A discectomy is the surgical removal of abnormal disc material that presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord. The procedure involves removing a portion of an. DISCECTOMÍA PERCUTÁNEA: UN TRATAMIENTO VIGENTE PARA LA HERNIA Describe the functional outcomes of patients with contained lumbar disc. Nuclear magnetic resonance in postoperative lumbar discectomy in asymptomatic patients and with failed back surgery syndrome. Coluna/Columna [ online].

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The procedure involves removing a portion of an intervertebral discwhich causes pain, weakness or numbness by stressing the spinal cord or radiating nerves. Median sagittal section of two lumbar vertebrae and their ligaments.

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Clinical biomechanics of the spine. There were a total of patients, 58 of whom Clinical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of lumbar disc herniation with radiculopathy. However, Amoretti et al.

For the purpose of this study, we considered the results to be good when there was a reduction of 4 points compared to the initial score, when a return to dicectomia activities was possible, and when there were no signs of radicular compression or functional limitation NPS of 0 to 4 and Oswestry of 0 diiscectomia We included those with only one level affected, with chronic lumbosciatic pain previously treated with medications and rehabilitation for more than six months without good response, and who underwent percutaneous manual nucleotomy under fluoroscopy.

The evaluation was pre-surgical and 4, 30, and days after the surgery. In terms of the sex of the patients who underwent intervention, Figures 1 and 2 The percutaneous nucleotomy, as a minimally invasive decompression technique, enables a reduction of pain and of the complications associated with open intervention standard discectomy discectomka an earlier return to daily activities, in addition to reducing the total cost of medical treatment.


The average results of the NPS were 7.

Discectomy – Wikipedia

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. These procedures do not cause post-laminectomy syndrome Failed back syndrome. A new concept technique and 12 years’ experience.

Craniotomy Decompressive craniectomy Cranioplasty. The traditional open discectomy, or Love’s technique, was published by Ross and Love in Magnetic resonance imaging; Failed back surgery syndrome; Spine [surgery].

The clinical evolution of patients treated with percutaneous manual nucleotomy was good, yielding the therapeutic benefits reported in the literature. In all the patients, postoperative fibrosis data was found in four cases, and residual disk root was compressed in five patients. Therapeutic effectiveness was established in our series according to the prognosis based on the ODI, which was good in 79 International Journal of General Medicine. Percutaneous nucleotomy is a minimally invasive disc decompression technique approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA in the year12 defining it as any discectomy procedure not requiring open dissection of the thoracolumbar fascia.

The results obtained in the nuclear magnetic resonance image were analyzed, emitting a diagnosis with external evaluation without knowledge of the clinical status of patients, and a correlation with clinical status in both groups was performed.

An updated review of automated percutaneous mechanical lumbar discectomy for the contained herniated lumbar disc. Descriptive and inferential statistics for differences. An analysis of the causes of nerve-root involvement in sixty-eight patients. Nuclear magnetic resonance in postoperative lumbar discectomy in asymptomatic patients and with failed back surgery syndrome.

Another Mexican series 3 reported an average age of Group I, five patients with satisfactory evolution and asymptomatic. Shoulder surgery Shoulder replacement Bankart repair Weaver—Dunn procedure Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction Hand surgery Brunelli procedure.


All authors declare that there are no potential conflicts of interest regarding this article. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The differences between the NPS values measured prior to surgery and at days are shown in Table 1.

We excluded those patients with changes in behavior, calcified or non-contained hernias, narrow lumbar canal, spondylolisthesis, congenital deformities, and instability. In the numeric pain scale we considered zero to be without pain, 1 to 4 points as mild pain, 5 and 6 points as moderate pain, and 7 to 10 points as severe pain. Ethical principles originating in the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki, titled, “All the subjects being studied will sign the informed consent regarding the scope of the study and the authorization for use of the data obtained in scientific presentations and publications, maintaining the anonymity of the participants”.

Axotomy Neurectomy Nerve biopsy. It is a minimally invasive surgical technique that lhmbar not fall into disuse given that it only requires the percutaneous nucleotomy tool and a fluoroscope to locate the anatomical landmarks.

Rev Col Ortop Traumatol. How to cite this article. Clin Orthop Relat Res ; The effectiveness of the percutaneous discectomy in the treatment of pain secondary to disc herniation. Low back pain has been identified as discecgomia main cause of disability in patients younger than 45 years of age and as the second greatest cause of lost days of work in the United States, 12 affecting almost 10 million people at an estimated cost of more than 20 billion dollars.