Rayleigh will train Luffy, teach him haki and other techniques, but he will be tough on Luffy. Naruto has his clones to count on pumping water from below and pouring it overboard. In fact no motor boat or steam ship can sail through it as magnetic field in this area is so strong engines wouldn’t function. The title of next episode of Naruto Shippuden is “Battleship Island”. Robin has some flashback as well remembering Saul’s final words when Ohara was ruined. Naruto decides it is better to look for these herbs elsewhere.

Leader Clone explains that Justu release depends on willingness of clones themselves. Something gets in their way. Then the Armament Haki finished the big elephant off the first time. Hishaku appeared once more to thank Naruto for avenging him and his crew. That glow around the ship, well that’s just static discharge of electricity. Led by crows this ship cruises through foggy nights guiding the souls of the dead.

Let’s discuss this on TailedFox Anime Forum. Now clones have machetes, axes and chains saws and all they want to do is kill Naruto. Tsunade is counting on Shikamaru to lead the Hidden Leaf to war. Tsunade also asks that they keep a close eye on Naruto as he could act recklessly. Later Yamato summarized that this monster was probably a left over casualty of Third Ninja War. Yamato suggests getting off at nearest island to wait out the whether. Guy just enjoyed his bowl of curry and when he finished eating, he took his clothes off and jumped in the sea to swim over to the boat.

Pirate that sold this moldshroom to Naruto explained the genius of his trick saying this moldshroom liked dark and moist places. Watch it with us right here at TailedFox and see us in Naruto Forum for discussions. In the World of Living, Ichigo spends his last spirit forces to hunt down the Hollows.


Robin in East Blue gets some eye brows raised as well when she declares that she wants to go with revolutionaries to Baltigo. All monsters and beasts are tamed on the island. More fires were ordered and Naruto found himself running for his life.

If you come across it you’re doomed to a journey by sea to the land of the dead. Thinking they may all be saved, all of this started repeating. Naruto bored out of his wits decides to help out.

Sending them on a small raft, barrel of water and one magic mushroom, pirates went back through Sea Route of Silence. His entire body was paralyzed.

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Then they demanded that Yamato steers the ship towards a nearby island. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Bando however isn’t about to give up. Leader Clone explains that Justu release depends on willingness of clones themselves.

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Guy sensei gets snatched by one of these birds. Without pinpointing the exact position though, surprise attack is pointless. Crab got pinched between the ship and this rock. Yamato, deciding to have some fun with him, told a story of an old ship with large devil fire lighting on the top of its mast. Part 1 Part 2. The only thing to eat for next two weeks were these poisonous mushrooms.

That glow around the ship, well that’s just static discharge of electricity. Naruto called for hundred more clones, but they took clone’s side too. Even the mysterious girl, being an embodiment of thoughts left behind by a girl who was to be the seal and died being eaten, even she jumped up at this Usa and finished the job of sealing it for good. Guy sensei thought of one last gamble. When elephant came after them the second time, Rayleigh used power to intimidate, the Conqueror’s Haki.


Summary of One Piece episode Well, they are not free though? The approaching island episove to be more than just a piece of land protruding from the ocean. He recalled promises, Sabo, and Ace made and began the two year training camp with Rayleigh.

Yamato will accompany Naruto to this S-rank mission. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

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War will begin soon. Are you the publisher? Guy sensei was dancing a silly dance to babysit these big yellow chicks. It tasted awful but it kept them alive and now it’s time to punish the perpetrators.

They would have fallen into the water, but Shikamaru with his quick shippudden and Shadow Strangle Jutsu saved them. Title of next episode of Naruto Shippuden is “The closed Route”. Guy finds out that no sea men would accompany them as there is a monster in this sea rumored to attack any boat.

The bird flew this way so chances are that Guy sensei would be here. Naruto stumbled and fell down to the river. They come to a bridge that says “Do not cross.

Jinbe left Luffy and the crew. Country long ago evidently lost its civilization as they lost their will to live. Preparations are being made for Fourth Great Ninja War.

This did the elephant in. Naruto clones are fighting Naruto. Guy jumped but unable to break it. They have evidently decided to take control of the ship and put forth narjtonine demands.