At the request of the producers, Mr. Trinity works on her “Stellar” solo with choreographer Tarua Hall. Trinty has like 50 brothers and sisters. Then Abby focuses on McKaylee: Michelle is glad that Abbie decided to bring Kalani back, she also thought Gianna was great too. Alliances begin to form, but when one mom takes charge during rehearsal, the other moms realize that she could be trouble. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Since Kalani had been eliminated the last time that she attempted hip hop …saved only by one of those blingy CallBack Cards the following morning… she was a little stressed out. They played it well in terms of strategy, but their competitors AND Abby Lee Miller were unhappy with their choices, and the judges advanced all four girls to the next round. It should be noted that my girl Chloe was mysteriously MIA, which made me really sad since I was hoping to see Mama Angela testifying with her hands up in the ayah ayah one last time this season. Girrrl, that hip hop group routine was turnt up. Not to be outdone in the stressed out Mom category, Kira then decided it was her turn to blow a slight nutty on Kalani, who she felt was suddenly giving up on the whole competition with only one week to go. My boy Kevin Manno was rocking yet another skinny suit and pointing around the stage like a traffic cop.

So save those tears for your pillow and fix those damn rabbit feet. One mother tries to sabotage another with dance assignments. Richy thinks they all put it on the line.

The judges rushed the stage. And Trinity and The TBoyz just need to take that shiz on the road right now. It Was Finally The Finale!

Lean in and tilt your head. We only have two hours, people. For the last competition, the Final 3 will be doing solos AND a group dance that will also be judged.


‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’ Season 2 winner: McKaylee or Gianna, who won the prize?

Kalani wants to do her best today and not be sent out again. With only four dancers remaining in the competition, the moms have to do whatever winnee takes to ensure their child makes it to the final three.

Not so much if you want to grow up and fix air conditioning units or trade stocks on Wall Street. On competition day, Abby makes a surprise visit to the Vanity Room and introduces Davis Robertson, the artistic director of the Joffrey Concert Group at the Joffrey Ballet School of New York; he will act as the fourth judge for the final competition. 22 Lee Miller Just Quit! The final mini-challenge this week was to pick your favorite dance and do it again.

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The series encompasses twelve talented boy and girl dancers who are competing for the top spot and a scholarship to a prestigious dance academy. Then it’s time for the Top 3 to do their contemporary solo performances. Who was your favorite mother-daughter duo? Abbie, Richy and Michelle speak to each other alone about the three who are at the bottom, dpoiler mothers of the bottom three join them on the stage.

But zeason gets the job done and pays the rent, right?

The nine remaining dancers are thrilled when they learn the theme for this week’s performance is “Broadway. Then it was almost time for the group dance and the Final Three sdason.

Mom Shari was all bug eyed and stressed out again about the dance, because they were from Nebraska.

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Wednesday, November 20th, Come on down and show these little wannabes how you do, mmmkay? She learned the story.

All of the contestants perform the group number called “The Contenders” in boxing outfits: The mothers, not so much — Cindy says, “The bitches are back. Kevin brings out all of the mothers and their daughters, Trinity is safe, Giana is safe, Ally is one of the bottom three, Kalani is safe, McKaylee is in the bottom three, Tyler is safe, Travis is safe, Jojo is safe and Haylee is put into the bottom three.


Which means it was really good. Richy believes that Ally has star potential, is missing something. Plus, one mother’s meddling threatens to send a team home. What was your favorite dance or moment of AUDC season 2? After witnessing that mom make one of the girls break into tears, two of the other mothers join forces and conjure up a demon, unleashing on the other mom claiming she is being fake.

Dance Moms Mama Drama: Especially Honey Bow Bow JoJowho was clearly bred in some underground laboratory solely for the purpose of wearing reflective hair ribbon and being fierce on the playground. Holla at you, girl.

She was spinning around like Patti LaBelle. The winner’s mom gets to decide which dancers land in the bottom three, leading to new fights and some surprise allegiances.

LA since Little Women: The competitors get to the dressing room and are preparing for the upcoming dances, the mothers talk to Tina about how she should send the three top dancers in the bottom three. In the most hyperest …is that even a word?