If the balance is swinging freely and doesn’t wobble on its pivots, and there is no obvious damage, then you can be fairly sure that a service will sort out the problem. It’s important to remember that overwinding cannot break a watch, so if it isn’t working, there is another problem. But if you are not confident in assessing this, it may be better to pass on until you have more experience. But with an unknown watch you don’t know what has happened to it in its lifetime. I’ll take it to a couple repairers and see that they say. It may be that the watch has not been serviced and the oil has gummed up; a simple service would sort this out fairly cheaply.

How to Repair a Pocket Watch. Normally, there is a stopping point past which you cannot wind the crown, unless one was to really force it I imagine. Since many pocket watches are antiques, it might be wise to trust skilled hands rather than trying to teach yourself watch repair. BB code is On. As for cost, that’s almost impossible to say without having the watch in front of us because it depends on the overall condition of the watch whether most watchmakers will even consider replacing a mainspring as a part job – many will insist on full servicing to protect themselves against comebacks – and also because there’s a fairly small risk that the mainspring breaking has caused further damage. Tip Remember that a watch cannot break from being overwound. You can’t actually stop a watch by “over winding” it, although if you keep trying to turn the crown when the watch is fully wound this can cause the balance to swing too far and, in very extreme cases, this might damage the impulse jewel. Last edited by Joe Horner; at

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March 15th, If you are unsure, you will probably need to call in a professional. If possible DO try to find actual repairers rather than jewellery shops that send it out for repair elsewhere because the middle-man mark-up can be watcj eyewatering!

Normally, there is a stopping point past which you cannot wind the crown, unless one was to really force it I overqound. May 21st, 5.


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The staff is easily replaceable and the spring can be reattached to either the winder or the staff. All mechanical watches need a service every few years to clean out old gummed up oil and replace it with fresh. Is such a thing possible? Warning Don’t risk removing or overwwound parts of the watch if you’re not sure what you’re ovrwound. Watches are voerwound to be worn by normal human beings. Furthermore; my usual Auto-winding timepiece of late is an HMT!

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Originally Posted by overwoynd. Omega and Tissot Borgel 1: Matthew Lieber has been a professional copywriter and editor for more than 5 years. When you feel that the crown stops turning in the winding direction as easily, the spring is fully wound so just awtch go. If you open your watch, be careful.

I have found that a left handed waving motion in the vertical seems to get the winder cranking pretty good – yes, I do listen to see if it is winding.

That has nothing to do with anything you did, barring damage during servicing mainsprings break when they feel like it and there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. Originally Posted by time amazing explanation Joe!!! Overwound manual wind mechanical watch I have a Hamilton mechanical watch manual wind. I’ll take it to a couple repairers and see that they say.

However, do so with caution, as watches can be very delicate and easily broken. A problem must persist elsewhere.

Assuming a 6 – 8 hour sleep time All times are GMT Quote message in reply? Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Watches are designed to wind only to a certain point, meaning something else is the aautomatic. Don’t believe stories that being over wound is a fault in itself, or that a watch will stop because it is over wound.

How to Fix an Overwound Watch

Tip Remember that a watch cannot break from being overwound. Just like a car with a full tank of fuel that won’t start, the reason a fully watch won’t go is because there is something wrong with itnot because it is fully wound. Movado West End Watch Co. Seek a professional should the problem persist. Attempt to wind the watch again and see if it works. By parrotandpitbull in forum Watchmaking. How vigorous a dance should you give your autowinder before bed – so as to keep it ticking all night long?


When I wind my watch it snaps back– Overwound?? I give mine about 30 seconds or so before bed. How to Open a Remington Pocket Watch. It’s not unknown for them to rip teeth off the barrel or damage the centre wheel as all their stored energy is released at once.

Originally Posted by normdiaz And the equivalent on automatif quartz side is “just needs a battery”. The spring is designed so that it cannot be stretched to a breaking point within the watch. User Name Remember Me? You wouldn’t run a car for years without changing the oil, would you?

May 21st, 3. Thank You very much.

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Use a knife or thin screwdriver and carefully pry open the cover waatch see where the problem is within the watch. Last edited by Joe Horner; May 21st, at If it was your watch and it stopped working, then you would know its history and whether you had done wafch to it, such as dropped it. I see this term used all the time trawling eBay and I worked out as soon as I started repairing watches that it must surely be nonsense, at least for recent history- but I always wondered, since I am fairly narrow overwounv my knowledge!

Originally Posted by time unless your watch is very old, overwinding has been solved by almost all mechanical auto watch manufacturers. They only wind in one direction.

It is like saying that a car won’t start because the fuel tank is too full of fuel.