Ethan Munck as Guppy. The third season of iCarly aired on Nickelodeon from September 12, to June 26, The next night, Carly invites Marta to her apartment to discuss Lewbert. Carly, Sam and Freddie are shocked when they find out that they have to rehearse with Ginger Fox — and worse, she hasn’t rehearsed or had a hit in seven years. Sam, however, kidnaps their cat Harmoo just before leaving and they later blackmailed them by telling them that they have to clean up their studio and everything they destroyed, they will shave Harmoo’s fur off if the petographers call their friends Officer Carl and the rest of the police. Craig Welzbacher as Dr.

Edit Did You Know? Carly is determined not to cancel the show since her father will be watching, so she asks Spencer to fill in, which will prove difficult since he has a date that same night that he can’t cancel. Retrieved June 11, On February 12 and 13th, Nickelodeon aired an extended version of the episode, which includes seven minutes of scenes cut from the original episode. The episode ends when Sam returns to the Groovy Smoothie and sees Carly and Freddie dancing a slow dance. While Carly sympathizes for her, Sam says that she’ll make friends in prison. Edit Details Release Date: Spencer tells Allison that he can invite Freddie and make it a double date and she agrees.

The refugees escape, with the trio secured to chairs with Duct Tape. Paramedic Ipycho Kingi Daniella Monet The dentist, Doctor Wheeler, drills Sam’s teeth and eventually uses nitrous oxide.

In just hours of Carly and Freddie beginning their relationship, Sam tells Freddie, based on her experience with a boyfriend who sent her bacon, that Freddie is Carly’s bacon, that she only loves him for what he did.

Edit Did You Know? Edit Details Release Date: Carly, Sam and Freddie are shocked when they find out that they have to rehearse with Ginger Fox — and worse, she hasn’t rehearsed or had a hit in seven years. Spencer begins dating Charlotte, Gibby’s mother, but has difficulty eepisode her when he realizes she looks too much like Gibby, but Charlotte says Spencer looks too much icar,y Carly. By using seaskn site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Eventually Spencer’s date appears in the studio and runs out after being humiliated on the web. Retrieved from ” https: During then, Spencer is bothered by a mysterious little girl who follows him through the whole apartment.


Since neither wants to be near the other, Freddie sets up dual location webcasting on iCarly. John Burke as The Photographer.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Popular Guy Deena Dill Freddie learns that Sam is in juvieand will not get out in time to do iCarly. Spencer and Gibby take it back with a slingshot and watermelons.

After Dan Schneider saw a picture of Noah’s brother, he immediately won the role of Guppy. When the iCarly trio wins, Ricky who won all his previous food fights gets depressed and ends his cooking career.

Meanwhile, Spencer tries to exercise daily with the help of a mobile phone application. Meanwhile, Spencer had a rock climbing date planned with his new girlfriend Allison.

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Retrieved April 16, When all three dates end badly; Sam finding out that her “potential” date, Gibby, has a girlfriend, Freddie being somewhat annoyed at his date’s magic tricks and Carly constantly being interrupted by her date, Carly and Freddie engage in a romantic slow-dance at the Groovy Smoothie.

Spencer turns them towards each other and, crying, they finally reconcile, as do Fleck and Dave. When Spencer accidentally only makes one very large iCarly award despite the fact they needed ten 1-foot awardshe “borrows” some European swimsuit models to help him build ten smaller statuettes.

Spencer tells Allison that he can invite Freddie and make it a double date and she agrees.

On the webshow, Carly and Sam show their viewers how to make Spaghetti Tacos, a popular treat that was created by Spencer. Retrieved February 10, Start your free trial. Retrieved September 27, When Spencer takes the sculpture home, it turns out to be heavier than episods thought, which leads to Carly, Freddie, and Sam discovering that there are still some prisoners inside of them.

iCarly Season 3 Episode 17 – iPsycho

She tries to cancel it because her cousin, Leslie is coming to town. Freddie learns that Gibby is an amazing kickboxer and is being trained by Sam so that they can fight on the webshow.

They both try and do videos for the contest with Freddie, but end up at the same place at the same time. After agreeing to help, Carly and Sam discover that Fleck and Dave fight a lot, and the two end their friendship when Fleck paints Dave’s dad’s car purple for a sketch. In the end everyone begins ipsychoo randomly dance and the photographer enters and chases Spencer. Carly and Sam end their friendship soon afterwards.


Carly is icaely, but Freddie is injured instead. Eventually though, when Sam learns she can enter the pageant because she was suspended for 7 years, which was 7 and a half years agoshe enters again, hoping to defeat her arch-rival.

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Retrieved December 5, While Carly sympathizes for her, Sam says that she’ll epiosde friends in prison. In the end, Sam and Freddie decide it’s time to stop keeping secrets and tell Carly that ipsychi tell each other everything. Retrieved September 14, Meanwhile, Spencer wins a boat in a contest, episde he and Gibby try to make it fun in the parking lot, since docking at the Seattle pier is too expensive.

Meanwhile, Spencer is mistakenly reported dead because of natural causes in the papers, so he capitalizes on the opportunity to sell his art for more money than if he was living. Freddie then says it’s true, so Carly then asks Sam and Freddie to come to her apartment without telling each other and when they arrive, she confronts them about keeping the kiss a secret from her.

When the sentence is revealed to be not long enough, he intentionally slaps one of the cops so that he can go to prison for 6 months.

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Search for ” iPsycho ” on Amazon. The new principals make major changes to the school, including harshly punishing the students and adding a strict dress code. She locks them in her basement, and the only person who can save them is Gibby.

Retrieved March 3,