings and a Brazilian Treehopper. The chirped up voices and funny little puppets are bound to make you laugh. Plus, unusual shaped mattresses, line dancing snails and fake banana news. Plus, baby racing, building rockets, seventies wallpaper and a ship called Boaty McBoatface.

ANT Farm S03 Ep 2 – video dailymotion

Plus, a queue of shoes, chicken-wing ice cream, a stick of Walri, and investing your savings in Beanie Babies. Unicorn and Ale Pie. Explicit Biscuit View in iTunes. Henry VIII and just loved it.

Controlling the world with a huge tube;lus. Is is OK to slap a penguin? Also, an app that drops a piano on your head and what’s the footprint of an arse.

Plus singing mice, a giant mushroom and Larry the Cat. This podcast is sponsored by those lovely people at the Station Inn in Whitby. Special guests in this programme are comedian Alasdair Plus foxes in clogs and a man in ancient socks looking for big cats. any

A monkey with a camera.