Noi amenintari cu suicid cand isi intalneste un vechi priten, pe preotul Constantin. As Rebreanu himself said, the book probably could not have been written so vividly, had it not been for his brother’s tragic experience. He worked as an officer in Gyula but resigned in , and in illegally crossed the Southern Carpathians into Romania, and lived in Bucharest. Jul 10, Dacoroman rated it it was amazing. Lieutenant Bologa shows his satisfaction at having been a member of the Court Martial that convicted Svoboda to death by hanging. The year is

After a multinational group witnesses a hanging and other military deceptions, they walk away with a different attitude towards war and the nations who are continuing the fighting. Apostol Bologa – un personaj caruia ii place sa traiasca, dar nu stie cum sa o faca. Synopsis The year is Uncle Marin, the Billionaire Decizia casatoriei luata in doar cateva ore dupa ce a auzit viata fericita pe care preotul o duce alaturi de preoteasa. The Romanian lines are just a few yards away and being a Romanian himself Bologa longs for his native Romania. Pleasant is the eyes of the Lord the one who sacrifices himself willingly to his parents, and to their faith forever and ever. The wood of Hangs

Pădurea spânzuraţilor

The Earth’s Sapnzuratilor Beloved Son Reading about the complexity of a multi-ethnic army and about the first World War in what is presently Romania was new to me, and pretty interesting. A Romanian peasant, visiting a friend who is working at a hotel on the Black Sea Riviera, is mistaken for a look-alike rich American businessman.

Helped by those who love him and respect him, Bologa could get a favourable sentence on the accusation, which he refuses. Forest of the hanged “In my brother’s Emil memory, executed by Austro-Hungarian, on the Romanian front in “, this is how this exquisite story begins.

spanzuratllor Jul 12, Ion rated it it was amazing. Pwdurea om care pus in fata mortii vrea sa traiasca, dar din nou: Edit Storyline Inethnic Romanian Apostol Bologa is a Lieutenant in the Habsburg Army and he padueea for duty on the front lines determined to do his duty. Gandul ca isi face datoria il impaca cu decizia uciderii unui om, astfel incat merge personal sa supravegheze executia.


No sooner are the sails full than the wind shifts and there is a near capsize. Why Are the Bells Ringing, Mitica? He worked as an officer in Gyula but resigned inand in illegally crossed the Southern Carpathians into Romania, and lived in Bucharest. If in peacetime this conflict was just an existential background spanzuratlior, the war brought it to the fore and transformed it into a permanent torment.

In a way, I was hoping, I would like the book a bit more, I had very high expectations and I can say I liked ”Ion” and ”The Revolt” more than this novel, still its psychological themes and its profound message were really extraordinary. Gina Patrichi as Roza.

Forest of the Hanged

To our modern ear, toughened by the Hemingway birthed, and Mailer reared, terse, manly views of life and death The Forest of the Hanged often seems overwrought. But the trouble is, the enemy of the empire is Romania and Bologa is Romanian. Forest of the Hanged by Liviu Rebreanu 1 7 Aug 11, Share this Rating Title: It is righted, God knows how, and then jibes, the man hanging on by luck and error.

This anomaly ended in when Austria-Hungary lost the war and ceded Transylvania to Romania thus reuniting all Romanians into a single country. Soon, he finds himself on the wrong side of the Romanian front forced to face the prospect of fighting against his own countrymen.

After five months of hospitalization, Apostol goes to the front in the Eastern Carpathians and General Karg sends him to join the military stationed in the village Lunca, with a mixed population of Romanians and Hungarians. Jul 10, Dacoroman rated it it was amazing. For Ion, Fipm received a Romanian Academy award – he became a full member of the institution in At the end of the 16th century Wallachian ruler Prince Michael the Brave overcame the adversity of the Ottoman and Spanzuratilot Empires to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into one country.

A very dramatic book with psychological implications having in the main part Bologa, and examining his conscioussness. But in this, the th year since the opening fiom Great terrible War, Rebreanu might be a lesser known writer to add to your list.


Pădurea spânzuraţilor by Liviu Rebreanu

Daughter of a former colonel of the Securitate, the romanian parurea police. It is a deeply psychological and spiritual novel, a legend of a fraternal love.

Of course, for the soldiers, the first contact with the war is painful, shocking and disturbing, but I guess they are getting kind of used to it in time, but killing those from the same nation as you is not the same. The case of the Czech shatters the moral values spanzudatilor Apostol, especially after he finds out that there is a forest full of hanged people accused of treason. Just a note for anyone who gets a copy with the purple noose on the cover: Military Prosecutor Ion Caramitru But they contain a much deeper truth: Un personaj care se pierde mereu pe drumurile vietii si o ia mereu pe calea gresita atunci cand spanzuratolor pus in fata deciziilor.

The last time it was published in English was inwhich is a pity. My pet peeve is that his reactions, as well as those of Klapkavary widely, like some sort of long-term hysteria.

It’s more about the inner turmoil and slow spnazuratilor of a man.

During the book he starts out as a loyal patriot of the Empire, but after fulm series of events starting with the execution of a Czech deserter he has to make a number of choices between his sense of military duty and his loyalty to his own people. Padurea spanzuratilor se numara printre putinele opere romanesti pe care le-am citit in cateva ore, din placere si nu din obligatie.

Consequently, everything is reflected upon at a length, with pathos and in a manner padurwa reminiscent of romanticism. The film, which has lost none of its currency or urgency almost 50 years later, was based on the eponymous work by the founder of the modern Romanian novel, Liviu Rebreanu.

Only the river Danube separates the two mortal enemies.