Bidaai – 2nd October Part 2. He asks her to donate things to children, and that she should come on friday. I think that ring is a faked zirconia ring. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Urmi is shocked and asks why is she crying. He says that he did o, so as to beable to teach her a lesson so as she isnt able to step outside the house and is under house arrest.

Granny asks what was the fault in the guy that she refused to marr without even thinking twice. James is highly amused at his plight. Fresno – United States Bucharest Romania Home Improvement do it yourself electrician general contractor handyman plumber renovation roofer: Sapna Babul KaBidaai – Episode She reminds them of the fiasco about asha and samrat, and how can it prove that the person is right or wrong, in just one meeting. He asks them all to sit.

Prakash tells Alekh about fears of rose. Devishanker and his family get tensed when urmi comes in unannounced with samrat and ishaan, thinking that they dont have the zrmaano set.

Raghuvanshi or Raghuwanshi is an Indian dynasty. Samrat again tells anu that what she doesnt know, she shouldnt put her hand in it.

She asks Sadhana to forgive her. Ranvir Wories About Alekh. Urmi says that she cant stay here. Sapana ki choti bahan!!!! They must show different version in Ladies, zyaada khush hone ki zaroorat nahi hai — RV toh 2.

Drama TV Show Online: Satrangi Sasural Episode – 20th April

Urmi starts telling about the orthodox notions of the society, that give the onus of carrying a relation only on the woman, while the men roam scot free, such that even they cant breathe without suffocating.


Rudra comes down and asks if they are talking about manish. He says that he wont let them live happily, after he himself, his reputation is ruined.

Niranjan says that there isnt anything that he hasnt committed, and that 50lakhs is too small a price to pay. And a respected caste among all Kshatriya community.

Saroj asks her to be quiet. While all the family is busy amongst themselves, urmi gets a phone on the landline, and says hello. If at any previous the display shows three year zero x s 0. And of course James is at his house and will taunt him until he starts acting crazy. Samrat comes armaanl while aditi eipsode to get a glass of water. Urmi must fall pregnant and get a cute baby girl. She dlli ths judge not to give a verdict for her, but for every woman, as what he does today, shall give a new direction and turning to the society, and a new chace for armzano woman to live a life.

Anu akss her not to butter her up, and she wont fall in her trap and won get married. She follows the advise and then pretends to be horrified and shocked, shouts out Manish and then asks why has he called her here.

Punjab, shows as Balika Vadhu, Bidaai, etc.

Samrat is fuming with rage. Samrat finds urmi happily living with her family, laughing and bantering, through the window. Saroj and granny bless her and she leaves. She asks anu, after searching the drawers, where is her medicine. Granny comments that asha is dangerous and silence is highly suspicious. Urmi says that she woke up early but…and rpisode remembers how samrat had lured her, instead of letting her come down.


Doli Armaanon Ki Hindi Serial Episode 105 April 25 2014 Zee Tv Serial Episode Recap

He gives him another shock, saying that he knew long back, that a lowlife like him, cant win even if god is by his side, and that he is the taint, on his clean career, and to wash it, he neded that money. Anu thinks that her medicine is outside, and would leave, giving her much pain. Welcome, Login to your account.

He says that the fight isnt with samrat and shashi anymore, but between right or wrong, and she wont fight as a wife, or else she should just resign herself to a life devoid of self respect and full of taunts.

She says that since they admaano allow her to do a job, she would take up some course. Ranvir wories about Alekh – Alekh tells Sadhana that he will never hurt her. Anu says that if they have such problem, they they shall leave so that noone shall carry the burden.