Prakash Kumar, The Crow’s Egg is that rare family film that eschews.. How do Into Film Clubs work? Hungry for a slice the two boys hatch a plan to earn enough money to buy a piece of the delicious, stomach-filling pizza for themselves. Good direction and cinematography depicting a realistic corner in modern Chennai. Hats off to the crew! Into Film recommend this film is engaging for this age range.

Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details A real story after a long time to watch a nice movie in Tamil. Comedy Free Movies. Download our free festival strand resources to help you make the most out of your Into Film Festival visit. Hotstar Drama Free Movies. Release Date 04 JUN

Beautifully crafted script and storytelling, realistic characters, great actor performing, joyfull and bitter at the same time. Great team, winning story and moral.

Please refer to the BBFC guidance for further help in your film choice. This movie is just the beginning soon we will be going places. Such a realistic movie and performance by cast in Tamil after a very long time. With the boys’ father in prison for unknown reasons and with an ageing mother-in-law, the mother does her best to keep the kitchen fires burning.

A film guide that looks at Lionexploring its suntitles topics and themes through informal discussion. They usually hand the money over to their mother who is saving up to pay their lawyer to get her husband out of jail.

A must watch for everybody. Hotstar Comedy Free Movies. enlgish

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Reading time 6 mins. Great wattch by two kids and actress. Join the discussion contains spoiler. Characters are very natural and one can easily identify with them, The story is realistic without any melodrama. This resource movir the topic of inequality through analysis of the film Kaakka Muttai The Crow’s Egg. Thank you for the subtitles honestly this movie made me cry and made me realise that we should be grateful for what we have and appreciate the little things in life.


Friendship International Day of Friendship, 30 Jul A diverse selection of films that celebrate the importance of friendship across ages and generations.

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Obviously, a very nice naturalisitic movie We mogie link to legal streaming services which buy content from original copyright holders.

Remembering the looks of enjoyment on Simbu’s face when he tasted a pizza at the pizzeria, the boys thereafter think of nothing else but getting their first taste of a pizza.

It was released in and has a runtime of 91 minutes. Drama National Award Winning Movies. World Cinema Exploring the best of world cinema and foreign language titles for primary and secondary ages. A funny, moving tale about an Indian boy called Chhotu whose dreams of going to school are granted by a benevolent Prince. Please Upload Subtitles if possible. Hats off to the director to bring the essence of the innocence acting of the two kids and of the mother and the grandmother.

A film guide that looks at The Black Henexploring its key topics and themes through informal discussion. Tamil Audience can feel proud. A film guide that looks at City of Dreams: Much of the humour in the film comes from sharp observations. If it is a white european enters any palce in india on his underwear, not wahsed for weeks, these employees will invite him into the shop, bend over and kiss his white smelly ass.


The young boys constantly beg their mother and grandmother for toys they cannot afford, and later for a television. Meanwhile, a brand new pizzeria comes up in the neighbourhood, and actor Silambarasan alias Simbu comes to its opening. Drama Filmfare Award Winning Movies.

Tamil Free Movies. The boys go on to work again to save money for buying new clothes at Chennai Citi Centre. To order this film you need to be logged in as a club leader. Cast in alphabetical order RameshAishwarya RajeshJ.

Kaaka Muttai

My daughter and I aatch it. Club Leaders can rate films! All other casts performed so well. Worst rendering I have ever seen in Enthusian. Award Winning Comedy Free Movies. Great acting, directing and storyline.

Englih Winning Drama Free Movies. Kaaka Muttai’s story revolves around two slum children of Chennai, Tamil Nadu whose desire is to taste a pizza. Hotstar Filmfare Award Winning Movies. Hotstar Award Winning Movies. South Indian International Movie Awards.

Suitable for All ages No. Award Winning Drama Movies. Classification Mild bad language, violence.