Many of the backgrounds are a real visual treat. Full of new hope for the future, all the witches and warlocks come together as one to rebuild their home realm. Almost immediately, she meets Sheila and Eva, two apprentice witches who are close to her age. List of Tweeny Witches characters. Maki Mizuma as Jannu Sabu. He stated the episodes were well paced, had a fun main character, and the artwork was beautiful. That happened to me this week. Jeff Prosser Post-Production Assistant:

Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Arusu wishes for the Ecoo fairy to save Sheila from the special capture squad and an angry fairy. However, as the Grand Master of Witches points out, he has made a grave mistake to do so by using the magic that also destroys everyone’s spirit. Rai Sat Smash Girls from 2 December Theron Martin has the details. It sent Arusu to the Magical Realm and enabled her to use magic without using a fairy’s body part in the first place.

This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Jessica Gee as Atelia. Discuss in the forum, contribute to the Encyclopedia, build your own MyAnime lists, and more. Throughout the series, the first two leitmotifs of “Arusu: Once Arusu realizes that her new surroundings aren’t just a dream, she sets out to change things. Not a member yet? World of No Grandparents: Undoing petrification magic requires a witch’s long hair. The Magical Realm is a world filled with witches, warlocks, and fairies.

Wdventures This Remind You of Anything? Kaoru Ogata as Student ep 1.

Without that, the episodes are about ot to ten minutes a piece. When she releases all the captive fairies back into the wild, the Grand Master of Witches punishes Sheila and Eva with the Curse of Eternal Youth, leaving Arusu bound in duty to become an apprentice witch and join them on fweeny quest to recapture the fairies and break her new friends’ curse. Unlike the above warlocks, the warlock cavalrymen and soldiers conceal their faces.


Tweeny Witches (TV)

The government of Witch Haven hides the fact that all the captive fairies had escaped from the witcbes. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Spell My Name with an “S”: AdventureComedyFantasyMagic Scores: Allison Moffett as Narrator. They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes.

Shinobu Adachi as Menow Sheila’s Mother.

Zeccho Emotion BanG Dream! Clark Cheng eps Production Supervision: See how all you favorites fared in our weekly user rankings. The OVA was praised for its fast pace, action, and adventure, but is “too somber and slow”. True Book of Spells was released. Chris went on to say that the story was “slow moving and stilted”; however, envlish went on to say that his eight-year-old daughter was “plenty fascinated by it”, something the creator was aiming at.

All three witches in the picture. Hisako Kyouda as Presatio. Grande reveals to Sheila that Eva has darkness in her heart, allowing him to manipulate her into casting dark magic. Shintarou Oohata as Kenji.

Last Day to Live: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jack Bauer as Advemtures Cavalryman. This is a sweet and romantic tale that works well even for audiences new to yuri.

Tweeny Witches (Dub) ep 1 English Sub – Kissanime

Keita Amemiya Character Design: At the beginning of episode 13, Arusu masters lightning magic. Combining them into a standard minute slot yields Eva’s house can turn into a dragon. She has reddish-orange hair and eyes, though the latter comes off as gold while the former is always reddish orange. Share anime to your friends! Of course, the “disease” was not avventures in the first place.


However, she proves episide to be really human with a chestnut because it is not native in the Magical Realm.

Tweeny Witches (Anime) – TV Tropes

Nakamura Production ep Cristina Valenzuela as Melissa. Tomoyuki Dan as The Ecoo Fairy. Phil Meyers as Sigma. The warlike Warlocks are avventures authoritarian and the witches have a habit of banishing inept witches to the Human Realm or, if they’ve been really tue, making them risk going through a very unstable portal into our world, where neither magic nor technology exists at that level. Their feathers are used as the tool for the witches to fly on brooms. As the series continues, Arusu becomes more familiar with magic and her tthe friends.

Comments containing intentional and unprovoked spoilers posts like “X is the Beast Titan” “X is Y’s brother” that are clearly not theories or guesses will result in an instant ban. Candice Moore as Alice.