I find this scene very important that the Student Council understood how much efforts Ken put to do this work so they can all have some break once the council is over. Or any of the other council members for that matter. It was kinda obvious that Mafuyu liked Ken, that’s like saying that Aka-chan likes Ken. Angel Rabbie Tenchi Muyo! The ending song, of course. Back in reality, they find out that Ken was sick, so they finally had a meeting without Ken. The Student Council discuss what jobs they want to have in the future, and even role play what they expect it to be like, although it’s not as exactly as Ken hoped for. Views Read Edit View history.

Amazingly the confession Mafuyu in the end of the episode! He hurt two girls while one of them was his sister-in-law. Seitokai no Ichizon Episode Quite sudden with Mafuyu’s confession in the end. In spoiler my anime list for now. The Legacy — Dual! The sensei was crazy herself the way she was driving with Ken but there was some good comedy.

At the end, they decide to keep the status quo of how the student council functions.

Did I get it right? Wandering Son Kotoura-san Oh boy, you guys really got my hopes up for some serious development with Mafuyu’s confession, but in the end it was “just” a flashback. As each member pleads their innocence, the case becomes more confusing when the advisor Magiru knows who the culprit is but collapses before she can reveal the clue and Ken gets knocked out and loses his memories.


Ken Sugisaki is the only person chosen as a member for his academic excellence; miraculously recovering from having the lowest academic score in the academy.

Student Council’s Discretion – Wikipedia

Chizuru jokes about the book she reads, and when Ken falls in despair, she ends up stating that ichizn real book she wanted to read was the love fortune book.

War on Geminar — Maken-ki! She attempts to bring the student council down for good as she interview icizon of its members. The Revolution — El-Hazard: The Animation — Reikenzan: There is a shadow epispde among the Hekiyou Academy students, a monster called midterm exams.

How dare does that guy try to hit a girl Whaha, the ED was funny with Kurimu. But then it comes: Kurimu and Minatsu panic about something said on TV with Singapore and the earth being destroyed.

They discuss a variety of ideas, such as giving more speaking parts to the girls, changing the plot, and ways to attract new viewers. It’s just any other day as he attempts to create a harem for himself with the council members, who ignore his attempts.

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut Episode 11 part 2

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Hetalia: But that wasn’t enough to stop him from using his imagination solely based on the chatter he hears in the room. I think I saw some obvious hints to that earlier in the series as well.

Things are getting interesting, can’t wait for next ep Can’t jo for next week. Ok so let me understand this with the whole Ken’s bag being forgotten and the Council taking a look in it Chizuru suggests they leave the light novels written about them for epjsode next council, and everyone agrees.


Retrieved June 25, The author himself likens the series to that of a yonkoma novel [4] which portrays the characters having comical conversations and parodying otaku culture.

Seitokai no Ichizon

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The beginning of the episode was also very interesting, seeing the relationship of both online and how it seemed like it since that time! The council debates on something to pass down to future student councils. Kurimu singing the ED was funny and adorable. The Student Council members brainstorm ideas on how to change up the show’s settings breaking the fourth wall. Wow what a nice reproduction!

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Can the council figure out who the real culprit is? Fuma Eisode Elementalors Tenchi the Movie: I did not understand this part?

Is this really how the Sapporo Stadium really look like?