Their jokes were really repetitive and seriously, asking Joon to decide which one looked less fat?? After that, the Roommate members go out for an outing. This page was last edited on 27 July , at Kim Soo-mi brings food and side dishes that she made and prepares the Roommate casts a traditional Korean lunch. It really remains in my memory. While, comedian Lee Gook Joo seems to be feeling confident saying that she has a lot to show and that she’s eager to survive among the female idols. After a few questions from Park Joon Hyung, he decides that he needs help teaching them, himself. After Christmas dinner with the guests, Se-ho’s parents give Jackson a scarf as a Christmas present.

Jackson and the guests learn about the correct way to bow to their elders. Later, Se-ho invites trot singer Park Hyun-bin to give some singing lessons to Ryohei. Jackson recognizes him and treats him with his usual hospitality. I also wonder if they were worried about SM getting upset about airing the episode where Sunny came out and admitted she was dating. When eating dinner, the members gather around to talk about Hong-man’s ideal type. One of the twins kisses Jackson and they both become comfortable enough for Shoo to leave them home with Guk Joo while she, Jackson, and Nana go shopping. My Daily in Korean.

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They leave Taecyeon to help Sunny clean up romomate messy dinning area and living room. While everyone else seemed to be asleep, Se-ho, Guk-joo, and Jackson were wide awake.

Kim Hyun-joo then visits the sharehouse and shows her talents in flowers, cooking and sewing. They used to be about that good, but they got behind when they had some weeks with no episode being aired but they were still filming. This not only allows the cast to bond together, but it also invites the viewer to learn something too.


Jackson rushes down to feed Michael carrots and ryohel but Michael rejects the food. Roommate season 2 ended on April 14,after 26 episodes.

He tells Jackson that she is around 7 years younger than him. Young-ji gets tearful when Hara talks about her Youngji to her roommates. Addressing the Fears of Our Time 0.

Towards the end of the episode, Park Jin Young discusses his surprise for Jackson – to invite Jackson’s roommafe to the Christmas party- with Dong-wook and Se-ho. Shoo and the kids have settled into the Roommate house. The members who stayed at home helped with sorting out the good beans from the bad beans. Together with Seho, the trio tried acting out an underwear CF before Gukjoo and Youngji went to the market to buy some fabric and seeds to plant.

Retrieved 7 June News for example about GOT7 appearing on the show was out a month before they aired the episode. But I agree Rlommate a lot of time is fucking annoying. The kids are frightened sezson Ryoshei, which distressed him. After the picnic, Dong-wook takes Ryohei, Jackson and Young-ji out for some shopping which led to Dong-wook being exhausted at the end. MV ReviewZion.

When the task becomes overwhelming, Lee Dong Wook suggests that some of the Roommates call for help. I know JYPE paid their artistes by the yearly quarter.

He invites him to Lee Guk Joo’s new vibrating bed and does leg and calf massages on him staying in practice for his Mother’s physical therapy.

At the sharehouse, chef Seaon Hyun-suk teaches some techniques to Seho and Ryohei, cooking a variety of dishes including steak. Meanwhile, Guk-joo appears on a radio show and was paid a surprise visit by Kang-joon.

Sunny and Bae Jong Ok revealed to be roommates + BTS photos of ‘Roommate’ season 2 cast

When the guests arrive at the share house, they were welcomed warmly. When they return to the house, the group prepares dinner as the guests start to arrive. CS1 Korean-language sources ko CS1 uses Korean-language script ko Articles with Korean-language external links Articles containing Korean-language text Track listings with input errors. D’s old dorm that same weekend and that hasn’t aired yet.


After that, the Roommate members go out for an outing. When they return home at night, Guk-joo brings her brother, Sunkyu, with her.

After watching the performance, Sunny and Jong-ok went home with a guest, Lee Soon-jae. I can just buy whatever I need from the convenience store and wear what I’ve worn before. Kim brings his young son Bum-jun along as the boy was a fan of the show and wanted to meet Jackson, his favorite cast member. With new household additions, loud and eccentric personalities thrive in the house, providing the laughs from the get go. She also shared that she hasn’t cooked rice for more than a year. I haven’t watched this weeks episode yet but tbh last week’s with Shoo and her kids bored me.

Sunny and Nana looked older than her lol. Retrieved March 5, The house has already held a English lesson complimentary of Jackson and Joon-hyung and a acting lesson from Jung-ok.

“Roommate 2” Pairs Revealed—Park Joon Hyung-Otani Ryohei and Sunny-Bae Jong Ok to Be Roommates

The two men meet Bae Jong Ok and recant how they felt upon meeting her for the first time. Retrieved 12 April Lee Kye-In tells him that Jackson is from a good family. An Interview with Seo In-young 0. Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link.