On the other hand some species even if they have high levels of individual intelligence like the Zebra cannot function well as a group together making them easier targets for predators and as a result are smaller in numbers and less successful then the less glamorous wildebeests. We need each other and it’d be excellent if the dharmic states merge again. When his education is complete, he moves to Kathmandu when he finds himself surrounded by drug dealers, gang members and prostitutes. In terms of Geography the Tibetan plateau is one of the biggest and harshest land masses on earth. Other facilities the Nepalese authorities wanted to be included were marble floor for corridors, waiting spaces and staircase treads, besides carpets in the office space and conference room, solar heating system, solar back up generators, hospital waste management plan and fire safety considerations. In the past month, barely oil tankers have crossed the border at Biratnagar, Nepal’s third biggest customs point, as opposed to an average 1, tankers. While there is no doubt that India for its own security interests takes a keen interest in Nepal there is also a lot to blame on the failure of Nepal and particularly the Nepalese elite who have not given a coherent, unified and wise leadership to its people. Goodwill from neighbours should be expected, but it should never be taken for granted.

A Conversation With Prabal Gurung. This gives India unprecedented leverage. Once that happens they will prevent a complete gravitation to PRC or equidistance as was happening in the past. But European diplomats became hyperactive and “dharma nirpeksha” was reinstated before the promulgation of the Constitution, keeping New Delhi out of the loop. The Madhesi parties had condemned the incident, distancing themselves from it. With them blocking the road, Indian truck drivers say they’re stuck The border impasse — now in its third week — has halted the majority of shipments into Nepal and left the Himalayan nation hobbled by a shortage of fuel and goods. Under cover of holding a “dialogue” with the Madhes parties, the ‘Big Three’ rammed through articles of the Constitution on a single day by issuing a whip to the Constituent Assembly members while also holding the vote on the entire Constitution. Similarly, Article 21 of the Interim Constitution said various groups would have “the right to participate in state structures on the basis of principles of proportional inclusion”.

China has limited interests in Nepal, and to achieve that, China does not need to displace Indian influence. In terms of Geography the Tibetan plateau is one of the biggest and harshest land masses on earth. Everything else will fall in place. Now, the unrest has taken nearly 50 lives. Otherwise, time will turn against them.


We have to understand that we cannot hand India the gun, and then trust it not to point the weapon at us. Given these attitudes, it is not surprising that Madhesis were targeted as Indians during the Hrithik Roshan riots of December The Madhesi parties had condemned the incident, distancing themselves from it.

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There, the Madhesis have erected tents and set tires alight. Hridayesh Tripathi, Vice-chair of Tarai Madhes Democratic Party said the environment for resolving issues raised by protesting parties was gradually building, but the government had spoilt it with its action at the Birgunj-Raxaul border entry point raksak.

The Nepal envoy to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyay, complains gorkh India did not convey “suggestions or reservations or expectations” in time; as amendments have to be passed by a two-thirds majority, the best possible scenario is for the parties to arrive at a political agreement. On Wednesday, some 1, were rallying at the camp, and no Indian or Nepalese police or border guards were patrolling anywhere nearby.

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They have to depend on Nepal Telecom because no Indian telephone service provider currently has coverage in these areas. So, is Nepal still a Hindu state or is it a secular nautanki like us now? The proposed changes include delimitation of constituencies, proportionate representation of disadvantaged groups in the administration and redrawing of provinces.

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Talks between government negotiators and UDMF representatives yesterday were termed positive as government negotiators told the protesting parties that the government was positive about amending the constitution to address their grievances regarding provincial boundaries on the basis of political understanding. His time there opened up his eyes and broadened his horizons and made him realize that the rashak was a much bigger place filled with the vastness of knowledge.


But Nepalis seem to have been carried away by emotions. Second, some have resorted to playing the usual China card.

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Our neighbours are too big for us to be on an equal footing with them under the current circumstances, either as friends or enemies. India was caught flat-footed and rushed to limit raoshak damage. No registered users and 33 guests. Shunny who has been interested in martial arts from the very early age and has achieved a lot in this field. He then also initiated the British policy of settling in large grokha of Nepalese into vacant Sikkim land.

This gives India unprecedented leverage. By Tenzing Lamsang Editor-in-Chief. If a comparison of the Tarai was made to Bhutan it would be our Assam and Bengal duars that Bhutan originally conquered from neighboring Indian princely states and then lost to the formidable British empire after the duar wars. We can sense that our Nepali Bruce Lee has finally arrived. Indian truckers and other vendors have also expressed fears about their safety, she told Thapa, who is also the coordinator of a three-member team formed by the Nepal government to hold talks with Indian authorities to end blockade of key trade points by Indian-origin Madhesi people who are opposed to splitting the country into seven provinces.

The right to convert a person of one religion to another religion, or to disturb the religion of others, has been denied, despite strenuous efforts by the European Union and Scandinavian countries.

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China is neither capable nor even willing to replace India in Nepal. Granted, it might be a wrong-headed policy even some Indians are criticising the moveour response to it has not been optimal either. The Modi government had thought the PM’s successful visit would be enough to repair what has been a difficult relationship for decades.