But it seems like our understanding of time’s ontology might itself be important for explaining consciousness. Closed timelike curves, if they exist, might be self-caused loops. Jed and Herbert share many a conversation during their time at the hospital, delving into life, philosophy and the future. But there is no additional meaning to what “I” am beyond being that particular set of physical processing. At least one tag needs to be selected in the widget form. The degree of difference is larger in the latter case, and I happen not to have memories of you, but otherwise the relation is the same. His “total stream of consciousness is available as a higher legislator, in a position to conclusively rule this ‘disagreement’ [among different temporal perspectives] purely indexical”. Time travel of the kind seen in fiction is quite feasible in virtual worlds.

It’s not the immortality of an infinitely long subjective world line but the timeless existence of a finite world line. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Asking about time seems like the kind of thing that college students stereotypically do in dorms at 3: After all, eternalism tells us that non-looping world lines also have a kind of immortality. My sense is that, as with relativity of simultaneity, time dilation should generally not affect our moral valuations because it’s relative to reference frame. We can imagine that each game screenshot is printed out, and the collection of pages is made into a flip book. There seems to be a real relation between the two such that the first comes before the second and the second comes after the first. Eternalism accentuates this anti-meaninglessness argument by pointing out that every act of kindness, no matter how small, exists “forever” in our block universe where “forever” refers to timeless existence, in the way that God is often thought to exist outside of time.

The universe as a whole appears to behave much like a huge video game, the only difference being that the complete universal game apparently can’t be run in some higher realm of physics, because that too should count as part of the physical universe. So it seems that time’s ontology might be a more fundamental issue that needs to be explained before we even introduce consciousness, unless someone develops an atemporal theory of consciousness.


On this view, God would perceive something like a block universe, while time might appear differently to the finite beings contained within it.

Likewise, we can run through a flip book backwards. There’s no fundamental distinction between myself at different times and different people.

The future does not exist. If we accept the intuitive argument for presentism, it seems we should also accept an intuitive argument for a kind of sgort —that only our experience-moment is currently “live”.

If the essences of both consciousness and time aren’t reducible, then reductionism is in trouble. If we copy the data in the 3D blocks using another method than the running algorithm that originally produced them, does this copying process matter? Physical behavior in games doesn’t require one thing to bump into another a brute “physical” explanation but only that the physical updates obey the mathematical regularities specified in the source code a mathematical explanation.

This theory is used, for instance, in Julian Barbour ‘s theory of timelessness. Of course, very long world lines of kindness matter more than short ones, but even the short ones eternally matter to some degree. In ” A Universe from Nothing? Fundamental Theories of Physics. McTaggart argued that the description of events as existing in absolute time is self-contradictory, because the events have to have properties about being in the past and in the future, which are incompatible with each other.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? If we take Yudkowsky’s view on causality based on Judea Pearl, in which causation refers to certain asymmetric relationships among structures, it seems quite sensible to imagine a closed causal loop, for the same reason we can imagine closed loops of other kinds within physics.

The process of remembering is a computation, typically an irreversible one.

Eternalism and Its Ethical Implications

It seems wrong to most but not all philosophers to discount the welfare of more spatially distant organisms, and eternalism makes more palpable the parallel with temporally distant organisms. Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever. Partly in order to avoid questions of relativistic physics and partly because I tend to agree with Sprigge that the noumenal reality behind the phenomenal physical world consists of innumerable finite centers of experience, I shall focus here specifically on moments of experience rather than events in physical spacetime.


And there may be some practical applications. C is timelike or at most lightlike separated from A and B.

Eternalism – FilmFreeway

I would sooner associate experience with the arrows than the nodes, if I had to pick one or sbort other! There’s much debate about whether and in what senses time travel is logically, physically, and practically possible.

Philosophy of time Philosophy of physics Metaphysical theories.

Timelines in fiction in science fiction in games television series that include time travel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: My past self is someone other than my present self, just like you are someone other than my sohrt self.

It seems unproblematic to say that the first moment of experience temporally precedes the second. We can make the world a better place by causing there to be less pointless suffering in one particular place, at one particular time, than there would otherwise have been.

That would be like, as Daniel Dennett eetrnalism”supposing that by an act of stipulative imagination, you can remove health while leaving all bodily functions and powers intact.

Eternalism (philosophy of time)

After all, if time’s flowing or consciousness’s phenomenal texture was something extra, how would that something extra influence the logical state transitions of the characters? Science and Religion in Quest of Truthp. Computations that are simultaneous relative to the Earth’s reference frame would not be simultaneous relative to the reference frame of someone flying from New York to Tokyo. Even if we could eliminate all suffering on Earth going forward which itself seems nigh impossiblewe couldn’t eliminate suffering in the past.

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