Dayal and everyone else felt proud of her. Sign in Recover your password. Its suddenly night and Vihaan Rachna still on bike and it look s like it will rain and Vihaan tells her to wait for 20 minutes. Mayank apologizes and says he lied about the divorce and Shail says she knows as Gunjan told her. Rachna says him to go to hell and she would cut the call. However, as days go on they get convinced. Shyamashish Bhattacharya Neelima Bajpai.

Shail says no more delays and they should start preparing. Part 3 Rachana is busy fixing her hair in front of the mirror. He leans closer to Gunjan and she says they will be even closer when she becomes his and she his. Like 0 Dislike 0. On the other hand, Rachana who is from a small town Benaras is shy and introvert. Misunderstanding took place between Gunjan and Mayank. As soon as Kabir is about to do it Rachana arrives and puts a smile on her face seeing the Dadi-Pota relation. Suddenly she hears voice of Shail and fears and request to go back to Vihan but he hides behind pillar when Shail comes there.

Moments later, the police arrive and arrests Lalit and Urvashi.

Later, while Rachna is getting ready to leave the house, Kabir makes plans to meet Rachna and buys a beautiful bouquet of roses for his lady love. She also feared that if she failed in the exam, her father Dayal would get her married. She says do they know what she went through so much of humiliation. Rachna didn’t know the truth.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke: 5th December Written Episode

Misunderstanding took place between Gunjan and Mayank. Everyone is making fun of her as she is in the ghunghat and no one is able to see her face. Ankit Gera was paired opposite Roopal Tyagi. Gopal says to just inform the caterers early otherwise it will be difficult last minute. Other articles published on Dec 10, Mithu leaves from there and Shail and Gunjan discuss the weird behaviour of her.


The judge says that with both their consent and with all awareness are agreeing to divorce. Dayal agrees with him. He then tells Dadi to have her medicines. Mayank says he will freshen up. Koffee With Karan 6: Mayank and Charu take the stands. Roopal TyagiAnkit Gera. Gunjan comes down and Akash tells her not to worry about the price and just select. Rachna comes on terrace and asks him to go back because of tension at home. Rachna gets shocked when Mayank tells her about Gunjan memory loss.

Here’s Why Go to: Mayank is thinking the family is busy with the preparations and Charu is not ready to divorce him and what is he to tell them. Views Read Edit View history. The show premiered on 21 May at 2: Mayank requests her to calm down saying that Aakash is not wrong and Shail comes there and encourages Mayank to get success so that whole world would appreciate him.

However, Mayank learns her true face and try to expose her but she sent him behind the bars in a fake dowry case. She says somethings are to be left to God and till then and she hugs Mayank. Zee Rishtey Awards [37]. Her husband too supports her over this.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 8th May written video update ~ Mk The Home Of Entertaitment

He finally finds Gunjan 201 the Dargah but gets upset when Gunjan does not see him and continues to walk away. Mayank is trying his best to get back Gunjan. After a few days, Gunjan and Mayank get married. On the other hand, Bitu is admitted to the mental hospital, Rachna is taking care of him.


Masi tells Seema she is very lucky Mayank is standing and flashing light suuhane Gunjan sface using his watch as Gunjan is sitting with the family and wants to chose jewellery. Mahima MakwanaZohaib Siddiqui.

eritten Gunjan says as much as he is eagerly waiting she also is eagerly waiting. Retrieved from ” https: Last updated May 23, Alka MoghaBhuvnesh Shetty. Shail says let Charu fight but they have a lot of evidence against her.

If you continue without changing your settings, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on Filmibeat website. Rachna rejected his love once but as days went on she to fall for him. On the other hand, Rachana who is from a small town Benaras is shy and introvert. At the Hockey ladakpn, everyone is supporting Rachna except Mr. Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke. Retrieved 17 May Gunjan wears Jeans and Rachna asks why you changed Gunjan says Masi is disgusting and Rachna replies she is like that only.

There was no light in the room thats why she had lit the candle. Gunjan tells everyone the whole story. Dadi tells about a couple getting down from the car and searching a house and pressing the bell. Sign in Recover your password. Aakash runs from there without giving him answer. After exposing Mithu, both the girls celebrate their victory by dancing in rain. Chaya tells Rachna that she should get dressed up like a celebrity for their ladakpqn party.