D Looking forward to clashing time! Wow that ending has me gaping. Now, what will all the other senior pirates do when Luffy and gang go nuts at the slave auction in an episode or two? BBCode Modified by link9us, Apr 12, 1: Camie was abducted by a dastardly gang of kidnappers, and her next stop is the auction house unless the Straw Hats can rescue her. Those guys are truly the worst scum of the earth that i have seen one piece so far. BBCode Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. P At any rate, whooo Rayleigh!

Just loved the ending XD. Holy shit that ending was insane. The stuff coming up is way to awesome to be bothered by a little thing like this. ZOMG , that’s so cool and awesome! Such a hype ending – Rayleigh is such a boss. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I wonder about his ability

Wow, one of Roger’s crew, that was sweet.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. This proves Oda’s dedication and hard work, Unlike most other shonen authors whom they do not plan their mangas ankmecrazy and their stories end up with huge plot holes.

Preview Manga Manga Store. Sabaody Archipelago Thrown into Chaos. I feel terrible for all the slaves. These episodes look excellent. I want the next one nooooooow!

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But using people and regular citizens or pirates as just objects for amusement is just tottaly going over the line. BBCode I reject your reality, and substitute my own. I found it hilarious how the den den mushi sanji was talking into had one eye shut xD. Btw, another great episode The first appearance of Rayliegh was pretty cool. Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. I guess his guesture could be conceived as offensive.


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I’m ready for a showdown. Can’t wait until the next episode, looks like the eplsode continues! The end of this episode was great, I thought Caimie was more than a little screwed and thought that maybe Luffy and the others had already made it there One Piece Episode Discussi P At any rate, whooo Rayleigh!

Whoa Raleigh’s Gold Roger’s number 2! This is where they reveal that he is the first mate of Gol D roger. If i know luffy, seeing as how he isn’t one for reason if you know what i mean?

The ending made me shat bricks. BTW – the animation team has upped the ante recently and the general look of the episodes has improved a lot. Rayleigh just takes a sip of rum or whatever and solidifies his position as a One Piece “heavyweight”.

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And still have people who says which One Piece is for children! They don’t seem wrong for the characters, but they don’t seem right either. Epiaode the only way to stop a gamer from playing is either: Killing people is one thing for crimes like most pirates do. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum.

Remember me Forgot password? Rayleigh in the flashback from Ace and Buggy’s past, he’s the guy who told them to shut up when they episove arguing over which place is colder Just to prove Oda has been planning this stuff out for years. Really good episode, love to see Rayleigh make his first appearance as the first mate of Roger, pretty epic stuff! Ending was pretty awesome and really got me pumped for the auction. I agree with the others about the animation being a lot better in general lately.


I didnt expect rayleigh to be the first mate of rodger dam. Silvers Rayleigh waiting in the sidewings. Those guys are truly the worst scum of the earth that i have seen one piece so far.

Was totally thinking the same thing, pretty sure there was a new tune in there somewhere too. The stuff coming up is way to awesome to be bothered by a little thing like this.

Man, the anime really brought out my emotions in this episode. BBCode “Yes, I have been deprived of emotion. Oh well, that was my only complaint really. Duval’s winks are the funniest thing so far in this show I don’t know why I picee it so hilarious. That was very satisfying in the manga and will surely feel no different animated: Duval’s attempts at winking were hilarious.

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Admiral Kizaru Takes Action! I honestly wanted to punch that disco guy in the fucking face really bad.

He would probably end up just going ballistic at the meer sight of watching people being used and tortured like that. Just the thought can make any panties drop! Rotten people are lowest of lowlifes