Rama Seetha – Episode 19 – September 15, Vasudev gave a part of his property to Raju. The boat begins to sink as the water enters through a hole. Rama Seetha – Episode 25 – September 22, Sravanthi and Janaki tried to cancel their marriage proposals that is being conducted by Venkatrao. Sravanthi later introduced Krishnamohan to her sister Janaki. Meenamma spoke with her parents on her birthday. Meanwhile Anand started searching for Meenamma in Hyderabad.

The story revolves around Vashudev and Meenakshi, two opposite personalities stuck in a marriage. Rama Seetha – Episode 28 – September 25, Rama Seetha – Episode 20 – September 16, Meenamma asked Vasudev about Vishnu. Seeing Meenakshi following traditional rules Vasudev’s grandfather praised her. Raama Seetha – Episodes Vasudev told Meenamma’s parents that from hereafter they must not meet Meenamma and he also asked them to forget her.

Anand followed Meenamma and gave every minute information about her to Vasudev. Vasudev challenged himself that he won’t give his whole property to anyone. The boat gets drowned in the river. Meenakshi promised Vasudev’s grandfather that she will follow traditional rules. Vasudev got angry with Meenamma for giving more importance to her parents than him. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

Their married life has many twists and turns, which creates conflicts in their relationship. Meenamma thought about her parents and wanted to see them. Meanwhile, Meenamma and Raghuram saved a small girl from an accident. Vasudev wished Meenamma on her birthday. Koyadora seeing Meenamma’s horoscope told that Vasudev loved her a lot and also told that an unknown guy will enter in her life and told Raja that in epiwode his house will be filled with gama as there will be no poojas done at home.


Vasudev told his workers to search for Meenamma and bring her back home. Anand informed Vasudev that he found Meenamma but does not realize that he had mistaken Janaki as Meenamma. Vasudev decided to destroy his grandfather’s tomb. Meenamma knowing about Vasudev’s true behaviour gets shocked. Overview Raama Seetha is a Telugu drama television series. Meenamma spoke with her parents on ekkzda birthday.

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Priest and his assistant decided to search for Meenamma at Hyderabad. Vasudev gives Meenamma’s photo to his workers and orders them to search for Meenamma. Rama Seetha – Episode 31 – September 29, Raghuram informed Vasudev that Anand has met with an accident and has been admitted in a hospital.

Meenamma seeing Vishnu with injuries gets shocked and Vishnu told her that Vasudev tried to kill him. Raju and Vasudev get shocked knowing his grandfather died. While Vasudhev is a strict disciplinarian, Meenakshi is a free-spirited girl. Meenamma praises Vasudev’s grandfather in front of him.

Vasudev told Vishnu about Meenamma’s character. Vishnu praised Meenamma’s beauty in front of Vasudev and hearing this Vasudev got angry.

Doctor told Raghuram and Janaki that Anand was out of eplsode. Hearing this Vasudev decided to kill Vishnu since he was moving close with Meenamma.

Raama Seetha

Vasudev told Meenamma that he will change his behaviour dpisode also will be a brave person. Vasudev and Raju go to Hyderabad to search for Meenamma. Raghuram and his mother seeing Sravanthi with Krishna assume that they are in love with each other. Vasudev took Meenamma to a new place. Meenamma’s parents asked Vasudev about Meenamma, hearing this Vasudev warned them to not enquire about Meenamma.


Krishnamohan and Sravanthi went to his uncle’s house and Sravanthi asked him to handover Krishnamohan’s mother’s property. Vasudev pushed Vishnu from the hill and warned him to stop getting close to Meenamma and also told him that he was coming in between him and Meenamma.

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Krishnamohan told Raghuram to go back to his house and hearing this Raghuram began to doubt that Mohankrishna had come to the temple to meet his lover. Krishnamohan told about his case to Sravanthi that his uncle occupied his house illegally.

Vasudev and Raja consumed alcohol and went to the neighbour’s room. Rama Seetha – Episode 11 – September 5, Vasudev celebrated Meenamma’s bithday in the middle of rzma river.

Raja told Vasudev that Vishnu was crossing his limits with Meenamma.