It’s a high value German type in the same league as Forschner Forged, perhaps a step better than Mundial and Henckels International. Mike March 10, 5: Injured, seeking an alternate path within the industry Tips can’t really be straigthened without severe weakening. The back edge or top of the blade. The handle is made from a Burmese walnut block, and it has a smooth texture and ergonomic grip. This is the back portion of the blade where the most force can be applied for cutting.

I hope to get many years of use out of these knives, as they are well constructed and don’t seem to have any weak points. The integrated bolster give it a distinctive style with increased control and precision. Tips can’t really be straigthened without severe weakening. I used the chef knife right from the box and is as sharp as a shaving knive. No knife is better than its edge. Injured, seeking an alternate path within the industry P – chromed out peeler.

It has a unique integrated bolster design for reviee slicing and a straighter ergonomic handle made from polyresin. Jul 27, 2. Cheese, I don’t get your review. The alloy is not a super-hard exotic steel, but holds its edge well enough in practical use.

If you steel the knives frequently and properly, and sharpen them frequently and properly they should give good service for a long time.

Calphalon chef’s knives | Graceful Cuisine

Before buying, remove the seeries from the box and see if its weight and balance match your preferences. Regarding the chrome, I think the Contemporary Cuisine knives have chrome butt caps, but otherwise don’t recall Calphalon knives as particularly revew. I’m sure all these guys will say the same thing. The Katana series of knives features 33 layers of VG-1 Japanese stainless steel imparting exceptional sharpness seeries edge retention.


This is the thickest portion of metal continuous with the blade that ads weight and balance important when cutting. The 8 inch chef is the last one of the set that I acquired. Jul 28, 5. It’s a high value German type in the same league as Forschner Forged, perhaps a step better than Mundial and Henckels International.

Dumbells for light kniives rotator cuff strengthening, etc weigh just 5 lbs. Simply Cutlery Chef’s Knife. I just hope some goo-gone will take care of the sticker residue on the blade. Grace March 10, Dick or a Zwillings — but not a bad knife compared to Lamson and the Euros. This has more heft than a lot of German knives, but doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Calphalon LX knives

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Stephanie Laico Feb 26, at 6: The most unique difference between these two knives is the direction in which the tang runs knivds the handle. The Calphalons come reasonably sharp but will dull as fast any knife of similar alloy revieq similar design.

Customer Reviews Most helpful customer reviews 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful. This is the portion continuous with the blade that extends into the center of the handle to give the knife stability, connection to the handle, and weight balance. I’ll leave the aesthetics to other people.


Calphalon chef’s knives

How can you evaluate a dull knife? Its blade is constructed of durable German steel with triple rivets.

Your name or email address: When resharpened they can be made reasonably sharp, but their edge taking capability isn’t anywhere close to a high-end Japanese made knife. This wavy lustrous pattern is also seen in many knivea and weapons of Oriental origin, but was first practiced in the city of Damascus capital of Syriaand should not be confused with the process of damascening.

You either find them comfortable or not. Depends what kbives mean by the term. This is the handle material on both sides of the metal that can be made of wood, plastic, stainless steel, or a composite.

As of January,it was possible to find them at substantial savings in off-price stores.

Does anyone have any experience with these knives or know what kind of steel they are made of? I call it the C. Considering their levels of materials and fit and finish, they represent a lot of value — which is typical of Calphalon in general. This is the front portion of valphalon blade, which is used for delicate carving and is curved differently in every knife.