American youths came looking for solace from the fast-paced consumer culture their parents created and found no escape. She was also among the 19 filmmakers who worked together anonymously under the rubric Winterfilm Collective to produce the film Winter Soldier , an anti-war documentary about the Winter Soldier Investigation. The film showed a life well-lived in its observation of her determination and tenacity to claim the spotlight her talent deserved. Even before the toxicity of Twitter, hate for the Chicks fuelled all-American rage. Bush statement at a concert. Gigi Gorgeous and A Murder in Mansfield , the latter of which trickled onto the festival circuit late in the year and is still continuing its run.

TV 97 min Documentary, Biography. American Dream proved to be even more difficult for Kopple to produce than Harlan County, USA, despite her previous documentary’s success. One hopes this long-overdue retrospective inspires more distributors to support her work and more festivals to show her older doc classics. Thomas Haneke , Barbara Kopple Stars: Burnett , Harlan Chamberlain. The film showed a life well-lived in its observation of her determination and tenacity to claim the spotlight her talent deserved. Immersing herself within the community of Kentucky coal miners going on strike against the Duke Power Company, Kopple brought her camera to the front lines of a tense stand-off between the haves and the have nots. Unlike Harlan County , which had Kopple very much on one side of the battle, Kopple intentionally aimed to be much more objective in depicting the differing perspectives of the Hormel Strike in American Dream.

Heading up a group that bought the New During the final year of an unprecedented national effort to end military veteran homelessness, two-time Academy Award winning director Koppoe Kopple intimately documents the on-the-ground Toots 84 min Documentary 7.

Pre-order your copy today! Plus festival hits and hidden gems, and more! This sweeping tapestry wove the social history of music and Americana by cross-cutting archival footage of the Woodstock concert and the 25th anniversary effort that tried to re-capture the magic for a new generation.

You can help by adding to it. Kopple grew up kople a vegetable farm in Scarsdale, New Yorkthe daughter of a textile executive.

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There are few flattering portraits of the United States at Hot Docs this year, but some of the most vital and useful are in the Kopple retrospective. Docs take on the age of the Anthropocene, populism, and racism.

Other recent projects include Hot Type: One is about Mariel Hemingwaythe granddaughter of Ernest Hemingwayand the other is concerning the th Anniversary of The Nation magazine.


Famed and beloved actor Gregory Peck candidly delves into conversation and vilms about his on-screen roles and off-screen life. Barbara produced and directed Shut Up and Singwhich tells the story of the Dixie Chicks and their personal and creative response to the political fallout they faced after making comments critical of President Bush on the eve of the Iraq War; A Conversation with Gregory Pecka film portrait of the career and family life of the actor; The Hamptonsa four-hour mini-series for ABC; My Generationwhich examines the Woodstock legacy and Generation X; and Fallen Champ: Lauren-Claire PoitevantStephanie Samuel.

Views Read Edit View history. Kopple’s work is often politically-driven. Thomas HanekeBarbara Kopple Stars: American Dream proved to be even more difficult for Kopple to produce than Harlan County, USA, despite her previous documentary’s success. She also co-created, produced and directed Cabn Married…a series for VH1 about the spouses and families of rock stars.

Her first non-documentary feature film to play in theaters, Havocstarred Anne Hathaway and Bijou Phillips as wealthy suburbanites who venture into East Los Angeles Latino gang territory, and was released straight to DVD in It was during this time kolple miners walked off the job barbaraa Harlan County, [1] and Kopple began the filming Miners for Democracy movement led by Arnold Miller.

Any delay in the production was in her favour, though, since Kopple then shot the last Woodstock of the Millennium in and captured the seismic brabara in cultural values encapsulated by the all-out bastardization of the-once groovy fest.

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She has directed episodes of the television drama series Homicide: What best defines her work is the astonishing range of access she gets to her subjects and the intimate environments she creates. Even before the toxicity of Twitter, hate for the Chicks fuelled all-American rage.

Life on the Street. Kopple first became aware of the plights of the Appalachia barbraa while studying at Northeastern University. She also directs episodic fikms and commercial spots. Her films offer tough but patriotic portraits of a complicated nation.

BurnettHarlan Chamberlain. The ’40s and ’50s were a classic period in New York City nightlife, when the saloonkeeper was king and regular folks could drink with celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Jackie Gleason.

For her documentaries Kopple works in small crews of 2 to 5, almost okpple acting as her own sound operator.


This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat Like the Maysles, Kopple has filmed everything from great musical flims to profiles of eccentric characters to films that proved socially and artistically influential. Sometimes the ideal could be real. A director and producer of narrative films and documentaries, her two most recent projects are the documentaries Miss Sharon Jones!

Hot Docs runs April 26 to May 6.

Kopple found the best subject in her streak of celebrity portraits with the late soul sister Sharon Jones. Love him or hate him, there is no denying that George Steinbrenner has been one of the most colorful and successful owners in contemporary sports.

More significantly, Wild Man Blues offered the first chance for audiences to listen to Ms. She has listed the Maysle brothers and D. New York City, New York. Without the Union Label: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson. Barbara Kopple’s American Dream”. Barbara also directed a series of specials for the Disney Channel, including Friends for Life: Shut Up and Sing There are two great documentaries from the Bush years that capture the politics and spirit of the era: The American West is in the midst of a serious drought which compounds the underlying water crisis that stems for over development, misuse, and political maneuvers carried out long ago.

Barbara KoppleCecilia Peck Stars: This remarkable film went behind the scenes with koppe Dixie Chicks when they fell from the top of the charts after singer Natalie Maines joked in a London concert that she was ashamed that the President of the United States was from Texas. Kopple followed Harlan County with a portrait of labour and the working class in American Dream that echoed the plight of the miners as it witnessed the meatpackers at a Hormel Foods factory creem Austin, Minnesota.

A Conversation with Gregory Peck Kopple profiled another icon of American cinema two years later as she filmed actor Gregory Peck on an in-conversation tour across the country. Maury AllenYogi BerraA. Barbara directed the narrative feature Havocstarring Anne Hathaway, Bijou Phillips and Bzrbara Rodriguez and written by Stephen Gaghan, about a group of wealthy teenagers coming of age and searching for an identity in Los Angeles.

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