In front of him was Tatenashi, who was changing into her clothes, currently she was in nothing, but her underwear… white lacey ones to be exact. Payment Options If you’d like to pay by bank transfer, please Contact us. To purchase this product you must first purchase the product below. We currently find one Orimura Ichika waiting at the I. Those bakas would have done something stupid sooner or later” the man said. As he was certainly not expecting to find his I.

Ichika Ichika, being the more direct fighter quickly charged at the three street punks coming at him. Just as he was about to drive off, he stopped and rolled his window down. Drawing comparisons with his own older sister, he noted that both Chifuyu and Tatenashi both were too perfect, there was no way that Ichika could match up to either of them. The blue haired senior without warning, jumped on the bed and lied down. Ichika was speechless for several moments. The uppercut proceeded to send the street punk into an empty table, breaking it in the process. This product is eligible for Free Standard Shipping. Ichika decides to keep this a secret on behalf of her safety due to diplomatic immunity of the academy if Charles stays for a few more years.

This product is in the following public lists. Meanwhile, Laura, who blames Ichika for blemishing his sister’s infinlte, removes her eyepatch to display her golden left eye as she swears revenge on him.

Now I suggest you and your “friends” leave or this will not end well” the raven haired man ordered.

Please T-Tatenashi-sempai, let go! In his mind, he believed that his eyes were deceiving him, it was almost like a paradise, with so many beautiful girls. However, Ichika is advised to confiscate the Byakushiki back at the academy due to a detected abnormality.

Infinite STRATOS Is Japan Anime Comic Figure Tatenashi Sarashiki Cat 1/4 JP B418

When Charlotte goes to tuck Laura in bed, Cecilia adds perfume and hot mustard to the dish. The net tights make use of real material for an authentic appearance and texture on the figure.


With their leader being sent out a window and them being defeated, the street punks quickly got up and rushed out the door, taking their boss with them.

Tatenashi watches over her younger sister, Kanzashi Sarashikiwho is feeling gloomy since her personal IS, the Uchigane Nishiki, was delayed due to the development company focusing on the Byakushiki. Kanzashi realizes that she misspoke by saying that she loves anime instead. After sparring with Lingyin HuangIchika runs late to class, where Chifuyu commands Charlotte to shoot him indirectly as punishment. Due to dizziness, Ichika faints and floats, causing the girls to scream. The black haired teen started to sprint… Right when I need it, I can’t find it.

Retrieved January 21, weason After finishing their dinner and using the card that Shiro had given to them, which strangely enough caused the owner to faint, for some weird unknown reason. Charlotte finds herself in a predicament when her underwear vanishes taatenashi, thus she tatenahsi forced to keep quiet and prevent Ichika from finding out. Houki is soon awakened by Ichika in the Byakushiki Setsura, its Second Shift, and he gives her a hair ribbon as a birthday gift.

Houki comes back to sample it, wherein Houki is shown absent during class the next day. As Ichika and Lingyin hold off the IS so the audience can escape, they soon realize that the IS is an unmanned drone called a Golem due to its mechanical behavior.

Learn about exclusive deals and new items before anyone else! Unfolding her fan and holding it to her face, Tatenashi giggled again. Quickly moving, Ichika leg-swiped his attacker. Kanzashi gives Ichika an anime movie as a gift, and she confesses her love to him before running off. She won’t be angry when I explain what occurred to her” the man said.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. They look a lot like a husband and his wife. However, tatneashi two later witness Madoka stabbing Ichika, just as the bomb explodes in the distance.


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Tatenashi entrusts Kanzashi to Ichika for the upcoming tag match tournament. No one says no to me”. However, using the energy sword quickly depletes his shield energy, and it runs out just as Ichika is about to land a strike on Cecilia. Upon learning that Houki is Ichika’s roommate, Lingyin tries to get Houki to let her become his roommate instead, to which Houki refuses.

Notably, it wasn’t a surprise that she was the subject of most of the attention, both female and males weason the Academy. Retrieved from ” https: Before any of them could react the man quickly crouched down, using his leg, he performed a leg-swipe.

His eyes turned to the person who was standing on stage, the student council president herself. Ichika and his class go on a leisurely field trip to Kiyomizu Temple scheduled in the evening. Ichika not even twtenashi what he said, proceeded to twist the arm of the street punk leader, causing the guy to let out a pained filled yelp and drop the knife.

Tatenashi was about to leave, but was xeason as she felt a pair tatenasui strong, lean arms wrap around her and pull her into a deep, passionate kiss.

IS Tatenashi Sarashiki: Bunny Ver.

After Ichika and Lingyin get reacquainted with each other, Houki and Cecilia get jealous. Meanwhile back at I. This product is eligible for Free Standard Shipping. Ichika could only gape for a few seconds before he snapped out of it.