Later, Aarushi is busy practising for her presentation and just then Girish and Prahlad steal Aarushi’s money from the box she hides them in. Next morning, Aarushi meets a man who appears to be extremely rude. Meanwhile, Malhotra’s family comes to Vihaan’s house and seeing seven ladies in the house the girl gets surprised. Initially the two of them are upset with each other but finally the two of them patch up and get ready to be friends. Vihaan brings the dog back from the veterinary and just then Aarushi comes in front of him. While all of Vihaan’s seven mothers hear Diya complain to her mother about the large family that Vihaan has, Diya’s mother immediately sees the ladies standing behind and begins to defend her daughter.

Meanwhile, Malhotra’s family comes to Vihaan’s house and seeing seven ladies in the house the girl gets surprised. Next morning, Vihaan again reads the article in the newspaper and in confused as the article again seems to reflect all that had happened yesterday. Seeing someone being treated superior to the general public doesn’t go well with Aarushi. While, Vihaan spends time with Aarushi he asks his driver Sarthi to take his place and meet the girl whom he was suppose to meet regarding his marriage. Next day, Aarushi begins to panic when she learns that Vihaan has won the competition and will be among the men who will go out on a date with her. Later, Vihaan has food with his entire family and just then Dadi Maa tells him that he has to meet another girl in order to fix his marriage. Vihaan tells Aarushi about his Dadi Maa’s ill health and that witnessing her condition had initially terrified him.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 20 – December 30, But Vihaan refuses to meet anymore girls as he is tired of it for a moment. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 26 – January 7, Later her grandfather tells Aarushi’s mother that Girish and Prahlad are being the greatest hurdles in Aarushi’s marriage as they are the ones ruining every proposal that is coming their way. Next day is Vihaan’s Maasi Maa, Neelima’s birthday. At the same time, Girish who is busy at his new job gets trapped between a gang of thugs who accuse him of stealing drugs from their boss.

Vihaan later learns that the old man had been treated horribly by his sons, and Vihaan decides to take matter into his hands.

He discusses with her about the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’. More Videos of Satrangi Sasural. One of Vihaan’s managers sees the presentation and Vihaan watches the entire meeting through a cctv. Next morning, Vihaan’s mothers find out that the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ had saved Vihaan’s life and they decide to thank her, but Vihaan stops them as he wants to propose to Aarushi before letting her meet his mothers.


However, Vihaan’s happiness soon disappears when Dadi says that she likes Aarushi only as a girl and not as her daughter-in-law. Watch the episode as love begins to blossom between Aarushi and Vihaan. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login.

Later, Bittu too joins Aarushi’s celebrations and this upsets Aarushi. Meanwhile, Vihaan’s family come to know about Vihaan’s love for this ‘Dilliwali Kudi’, and they call up the publisher to find out about the writer, but in vain. Meanwhile, Vihaan once again meets Aarushi and she tells him that he does not look like a driver and also tells him that she needs to meet the owner of Vatsala wears. Aarushi’s grandfather overhears the entire conversation and approaches Aarushi furiously.

However, Vihaan’s mothers start making plans to send gifts to the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and at the same time, Vihaan’s Tai Maa feels that the Dil Wali Kudi’s ominous presence has brought the injuries upon Vihaan. This enrages Vihaan’s driver and friend, Sarthi but before they could catch sasurwl, Girish manages to escape.

Satrangi (Episode ) – video dailymotion

Dadi maa takes the matter lightly and is happy that Diya could share her problems. After a while, Gattu notices the two of them enjoying themselves and gets furious, but they disappear before Gattu could create a scene.

It turns out that, Aarushi’s father Prahlad and her brother, Girish are not very close to Aarushi as she had been adopted. Aarushi goes to meet Vihaan after finishing her prayers at the temple. In excitement, Vihaan gets out of his car and begins to run towards the venue to reach as quickly as possible, while Aarushi begins to panic. Later, Vihaan again apologizes to his mother and requests them to forgive him. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 23 – January 2, Watch the entire episode here to know more.

Prahlad later manages to emotionally blackmail Aarushi into giving him some money. Next day, Aarushi begins to panic when she learns that Vihaan has won the competition and will be among the men who will go out on a date with her.

Later, Aahil feels that their is some connection between Aarushi and the person writing the articles and he decides to find out about it. He does not disturb them and enters only after they are ready. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 1 – December 3, Aarushi denies having any boyfriend and hearing her, Vihaan expresses his happiness and episoode this Aarushi gets surprised. She leaves the house in her excitement and announces what she had listened in front of all.


Both of them think of each other and realize their feelings for each other. Harpreet sees Narmada sad and tries to enquire about it.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 197 – August 27, 2015 – Preview

Watch the entire episode here. Watch the entire episode here to find out more. Aarushi promises to return his money by the next day and Vihaan lies to her and says that his name is Sarthi.

Later, All of Vihaan’s seven mothers are extremely worried regarding Vihaan’s marriage and they decide to call the epispde and find out about about Vihaan’s future. Meanwhile in the hospital, Vihaan’s family members begin to laugh and have fun in the hospital in the presence of Dadi Maa, and seeing them so, the nurse drives them out of the patient’s room.

Vihaan gets surprised when Aarushi mistakes him to be a driver and he begins to admire her caring nature. The ‘pundit’ surprises all when he tells them that a particular girl will always cross Vihaan’s path and saatrangi him all of Vihaan’s seven mothers feel happy. Just then Aarushi learns that a girl has arrived to get the papers signed and he feels happy thinking that Aarushi is here. Aarushi enters his office and gets shocked to see Vihaan.

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But Sarathi’s problem further increases when epidode sees Vihaan’s ‘Chachi Maa’ in the same mall. Watch the entire episode and find out if, Narmada and others will let the celebrations take place. Meanwhile, Aarushi decides to go to the hospital to meet Vihaan’s mother. Vihaan continues to make vain attempts to get in touch with Aarushi. Aarushi goes to her office and tells her friend that she will never be going back to Vihaan’s office as he had lied to her.

Later, Aarushi reaches home and feels that someone has tampered with her money box and just then her mother manages to make an excuse. Satrangi Sasural – Episode satrangk – December 31, Initially the two of them sagrangi upset with each other but finally the two of them patch up and get ready to be friends.