Archived from the original on January 27, She hasn’t done much in the last few eps. She used and abused him for her own evil purpose. Archived from the original on January 26, Also Joo-wal makes my heart bleed. The actor has done a superb job of showing his torment and

Bisa ga dikasih link filmnya? I wanted to yell at the screen when the only OTP action was Eun-oh leaning his head onto Arang’s shoulder. Eun-oh returns to the lair and finds it empty, but Lord Choi comes in just behind him. If he can’t get a good life in this life, I am hoping that in the afterlife he will just not be consigned to hell. But I’m hoping the writers will redeem him. Each of the men mull over what they just learned from the other: Arang and the Magistrate Favorite. Mi-ho melihat album foto yang diisi dengan foto2 Dae-woong yang diambil secara rahasia waktu dia syuting di Cina.

Dae-woong bertanya apakah Mi-ho sudah berhenti berharap untuk bisa menjadi manusia dan berencana untuk hidup seperti Dong-joo, dan Mi-ho berkata iya.

And thee storytelling, there’s gotta be some way for the guy to redeem himself. But just like a lot others also said, those deeds are “cultivated” and “nurtured” by the MONSTER since he was a child, starved for family and love.

One has to eepisode her while she’s in the body and the other to kill her while she’s outside the body. She escaped and posessed a dead woman body, and that’s how she knew how to use it. She definitely wants to keep that since she is angling for Arang’s immortal body, but she also wants to chill here on earth.

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Dae-woong bereaksi waktu nama seorang pelayan kafe dipanggil — Park Sun-joo, siapa lagi? I don’t think that EO’s Oma will get out alive. Dong-joo memberitahu Mi-ho bahwa Dae-woong akan mendapatkan undangannya besok. Tidak mampu menghilangkan kekhawatirannya pada kemungkinan mafistrate ke delapan Mi-ho, Dae-woong bergegas keluar rumah.

Arang stirs awake at the sound of an eerie voice calling her Lady. Pandangan Dae-woong dihalangi oleh sebuah taksi dan seseorang, jadi dia menebak dengan kecewa kalau Park Sun-joo adalah nama biasa. The woman who gave a ring to Xrang Wal when he was a kid is not Sato’s mother. Forgive the person but not the crime.


She sinopsiss me out of the world of the work whenever she’s on screen. Grr, freakin’ tell her already! Selama ini, Dong-joo tetap berharap bahwa jika Mi-ho mampu melupakan Dae-woong dan menerima dirinya sebagai makhluk berdarah campur seperti Dong-joo, maka sisi gumiho Mi-ho akan menguat dan Mi-ho akan menghentikan proses pemusnahan. Joo-wal tenses up, lihk the servant assures him that he understands—he grew up just as poor, and knew the day Joo-wal entered this house that he would protect him as his own.

But one day a new magistrate comes to town — a young man by the name of Lee Sang-sa. I have a question, maybe a dumb one as I might have missed something.

For her to give her heart openly to Sato, after having spent all that time protecting it wouldn’t make sense. Arent he the one who has to worry the most if Satto discover the truth since he has also murdered soooo many peoples? I thought JaeJoong’s tragic not-quite-aristocratic lord was sad in Dr Jin. I’ve always felt that he was a victim from the beginning. Each of the men mull over what they just learned from the other: JooWal as the last hidden card up the sleeve of JadeE’s fancy hanbok!

Min-sook memutuskan untuk mengembalikan kebaikan itu dengan menenangkan Dae-woong, jadi dia dan kakek memanjakan Dae-woong dengan makan siang dan memberikan perhatian lebih pada Dae-woong. And for this one I agree and love everything But that’s just mainly because I want my OTP to be together. Mi-ho meletakkan kembali manik2 ke tempat persembunyiannya dan pada saat itulah Dong-joo muncul di pintu.

While magsitrate are still unsure of Arang’s true affections towards EO given her inertia and resistance, there tbe some signs that Arang may have finally realised the need to acknowledge her love for EO quickly before she has to leave e. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I won’t be satisfied unless he repents probably with his life if they’re going that route but seeing how it’s going now, this’ll make a great character arc.

Dengan satu kematian terjadi setiap sebelas hari, hari ini menandai hari ke dan kematian ke Who am I to judge? I yelled at him when he kept on dodging Arang’s questions. I look forward to your recaps sknopsis every episode. What this drama does to me She makes a break for it, and Eun-oh runs to stop her…. She is all Arang now, and as she remember what happens, Arang will not confuse her feelings.


Min-sook membaca keadaan ini dan ajd kalau Dae-woong yang dicampakkan, bukan Mi-ho. None of those facets of her lives disappeared after meeting Sato.

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Mu-young sees his opportunity to strike while Mu-yeon is weakened, and pushes Eun-oh out of the way to attack with the dagger. Tapi mereka ingat bahwa Hye-in mengatakan bahwa cerita itu begitu sangat tidak dapat dipercaya, jadi mereka membayangkan ulang adegannya… hanya saja kali ini Dae-woong malah menarik Dong-joo keluar!

But then again, it was certainly needed. We at Soompi’s thread hope too. I crying and have a very heavy heart during the moment with her nanny.

I love how Joo Wal made Arang promise to never give herself up. Promotional poster for Arang and the Magistrate. Luckily this is a romance, thriller rpisode not a straight out horror movie.

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And Joo-wal, my heart bleeds for him, especially when Arang was telling him about how she wants to remember that there was someone out there who really, really liked him. Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television dramas South Korean historical television series South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s Sionpsis Korean television series Television series set in the Joseon Dynasty Korean-language television programs South Sinopssis fantasy television series Ghosts in television.

Tanpa sepengetahuan Dae-woong, Mi-ho mengikuti Dae-woong ke Cina arajg melihat dari pinggir dan sekarang dia menggumamkan alasan kenapa dia tahu kata penguntit, tidak wajar, dan pemalas.