But I’ll watch y’all though — maaaan You will see in part 2. But not in one of them have ever said this to me. I take NO personal offense to this discussion they are having. It saddens me a little. Mar 10, Messages: I don’t need or have time for this B.

I am glad to see someone who feels the same way that I do. It all started here I feel sorry for kimmaytube. I really like Kimmaytube but that is incredibly unprofessional for someone who presents herself as a business woman. She can make any video she wants because its her channel, but when I saw that video I saw bad things coming…. Is kinda messed up. New Youtube Drama – taren vs.

It takes a certain amount of skill, experience, creativity and planning to pull that off, especially doing this from home.

This ain’t a damn game to me. People should realize that if you are small staffed, and they see that your ‘business’ or ‘channel’ subscriber base is growing, that they may not kimmaytybe a response to their inquiries as they did before hand. When people see things like that, it turns people away. Well, I think this started off bad from the first video asking for Video Responses. Your name or email address: I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with life that I have never kimmqytube anything to anyone.

Idk I was always off put by Kimmaytube. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

New Youtube Drama – taren916 vs. kimmaytube

Feb 18, Messages: If someone did that to me, then respponse that it was getting outta control and asked to have the delete the video, of course I’d ignore her! I just read all the comments. Mar 10, Messages: May 27, Messages: Crama evil of Taren and the other chick to nit pick concerning that. I honestly don’t think Kim is going to significantly lose subscribers. Again, I don’t have to explain myself to you or anybody but my spouse. She might come in here n try and “put us in our place”.


Your name or email address: Just my 2 cents. After watching Kim’s vid, this mess makes a whole lot of sense. Sep 19, Messages: BUT, this comment stuck me the hardest of them all:. Log in or Sign up. Lemme subscribe to this page so I can watch this when I get home.

I’m glad Taren made the response and stood up for herself.

Yes, she may seem a little uptight in her approach, at times, but I do appreciate her overall professional and thorough approach to providing information. Apparently these comments started the whole thing.

I would be embarrassed. I saw some of the comments but Kimmay was deleting the fast.

WHOA she went in on Kimmaytube!!!

Since I am “guilty” of everything you’ve described. They do the same things on YouTube that we do on here. New Youtube Drama – taren vs.

MsLizziAOct 20, She’ll learn it one way or the other. She also basically says that she made Taren and AE popular in so many words.

You will see in part 2. Honestly, I think its very very self-centered for her to assume somebody was talkn about her n even if she was, who gives a damn?! LuvlyRain3Oct 20, Like we must praise and worship her so that she can choose to bless us with her hair knowledge.

kimmaytube and arrogance – Black Hair Media Forum – Page 2

Even to the point of unreasonableness, if need be. Baby this is not high school, u are not the head cheerleader or the most popular chick n school n the natural hair community is not ur loyal subjects and followers.


I was like come on now, you don’t personally know either of these women, why are you crying cause they’re beefing? Kimmay clearly does not subscribe to this school of thought, and that’s unfortunate because it devalues her business and brand.

All day on the grind gat on my side by myself Say it wit ya chestttt! I don’t see her as having an attitude, she seems nice to me, i do think that she should not have left those comments but she is human. Anybody can purchase a webcam and post anything up there. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

US – Ohio Status: SVTOct 20, It’s so high school, and screams ‘popularity game'”I want to be where you are”. I’m not going to tolerate goat-mouthed people talking out the side of their necks.

That’s someone to be admired. However, some of us are neglecting personal hygiene and it is affecting the whole group.