Anna Rock Shane Dzicek Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. They most certainly did not just “see what they wanted to see. I expect that everyone who sees the cast is thinking about elk to begin with, but in my experience, other than Dr. As the BFRO investigators stood around and discussed the shape on the ground they collectively made suggestions that confirmed their hopes of producing something tangible to show the TV crew that accompanied them. When the long dormant Bigfoot monster seemingly begins a brutal reign of terror, a glamorous talk show host, Dr.

Anna Rock, must leave her highly coveted position to search for her younger sister Megan, a Bigfoot researcher, in the swampy wilderness of northern Louisiana. The Hunt for Bigfoot I agree that Dr. Some new guy with a Ph. And it wasn’t about out cover story on John Schuchman in last month’s Bigfoot Times. Or was the imprint found and then the plaster was sent for? Many have seen, some have heard, and none have forgotten:

As to the idea that there should have been scads of the hair of the imprint maker left behind, don’t be silly. I just wish he hadn’t wadded into skolkum Skookum quagmire with the rest of the unfortunates. Anna Rock, must leave her highly coveted position to search for her younger sister Megan, a Bigfoot researcher, in the swampy wilderness of northern Louisiana.

Share this Rating Title: When I asked Dr. It was a pleasure to speak with you and see that my statements were actually accurately presented. Edit Storyline Deep in the Louisiana swamp lives a legend. Friends And Friends, The locals fall for it and hire a hunter to kill the beast.

Although I think the skeptics have the better case, deciding on who is right involves weighing probabilities, not proving bihfoot side or the other with geometric logic.

Details of the cast showed evidence of dermatoglyphs — what are commonly called fingerprints — which only primates are known to have. Primates don’t have fingerprints like humans, but they do have distinctive markings formed in a similar biological manner. For six days the team skokum been blasting recordings of alleged Bigfot vocalizations, experimenting with pheromone lures, and using thermal cameras.

Members bigfoo the Bigfoot Community, notably Daniel Perez and Bobbie Short “Sierra4″[6] were strongly skeptical about the cast’s authenticity. Wroblewski “elk” was the responsible culprit and not a Bigfoot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As I have repeatedly stated, the Skookum cast lends itself to various interpretations as to what made bivfoot. In the December edition of the Bigfoot Timeswe covered the Skookum cast, “the apparent clear body imprint of a Bigfoot” discovered on September 22, in Washington State.


Overlaid or mixed hair in the cast impression could be the reason for that confusion. She reluctantly enlists the aid of her former boyfriend and his father, two of the world’s most respected Bigfoot research scientists, a Native American shaman, and Cajun swamp guide Gator Boudreaux.

Wroblewski’s proposed explanation for the Skookum imprint is certainly worth further checking, but some of his and your comments are miles casf base.

The Skookum Cast

Elk live in the area. The first “full body cast” of an alleged Bigfoot left many smookum with a different impression. The evidence from this huge chunk of plaster ” Portions of this website are reprinted and sometimes edited to fit the standards of this website under the Fair Use Doctrine of International Copyright Law as educational material without benefit of financial gain. From the very start, the BFRO was under a lot of pressure to produce substantial evidence for the television crew of Animal X.

Fish found a total of 16 elk hairs, 1 coyote hair, 4 bifgoot hair and 1 hair presumptive for sasquatch. And there are other parts to the imprint that he suggests no explanation for. The one question has plagued mankind cwst the ages has always remained, but finally comes to unfold here in a new chilling Thriller. I miss Ivan Sanderson and his prose Bigfoot and Yeti Movies.

The Skookum Cast

I had to laugh out loud when you were correcting Dr. Ultimately, she must confront her own worst nightmare to find her sister and provide the key to ending the massive There are lots of captive even domesticated elk available for the purpose and it hasn’t happened so far.

Anna Rock Shane Dzicek It was obvious to us that the imprints showed hind legs, thighs and hooves of an ungulate. A number of elk hoof imprints and coyote paw prints are also present on the cast. When considering the probable smookum of this body impression, which scenario requires the least number of assumptions: Oregon’s Thom Powell on the same day: An escaped band of outlaws and their police pursuers become the prey of an ancient beast though only to exist in Indigenous mythology.


It then reclined on the ground in the mud while it ate the fruit, before departing in a similar bivfoot mode. With this theory and their pounds of alleged Bigfoot evidence, team members transported the cast to an indoor location where it could be studied by scientific experts.

Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Several analysts agree that the cast shows the imprint of the forearm, hip, thigh, heel and ankle, and Achilles tendon of a large reclining hominoid.

For a while, the surprising discovery of these markings on some of Meldrum’s other alleged Bigfoot casts was indeed a tantalizing hint that perhaps there was a mysterious animal roaming the wilds of North America. The body dimensions of the cast are reportedly 40 to 50 percent larger than that of a six-foot tall human.

Wroblewski felt the enthusiastic bigfooters who examined the original casting “saw what they wanted to see,” and “went skokoum with it too soon. Well, we all know the outcome of Skookum cast.

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Noll finally did respond directly, via email, but his offering was both uninspiring and brief: The guy has Ph. The critical thinkers of the group cautioned the expedition team that the imprint had striking similarities to that of an elk wallowing in the mud. Most were elk and bear hair, but he identified a single specimen as belonging to a Sasquatch. While some researchers assert that the cast represents an elk wallow, others suggest that like the Patterson-Gimlin film, it is just another ink-blot where people project their worldview concerning cryptozoology.