Jewel Land is described itself a world where all magicians and Jewelpets live, with the Pets attending the Magic Academy to study magic, each location in Jewel Land however differs between each series, creating different canonical universes. Sanrio teased a new series that will air in April Since the Ladies needs to evaluate the Princes this time, Momona and Miura discover something surprising about the Music Box Lillian found and its connections to Lady Diana. Ruby was mad too on how Pink reacted. In each of Ruby’s search and fantasies of fairy tales, how will this get her Jewel Eyes back? As both Coal and Opal powers up, they both created a Black Hole that can suck up the planet. Each series were completely separate season to season, featuring different characters, there are currently no plans for an English release in the United States. They’re similar in personality, but sometimes tend to have disagreements.

As Christmas is coming soon, Both Lady Lecter and Lady Boot are investigating the mysterious attacks that happened in the Jewel Palace and how it can be linked to another crisis in Jewel Land. Both Ruby and Pink visited Sapphie’s library house to see how Kiichi is doing in her place and saw a lot of Jewelpets around. An expert in martial arts, he has been serving the Arisugawa family for 70 years and protects Aoi with his life. Knowing all the trials will be hard, she and Ruby must persevere in order for her to become a proper lady and gain the title of being a Lady Jewel. But in a worst case scenario, Miura is sent in confinement after Lady Boot misblamed him on hacking to the Lady System’s servers, not knowing that Luea is the true culprit. Garnet is again happy with Blue being groomed while the others were searching for another Deco Stone in a plainland area, using the clues the other stone gave to them.

However when she accidentally dropped it ginkle the ground, Miura and Momona were sucked inside. They all knew that the Yami Stone is the reason for his behavior as the rest of the stones wants the final fragment but episodr can’t due to its high amount of corruption and will take a while.

As they both went into the Mall in Jewel Town, Ruby noticed a strange photo of Pink during her childhood as Pink takes it from her.


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rinkle She fpisode again met the man of her dreams and they both talk and spend time to each other. When Momona runs into trouble with a shady model scout, Muira jumps in to save her. Ruby then used her magic to Sakuran to soften her up once more, but failed as it backfired and turned Sakuran’s body into a more Glass-like state.

For Momona, she’s tasked with another test by Lady Jewel: As Ruby counts how many decos she earned, Coarumi arrives at the shop and talked to Ruby about the Deco Stones, unknowingly that she had her eyes on them. Back at the shop, Ruby tries to make a bargain as she trades away all of her deco, along with her decorations to her Jewel Pod to King.

As she continues her search, she encountered Garnet and told her to accompany her in her way to her grandmother’s house due to wolves. Opal is about to be hit by one of the Dark General’s fireballs as Io rushed in to save her.

Only to find out it’s not the same cat he knew. Coal and his lackeys were in the forest during the late afternoon in search for another Deco Stone, as well as his lost Jewel Pod. In the midst 23 Ruby’s excitement, the Deco Stones starts to shine and Coarumi is now planning something big. The stories on all arcs are completely different but sometimes makes certain references from each season.

He then goes and fight Tata and successfully catches him, while Midori is amazed on his moves. Momona stands up along with Ruby in order to bring Lillian and everyone’s smile back on their final battle against the Beasts. Angela is napping one day on her job outside the police station as she wakes up. However, some argue that the old mechanisms of financial and administrative control that zaibatsu once enjoyed have been destroyed, keiretsu, meaning series or subsidiary, could be interpreted as being suggestive of this difference 9.

Back to Pink, she herself is vosstfr captive under the Gorilla King’s Palace, caged and only wearing newspaper-like clothing much to her distaste.

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He received a call from Tour and told him to go to the place where Decoranian is keeping him, in Coal’s hide out. In the new update, the developers revealed 10 Playable Jewelpets in the game.


She is usually not smart and always thinks about food every time. For the next test, the ladies must learn to prepare things vostrr to pack things necessary for travels. Later on, everyone are inside the Decobus, discussing about the hiking.

Later on, Pink were looking at Midori getting scolded back at the Dojo about the training he’s doing. In episode 31, Diana cursed her during the school festival, causing her to develop a streak of bad luck.

Jewelpet Twinkle. 36. Alma et Yuma

People cook it at home, so there are few restaurants in Okinawa. As they believed her story, Mako asked blue to pick her up, making Garnet green with envy until blue picked her up.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text. After nearly going through a divorce, they awakened Rald which they consider part of the family, like Ruby. Coal then goes berserk and starts to destroy the place, but Ruby and her friends tried to calm him down to a couple of places to suit his interests. In this unfortunate event, how will they all stop the tornado from reaching Jewel Town?

This is similar on how Duke Togo carries his customized Sniper Rifle in a briefcase. Sanrio — Sanrio Co.

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As Pink is starting to have feelings of love to someone, is she about to fall in love once again? While he’s leaving, Ruby started to follow him and asked if she can come, which he agrees and gave him a chance to actually steal her Jewel Pod.

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