She searches out the Companions in pursuit of that desire, and finds more than she bargained for – she finds Vilkas. Colliding Worlds by SoulChangers reviews With so many seishi traveling between worlds throughout the story, and Tamahome’s permanent residence in the miko’s world, several dimensional rifts have occurred. Devil’s In the Details by Indignant Lemur reviews The moment you think you know someone, you know nothing at all, and the things that should stay buried sometimes don’t. Trouble Sleeping by inner harmonies reviews Jeanne seems to be having some anxiety considering her marriage. T – English – Romance – Chapters: Powerpuff Girls – Rated: How safe can she ever be when her past continues to chase her no matter how fast she runs? Who would have known the answer would change the next ten months of her life into a living hell… MxY.

Was coming to this town the right choice for her? Either come with me or be forcibly thrown into the ocean. Like A Boy by 7saix-puppy7 reviews She fell through a pool in the real world and ended up in the Grandline with no remembrance of her name. Remember by Shadow-chan93 reviews Chrno, I can remember! Ava Krory , who I created for D. Stumbling and Trudging by Aurea Mediocritas reviews “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove” Takes elements from both Norse mythology and the film.

I’ve read every volume and seen every episode like a good fanchild and I’ll save the day! It made the ep a lot more serious, but I really missed the part with Allen thinking to v about the shadow. M for safety Bleach – Rated: Highly suggested that you read ‘Second in Command’ first.


Where can i watch the d gray man episodes in Dub?

Broken Wings by Tangerine Infinity reviews One girl. Prince Legolas rescues her and thus starts an exciting and new adventure in both love and life.

No Eipsode, No Less. M for sexual content and a tiny bit of language. Barrier reviews Ever since Aizens betrayal, there had been a barrier between them. A Kiss of the Dead by Katie Kalamity reviews Momo Hinamori, an average girl who’s a highschool student, has close friends, and is happy some of the time.

HinHitsu, fluffy as persian cats. A little AU considering the plot. He soon finds a powerful enemy in Asgard’s very midst. A story about broken rules.

Where can i watch the d gray man episodes in Dub? | Yahoo Answers

Two wolves in a forest The ghost stories epislde by her new neighbors and friends, the unexplainable events; they all meant little to her Were they a threat?

Maniwa Houou gets wounded in the battle with Souda Emonzaemon. Tradition by mininjas reviews Toshiro has to find someone to marry within a month for his eighteenth birthday.

Graphic in all aspects. Law, OC – Complete. Edge of Defense by AuronKae reviews 6A. It’s complicated by kennett4ever reviews Elena is with Damon.

At such a fragile time in the boy’s life, will Sakura’s devotion to Gaara alter his future into a much happier one, or has a painful fate been set for him since his birth?

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. What happens when these two parallels collide? Law, OC] – Complete. And a deep, dark secret. It’s about you and your intimacy issues. But most importantly, what will she have to endure to regain snimecrazy true self?


Recovered after Thorin’s deathShe is said to have died prior to Thorin’s quest to defeat Smaug at Erebor. It’s just the unnecessary jokes and chit-chat that make this look so cheap.

Life Choices by Latina reviews Marella- an orphan raised in epsiode small town brothel. Two sides of a coin, two shades of the same color, two ends of a spectrum. With the help of a certain crimson-eyed spirit, maybe she can.

Starting off with them young, meeting, growing up, etc. That is, until he sees how dull her eyes are, and the forms rising from her shadows. She searches out the Companions in pursuit of that desire, and finds more than she bargained for – she finds Vilkas. Elijah learns just how to get under this strange girl’s skin. Slight angst in beginning, but ending totally snimecrazy it!

Something’s corrupted within the UotFG, and it’s even affecting the seishi. Brynjolf is confused about the DB’s strange behaviour. I’ve written a fanfic with her here. She is Bearclaw and Joyleaf’s daughter outside Recognition, Cutter’s older sister. But where will her loyalties lie when she meets the handsome, funny pirate rookie on the cusp on grag the world on its head?