No trivia or quizzes yet. But can a girl who avoids attachments at all costs fake an engagement to a straight-arrow soldier without falling hard? Entangled Brazen Publication Date: Re read via audible Narrator is not a favorite of mine despite this the story holds! No crazy issues or past exes to worry about. I read this book three years ago and really enjoyed it.

I also loved that she didn’t hold back when it came to her sexual side, she wasn’t timid or innocent, but also, not slutty or kinky – exactly what I like. I also really liked Michael’s personality. Chloe is that awkwardly adorable, yet headstrong female that I tend to favor. The thing you have to love about Brazen novels is you don’t have to read half of a book before things get steamy. Real, and smokin’ hot! Beck, I have a feeling it will not disappoint. Michael is easily one of my favorite romance heroes.

It makes sense, given his upstanding, determined personality. Samanthe Beck’s books usually are. Confronted with Rory’s somewhat unorthodox lifestyle, he has to loosen the tight military structure he has grown accustomed to, in order to make room for his forever.

Sexy and sweet and downright hot at points. But, sometimes, the tightest plans have a way of unraveling! I actually really did enjoy this one, it’s short, steamy and sweet: Frustrated, both sexually and mentally, the keys to the cuffs slip through her fingers and into the floor vent.

McCade Brothers Series

I of course fall for any Brazen novel that involves a man in uniform. The only thing that disappointed me about this book samannthe that I finished it. He is so serious about being in the military, and he loves his job as a bbeck. Quotes from Falling for the M I feel like I know these characters! The blurb sums up the story pretty well and although these pretending storylines I’ve read a dozen times, they never get old. A broken family and a broken heart are not something you recover from easily, and Michael had to samanthee one hell of a guy to sway her.


Michael feels terrible and helps her the only way he can think of, he offers his extra bedroom to Chloe. He wasn’t sure he’d live through it. If you’ve ever felt like you had some serious work to do on yourself to become the woman you’ve always envisioned, then you know where Chloe’s at. This was a fun read that left me happy! Unfortunately, because of her negative life experiences, Rory doesn’t believe in long term anymore, especially when it comes to military men.

Sries was more true to her personality that she didn’t – she’s so stubborn, she would have just suffered in her misery rather than go back to Michael and apologize and beg. He’s injured, she’s a massage therapist, their chemistry is instant and lets just say his back isn’t the only place to get her attention However, fate has different plans for Chloe. There are no discussion topics on mccae book yet.

Falling for the Marine (McCade Brothers, #2) by Samanthe Beck

Trivia About Falling for the M Oct 18, Heidi rated it it was amazing. Never, in a million brotthers, did I think it involved fucking with my FiOS.

Big mistake on my part. I will be rushing to read Lover Undercover and since there is still one more McCade brother, waiting with bated breath to find out if Logan will find love as well.

If you’re new to Brazens or an experienced reader like me, I’d highly suggest you read btothers as soon as possible.


Brazen in return for an honest review. Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck. I love the fake engagement trope, and I love a man in uniform, and I adore Samanthe Beck’s books, so this romance novel was bound to be a winner.

He has a lot of honor, which is clear in all of his actions.

Lover Undercover (A McCade Brothers Novel)

I was filled with all the happy feels, overjoyed by all the laughs, and reveled in the sexy times. Getting tangled up with a sexy, entertaining bundle of trouble like his new neighbor Chloe does not factor into his plans.

Camouflage gives me the hives, and the only things I keep samantye days fit in my suitcase. When not dreaming up fun, fan-your-cheeks sexy ways to get her characters to happily-ever-after, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien. But when he see’s her again in the clinic for a mandatory massage due to an injury, that is when the sparks really fly.

Michael is yet another guy I can add to my list of “hotties I wish were real and right in front of me”. A kiss that he can’t get out of his head. One that causes Chloe her job. I personally have never been disappointed with a Brazen title!

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