This is understandable; Gandalf would otherwise be completely absent for much of this movie. Converteret til 3D af TeamSky uploadet af Firewalker. Deviations from the book are good if it enables better cinema but not when it allows for “Let’s Kill Everything We See: The movie tries hard to change the story wherever it can, reducing fan-favorite chapters to 5 minute scenes and writing new content that feels out of place. When finished, Jackson’s six Middle-earth movies can be profitably watched in sequence of internal chronology. Then without explanation Beorn is fine with all the dwarfs piled in his house just because he hates orcs more then he hates dwarfs. After that battle, he proceeds to save Bilbo’s life right before the Battle of Five Armies.

Martin Freeman’s acting is top notch again, but sadly he hardly gets any screen time. Gandalf ends movie 2 in a cage at Dol Guldur. AG] ibrahimdenlu download 0 Urdu subtitle The Hobbit: Please rate and comment to tell me if it’s alright, it seems alright to me. Or maybe they should’ve done something completely different instead of trying to imitate the originals and coming short of them. Although their goal lies to the East, they must first escape the goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever

Sure it’s more exciting to watch but it was dearly missing some slower sequences to digest everything. Gandalf’s scenes in Dol Guldur were an interesting addition in concept, but they are just too slow.

Please rate and comment to tell me if it’s alright, it seems alright to me.

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Corrected spelling error, and a few mistake from D3xt3r subtitle. It is rather fortunate Tauriel is there, because otherwise, Kili would have to wait for the next movie to have his deathbed dialogue, provided Jackson even sends Fili and Kili to Erebor where they’re supposed to be.

This movie is so far from the story found in the book that Peter Jackson wouldn’t have needed to get the rights from the Tolkien estate. Also, Jackson’s audience will already know that this is the start of the war with Sauron, and the all-important Dark Lord could not well be ignored.


With an all-star cast and the effects wizardry of Jackson’s award-winning Weta Workshop, Tolkien’s epic story comes to life as never before imagined.

AG] sub download -1 English subtitle The. This should be more accurate than other sub. Most reviews will tell you what’s so great about this movie and why it’s worth watching, but I figured you should hear the other side of the story.

The Desolation of Smaug sincronizado. I liked the sequences with the amorphous Sauron. I didn’t ever feel like anyone was in any serious danger because they survive crazier and crazier encounters after the next and because of that there’s no tension.

There was no black river, not once did Bilbo say attercot to taunt the spiders while luring them away from the dwarfs. This round of combat is only after we leave four dwarfs behind because one of them got the Witch-King’s knife disease that Frodo got in Fellowship but this time it came from an arrow fired by Bolg who has absolutely nothing better to do since Azog took all his screen time.

But where I watched each Lord of the Rings movie 3 times in cinema, watching The Desolation of Smaug just once was enough for me.

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Technically it is nothing short of brilliant, full of detail that can only be appreciated on the big screen. Also, the most puzzling and distracting choice in the movie was using that weird POV camera footage in the barrel scenes, it looked so utterly different that it took me out of the movie completely. I consider myself a Tolkienist in fact I saw this movie on opening night because I secured a promotion deal with the local cinema: I’m a massive fan of the original trilogy but the first two Hobbit movies simply haven’t captured the epicness and magic of those movies at all.

I’m all for the suspension of disbelief, but this doesn’t even make sense in the fantasy universe. Incidentally, Jackson’s prequel trilogy apparently will not spoil the LotR trilogy the way the Star Wars prequels give away important plot points of the original movies. Full correct dialog, also fixed multiple timing issues.


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In the book the Dwarfs never engage Smaug at all. Many of the actual arabiv in the movie were very well done and I’m really puzzled why they didn’t use them more. The Desolation of Smaug Adventure, Fantasy. This is understandable; Gandalf would otherwise be completely absent for much of this movie.

And don’t forget the dragon. It is nice to see Legolas again, even if he is not in the book.

I loved the Rings film trilogy and, with the exception of Azog, the first Hobbit film. The Link for the Desolagion Next we get to the edge of Mirkwood where Gandalf seems to suddenly discover he needs to go to the south.

AG] sub download 7 Dutch subtitle The Hobbit: It makes no sense. And remember that heartwarming last scene of An Unexpected Journey, where Thorin finally accepts Bilbo?

The Desolation of Smaug sub download. Three films should be more than enough to cover the entire book smayg apparently not for Peter Jackson. There was also some really weird editing here too. This film seems like it is trying to see how many people can be killed before it gets an R rating from the MPAA.

The first movie had bad pacing because it was overly long without anything really happening. The spiders of Mirkwood here approach actual horror, as compared to their rather more children-friendly literary counterparts where we have Bilbo insulting them with silly “Attercop” rhymes.