Thus, one says elim crvenoga I want the red one, but may say elim onog crvenog I want that red one. We extend special thanks to David Albahari and Muharem Bazdulj for writing stories especially for the Textbook, to Ferida Durakovi for the use of her poem and to Miro Gavran for the use of his story. If a word in the vocabulary lists is NOT followed by one of these bracketed designations, this means that it is used in the same way by all speakers of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. Laku no Good night often stands alone as a phrase. Ne nije samo on kriv, izazivao ga onaj drugi, napao ga, fasovali obojica. Ja sam do prozora. Here is the conjugation: Masculine nouns, however, have a separate accusative plural ending, which is -e.

For the solutions to exercises in sections B and C of each lesson, consult the answer keys available for download at www. AccentIn BCS, as in most other languages, only one syllable per word is accented. Tko su ti ljudi? Kako se zove na engleskom? Most jobs start at 8: Replace dobro and odlino with fino, grozno, loe, strano, super, tako-tako.

The clitics, which are used 2nd ti te vi vas in most instances, are unaccented 3rd masc.

Replace mukarac with ena. Blue Angels officers are well-rounded representatives of their fleet counterparts. Hrvatski glavni grad je Among the reading selections srps,om three short stories written especially for this book, one each from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia.

Moje je ime George. Da, imam oba rjenika. The advantages of this method are numerous.


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Ravindu Rashmika Video by: There is no difference in meaning: Extend this list to include material from the preceding four lessons as well. Vilm hrvatskoga na engleski, onaj plave boje. Hvala, svakako, i elim da kupim obinu olovku. A onda gdje su moje dvije lijepe olovke? This track is long, for AI, but it’s fast paced, and is a very forgiving course.

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Ima vremena, ali nema para. F-zeroCustomTracksPortTown. Policajac je poslije navodno tvrdio da je neznanac visok dva metra i da mu je brada do koljena.

If such a phrase is the subject of a sentence, the ejdan is 3rd singular; for instance: S uses both alphabets while B and C use the Latin alphabet. Some, however, do not; these must be learned. For example, there is no grammatical subject in koliko je od X do Y?

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Replace tabla [B,S] ploa [C] and prozor with other words for objects in the classroom, such as: Replace pismo with ime or pitanje write a name or a question out on a piece of paper and use that as the object of the exchange and use possessives njen [B,S] njezin [C] njegov, na, va, njihov.


Start with fim thumb pointing upward for onethen extend your index finger, two, the middle finger, three, the ring finger, four and the little finger, five. Volim misliti na velike gradove. Asif extracted binary code for the 3. When a persons name follows kod, the meaning ranges from temporary possession to physical location this location is usually, but not always, ones own house. Insert the correct forms of the words in parentheses.

It is not necessary for them to specifically learn other components of the accent markings unless they or their teachers desire it. Croatian uses both, more or less interchangeably. Lepi moj momak, crnokosi mamin vilenjak! As the title of the book suggests, the dalmatjnac is always alphabetical: Dakle, ovo nije auto one studentice Azre?

Each student should choose a name from among those listed in the Appendix on page and use it throughout the semester as his or her in-class name, substituting this name for the numbers 1 or 2 which identify the speakers in each exercise.