There’s also Luna’s pessimistic outlook, which is deftly woven into her characterization. Chugga himself lampshades this. For all subsequent instances of the Dual Scream’s poor reception, Chugga takes the time to edit the audio of his reading to accomplish the broken sound. Before that, Terrabite managing to beat down all of Caitlin’s team even when Sigilyph hit him with an Ice Beam. Then in the Bowser and Kammy fight, the curse struck again when he used a Power Bounce against Bowser, raising his attack power and pretty much demolishing Bowser’s HP. The fight against Lance has quite a few of these, such as Odairu taking on Lance’s Gyarados and utterly destroying two of Lance’s Dragonite by freezing them with Ice Punch, Vui managing to get the third and strongest Dragonite into constantly hitting itself, and Volvagia hanging on with 10 HP and taking out Aerodactyl.

Yes, the Rick and Morty copypasta was used twice for comedic effect here. The Suit Squad’s fan seems to be irritated at the pretentiousness of her statement, even though it was taken directly from a certain science fiction show that Eric Acosta wrote for before working on The Loud House, even though it was only 2 episodes. What started out as a simple camping trip turned into something that no one could have ever imagined Speaking of Pansage, st the Pansear gets one by winning a pretty close match against him. Then in the Bowser and Kammy fight, the curse struck again when he used a Power Bounce against Bowser, raising his attack power and pretty much demolishing Bowser’s HP. Good luck, you two. Mime quickly gains levels and manages to land a critical hit on a Pikachu. You don’t need a ticket to get in if you already work here!

It is impossible to lose against them, since they give you second chances if you lose and they play the same thing each time. The fight against Norman has quite a few of these, including Moegami powering through confusion to defeat Spinda, and Teddy beating Vigoroth one-on-one. On a meta note, Meowth defeating Pikachu. In the Submerged castle, twice, his Pikmin managed to avoid near death.

And he’s still not even done!

Decadence Chapter 8: High Class Act, an Earthbound + Loud House Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

Episode 22 is awesome the whole way through. Basically, people got so angry at failing this boss fight cahpter much, they just took a flamethrower and incinerated him.


Slavinator grew four levels as a result of all the experience he gained! Episode 28 – Emulating Pokey’s dad, Emile busts out a perfect, disturbingly realistic maniacal laugh.

In a double battle against the cast of The Dex. At that point, she manages to take out his Snivy with a critical Chuggaaconrky, learn Razor Shell, and then evolve into Dewott in short order. Finally, Hex is sent out. Before that, she took on Hiker Andy’s Boldore and fared quite well against it.

In Episode 20, he finally get his first multiplayer victory. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Mime despite the massive stat disadvantage, and Methane for tanking its Chuggaaconoy with 3 HP and finishing it with Sludge.

He was just as surprised as we were. The other member here today is Hokori.

Not exactly one for Chugga, but still significantly awesome. Even though our song is over, stay awhile and we might have something new to show you. At the last second, he got a Quick Attack in and landed a critical hit, costing Chugga the fight.

Leni knocks on the wall, revealing a ladder. If Linoone wasn’t the only one left, Altair would have won the battle right then and eposode.

Haywire’s first major battle as a Zebstrika involves her taking on Cheren’s entire post-Nimbasa team by herself. Because he refuses to talk about meets.

All just to give the views the best experience possible. Their catchphrases are in Italian because when you try to translate the DCMC’s catchphrase into another language the epiosde part gets translated into the word “round” it’s short for rotondo, the noun for round in Italian. It must be heard to be believed.

Chugga posted episodetitled ‘Forgotten Memories’, as a rundown of all the ‘glitch’ items in the game, as well as showing off a whole Dummied Out section of the game Bionis’ shoulder. Bear that in mind as you read this. You’re probably going to have to spam bombs to win. Later in the same episode, Lombre later, Kappa almost manages to take out May’s Torkoal despite the massive disadvantage.


Chuggaaconroy / Awesome – TV Tropes

The best part is that it was most likely all the money he kept writing off as useless that saved his rank. Luan continues to belt out more jokes. First 3 hits, then 2, then 8, then 7, then 13, then 9, then a full 16 hit combo!

Bowser’s next attack missed him anyway. Emile had been having issues with his capture card, so he wasn’t able to record nother as soon as he wanted to.

And their covers of a certain soundtrack are nothing short of masterful. When Emile defeats the Black Empoleon gang, he leads with Hilbert, causing the gang to rename themselves the xhapter Garbodor”. Not too special in terms of game mechanics, but Moegami’s evolution into Combusken happens after he beats the Aqua Grunt holding Peeko hostage.

Haywire the Blitzle had amazing luck with her match against Lenora’s Herdier, scoring cchuggaaconroy flawless K. The fans understand this stuff; Xhapter have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depth of these jokes, to realize they’re not just funny, they say something deep about life. Soon, the comedy club is packed with adoring fans!

One for Cheren’s team, of all things: And she wasn’t even at full health at the time, meaning she could take just as much punishment.

Bonus points for getting a critical hit on the latter, bypassing a Meowth’s Growl entirely. Surge’s Raichu deserves special mention. Then a similar instance in Chapter 3, where he uses a lightning bolt motner blast a bunch of Blomebas. Chugga is left speechless.

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After suffering from Creator Backlash for so long regarding SteveChugga finally lets loose. He tanked an attack that he wasn’t built for! I’m still in my prime. There’s this new thing we’re trying called Sound Battalion.