Can’t fault a 19 year-old boy for being too young and innocent and weak to defy everything he’s been taught and weaned on, right? Jini later finds out that Baek-moo’s scheming had a hand in Eun-ho’s death, and jealousy and bitterness build between the two as they prepare for what turns out to be a fateful performance of the crane dance. The series was based on the tumultuous life of Hwang Jini , who lived in 16th-century Joseon and became the most famous gisaeng in Korean history. Jin Yi, out of both gratitude and love, almost throws her life away to save him. Dokter menjelaskan kondisi kesehatan Han Byul yang sistem kekebalan tubuhnya terganggu dan itu sepertinya diturunkan dari ibu kandungnya tapi karena Jung Eun telah mengurus Han Byul dengan baik selama 6 tahun ini kondisi Han Byul tidak perlu di kahwatirkan. This was just pure Mary Sue for me, I’m sorry.

Before I begin, I must say I’m like you – I love watching dramas and movies in any language and reading manga and fanfics and have wasted way too much time doing so, enjoyable as they may be. And it also has a wonderful cast that was able to showcase each character’s changes and growth. My Girlfriend is Gumiho Final. She seems to hate her life as a courtesan from what I can remember anyway–I’m not going to watch it again to check, lol. No matter where they ran, art and duty would call to them, and maybe one day, love would not be enough to drown them out. It wasn’t until she temporarily sacrificed one, which was art in exchange for love, that she realized she values herself too much as an artist.

Setelah menyadari bahwa telah keliru menangkap orang, Tomoko berusaha untuk meminta maaf kepada Ji Hoon setelah meninggalkan kantor polisi.

Then along comes Mr. We debated the ending quite a bit there – and though it probably still won’t be satisfactory, at least it’ll make more sense!


Malah dokter lebih mencemaskan keadaan Yoo Kyung karena sepertinya kondisi kesehatan Yoo Kyung tidak terlalu baik dokter memberitahu mereka untuk menganjurkan Yoo Kyung periksa ke rumah sakit agar bisa ditangani lebih cepat.

And so much for her “huge” revenge: At first I didn’t even think he loved Jin Yi because it seemed more like obsession!! It wasn’t that she believed their love could not last or maybe she thought so a little bitjust that hsang did not think herself worthy enough for him to ruin his life over. I guess in the end, I was just frustrated with Jin Yi’s character. Thus, Jini begins a troubled love affair with Jung-han.

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Sungkyunkwan Scandal Final. I can climb a heart’s walls better than Eun-ho. Anonymous November 3, at 9: This drama isn’t about love triumphing over all, or that people can throw everything away for love, but rather the simple and touching story about a girl growing into a woman and becoming an artist.

After this whole ordeal, you can see her strength and her conviction by how well she holds everything inside her and how she can almost seamlessly go back to art again. So, suffering a loss of love as well as a loss of innocence, Jin Yi, like anyone else would, decided to forsake love and concentrate on art.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

Saat berusaha mengejar pencurinya, Tomoko salah tangkap sehingga justru orang lain yang kena batunya. Many artists feel emotions to at an extreme end of the spectrum so that their art is more beautiful ijni vivid, which is why it probably came off to you as too extra.

This was just pure Mary Sue for me, I’m sorry. Imagine her as a celebrity. When she refuses the King’s offer, it is for several different reasons that may contradict each other she is still human, after all: From that day on, Jini trains to become Joseon ‘s top gisaeng. Similarly on Jin Yi’s side, this was her first love, and before she learned the cruel realities of the world she lived in, the one time she could throw caution to the wind and chase the ideal that is love.


He’s a very epiisode person – honorable and unselfish. Must say though, he was more likable the second time around. Sementara itu, ada Bu Yong, yang tidak hanya rival Hwang Jin Yi dalam hal menari, tapi juga dalam percintaan. Tanpatsu in two parts Genre: She wanted everyone a share of this joy.

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Sekali lagi Young Joo tanggap sekali membantu masalah yang dihadapi Young Joo episoee pangeran yang selalu menyelamatkan Yoo Kyung. Views Read Edit View history.

Of course, part of the blame is hers because she made such an abrupt and cold-hearted decision, but part of epispde thinks he should’ve manned the fuck up and part of me thinks he must have loved her more than she him.

In a time of desperation when Jin Yi has lost her art, they both succumb to their fantasy.

I think I would have been a lot more forgiving if love hadn’t played such an important, integral part in the story. But one day, the seven-year-old Jini slips away from the temple and comes across a gisaeng performance, and is drawn to her destiny. HJWfan January 24, at 5: A gisaeng is a singer, dancer and darma who lives a life catering to the whims of the yangban elite.

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