Already have an account? Later that night, Tung and Tin-hung torture Tracy, who reveals that the threat was bogus and that her secret lover coerced her into creating a lie so she could flee with him once she had received the money. Nevertheless, its bold, a twist in the story lines and a change pace from good vs bad, as the Triad faces destruction from within, and the cops are circling, waiting for the final takedown to destroy the all powerful gang. Add the first question. The story is long and drawn out with more focus on the internal problems between the Triad societies, rather than their problems with the cops. The fight ends with Lung impaling Tin-hung with a pipe.

Law , Dennis Law. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Views Read Edit View history. All Region What is it? Having taken his father’s advice, one man decides to return home in pursuit of a fresh start. This original content has been created by or licensed to YesAsia. The choreography is excellent and Wu Jing is clearly at the top of his game, even if Sammo is clearly doubled by a much more svelte stunt man at times. Official site [Hong Kong].

Law believes that the martial arts scenes are the strongest asset of Fatal Movein particular, the major weapon fight scene between Sammo Hung and Wu Jing.

The typical Hong Kong crime cast shows up in this movie, which makes the acting good. One would think that for a director to nab such A-list players, he himself would have to exude vision as a filmmaker.

The film isn’t quite action cinema nirvana, and it does sag somewhat in the middle when Law allows things to slow down. An absolute must-see for fans of the cast or indeed anyone looking for intense thrills, it confirms Law as one of the prime purveyors of the form and gives renewed hope for the future of triad action films.

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The cops do play an integral role though. Law then realized that the prequel sequel idea had limited movee, especially when he wanted to show the relationship between the Sammo Hung and Wu Jing characters from SPL. While tull, Tin-hung expresses hunh he forgives Lung, and hopes that he will soon join him after he dies.


Customer Review Rated Bad 4 – 4 out of 10 With most of the notable cast returning from SPL minus Donnie Yen you think this will be in the same league as the fore mentioned film but unfortunately it does not quite match Wilson Yip’s martial arts thriller. Three cops team up to bring down a criminal gang of seven, who have their own hidden agenda. Please enable cookies in your browser to experience all the features of our site, including the ability to make a purchase.

Fatal Move with Wu Jing & Sammo Hung

For a 2 hour long film there does not seem to be much happening during the course of its running time. You’ll also receive the latest updates and info on Martial Arts and action movies!

Goofs During one firefight, a hand grenade is thrown under a car, blowing the car up off its wheels. Though Lung and his loyal followers seemingly have all the angles covered, there may be some betrayers and some battles that they don’t expect.

Acting is superb, veterans Sammo Hung and Simon Yam lead the way once again, as two brothers and leaders of the ill fated Triad, supported by a young cast with deadly expertise. Fair enough, Sammo still surprises us with a cool scene to show he’s still got the moves despite his age, but nothing could gull this wreck once it had been green-lit without undergoing serious surgery at a local script doctor’s. Your email address will not be published. More info on Movie Regions here.

Acclaimed Hong Kong filmmaker Mmovie Yauwho has frequently collaborated with Law and Heung, served as a cinematographer, while Nicky Li, a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team served as a fight and stunt choreographer. Naturally they torture her until she gives up the plan and then they kill her, her boyfriend and Wu — just to be safe. Dennis Law may just be the most incompetent director working in Hong Kong.


The ending is left ambiguous as the last shot of the film is a silencer aimed at Tung. In the midst of a violent gang war one powerful triad leader is faced with losing a grip on his power.

The last fight between Wu Jing, and Sammo Hung was the only huhg battle, but if you have two such talent, you’d be remiss as a writer not to include this fight scene. Later that night, Tung and Tin-hung torture Tracy, who reveals that the threat was bogus and that her secret lover coerced her into creating a lie so she could flee with him once she had received the money.

It is uncertain as to who orders the assassinations. More Top Movies Trailers. All Region What is it? Enable All Save Changes. Already have an account? Comics In Japanese In Chinese.

Duo Shuai (Fatal Move)

Fei Ying Xiong, an indigent comic book artist, is romantically interested in Bao’er, but the head manager of their company, who also has a interest in Bao’er, prevents that from happening.

Cantonese Dolby Digital 5. Filming occurred for two months in Hong Kong, beginning with production inauguration on 1 August You’ll receive the latest updates and info on Martial Arts and action movies. Lin Ho Tung Tien Niu Face with his only option he’ll resort to violent ways to regain his status and reclaim the respect of his triad.

NTSC What is it? The two become best friends as the young man prepares to enter an underground tournament, competing against some of the top fighters of the world.