Browsing All Articles 31 Articles. Sign in Recover your password. Kumkum Bhagya 24th September Written Update: Kainat asks him to hurry up as she has to catch a plane to new york. They find a woman dressed in white waiting for them. He asks her to come down but Mahira refuses.

Sarojini helps him and they both hide under cot. Tuesday, February 26, Tiwari finds a small pit with water and thinks ice might have melted. Phr nayi story writers kuch b kar lo is show ki trp nai badhegi. Dushyanth asks Nirjhara to show her motherly love and make sure Soumendra does not meet Sarojini. Tanu sees it empty and is shocked too. She says ammaji wanted a grand entry for Sarojini, so after he went unconscious she greeted her in in a grand […].

Kaynat makes Sameer drink spiked milk. She later reveals that she was just joking. As mahira goes into delivery, all wait in anticipation, while the nurse overwhelms them saying that its a baby girl. Tiwari is worried since the case is not getting solved.


Sections of this page. Sameer denies the charges. He throws the vase pretending as if he slipped.

He hands over the cat to his client who wonders why the cat went into a fish market though he is vegetarian. He asks Mahira to go and change and he goes to get his phone. Tarika continues introducing her to family members.


Sarojini gets concerned for him. She then tries to sleep, but cannot due to mosquitoes elisode darkness. Prev Post Dosthi- Support of our life Part He rushes out to check whats the matter. As all leave, armaan and mahira together eye the child, while he thanks her for this beautiful gift. He then tells her to jump.

Are you the publisher? Armaan tells her that he was just doing it because she wanted him to do.

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She asks whether he loves her? Both kidnappers in individual capacity gets worried and are afraid.

Mahira says thats weird. Page 1 of 1. Right then cops come and say arresting you for Kaynats murder.

Amaad pretends as if he knows qhbool and shows fake concern. They both realise that amad did it against them all along. They both look at her adoringly.

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One of the kidnappers inform Raffe that Kritika came with police to arrest them at that time since they stole her mobile and a young driver was seen with her. Sanjana whispers who knows there is an animal behind this smiling face. Leila 13th Jan – 11tj She praises Amaad for calling her on time. Armaan comes with baby toys and says its merger of our names. 11ht informs her of being busy and ends the call.


Sameer wakes up to find Kaynat sitting drinking tea. Dadi comes to store to turn the light off. Sameer agrees to sign the papers in Kainaat’s favor in the influence of the drugs. Tanu says I am not coming with you and asks her to go and steal the CD. He vehemently tries to break the door open, and is finally able to, and rushes out.

She says was just joking. Sameer says i dun remember what happened. She asks Sameer to focus on things. She then throws Sangeeta over Bhaskar. High Five Spoilers high five July 30,