Probably because of that most graphics card often comes with a custom cooler of its own brand that is claimed to be able to perform much better than the reference cooler, accompany by the low demand from the PC enthusiasts community. Whether you like it or not. Week Month Year All Time. Rizen , Jan 23, Jan 23, 6. Whatever you knowledge skill is we do recommend reading the instruction sheet for this cooler.

Even with your mod, I would feel better if something else was helping support the card. Jan 30, If you don’t think that powerjack will work, try one or both of the other solutions posted. Mounting images When it comes to installation manual of component it tends to only show images and not much wording as most of the times the images are enough to show the general process in which to install it. The MK uses 6mm diameter pipes which is made of copper but layered in nickel. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website.

Recommendations for Purchase of New Laptop! The before pics are scary.

Anyway, first two photos are before the tieclip you can see the severe sag and the last two are after my mod. Not all aftermarket cooled cards are not reference.

Prolimatech MK-26 GPU Cooler Review

For the testing Prolimatech did provide us with a couple of their new Ultra Sleek Vortex 14cm cooling fans. The answer to both of those ponderings is not quite doubled, but they have both been increased a bunch.

Aug 28, My artic accellero trst my sapphire dual x 18c while overclocked. The stress test is run separately:. The MK is a two fin array style cooler but nothing like the dual tower CPU coolers we see a lot of. Im wondering if prilimatech like this needs to be put on the back for re-inforcement? Our USV 14 can beat Noctua’s 14cm fan too from our internal test. Six 6mm nickel plated sintered metal copper pipes.


Testing Begins Testing Hardware: Thanks for any advice: Jan 31, Subscribe to our Newsletter. Thank you for giving me a reason to register on this forum.

Prolimatech MK GPU Cooler Review | ProClockers

I am very impressed with the fans though, they are much quieter than my previous noctua fans and produce much better temperatures, especially on the CPU heatsink BUT it is hard to compare as the noctua fans were mm and these are mm. By breckjensen Started October 27, Jan 23, 2. The MK comes with an array of state of the art design features that include the Omni-mount universal tool-free mounting system. The prolimatech Megahalem and prolimatech mk i have installed already come with fan clips, will these not work?

Is this Prolimatech mk on With Mod Safe? Industrial leading design and style.

Unboxing & Review: Prolimatech MK Black Series Multi-VGA Cooler

The dual radiators, when combined with two fans, will not only cool the VGA processor, but prolimatecn increase air flow across the entire VGA card and improve system wide cooling. The cooler comes with quite a bit of extras that will need to be applied to the cooler itself or to the GPU.

Went to stick with stock blavk whatever cooler is slapped on it ever since. Y-split 4-pin connector for powering two fans with the VGA board. This blowers are pretty thin at 15mm. Great customer support from Prolimatech.


Any updates on the bending problem and solutions? Most non-ref boards use cheap parts, some are borderline crap or just plain crap, with a nice cooler. Now fasten the backplate in place. Prolimatech over the years has made a name for itself with coolers like the Genesis, Samuel 17 and of course the Megahalems.

Also, if the fan specs are correct, they will put out more cooling at rpm than the noctuas at rpm and less noise. Certainly looks nice enough to go on a Titan though. A Suggestion For This Board.

Intel Core i7 K Processor 3. The weight of MK is similar to standard stock cooler maybe heavier, but not big differenceyou could weight your stock cooler to check about it.

The installation of the MK is not complicated but a little time consuming. Killed a GTX because water block removed the soldered ram ic when I was cleaning the waterloop. The reason for it to be able to handle such a large volume of TDP is because of its overall size which includes a lot of fins, six heat pipes and evaporation cooling system.

As with any cooler that Prolimatech delivers, there are no fans shipped along with it. The worlds first flying dedicated GPU!