Benson do not approve. Carly cries, learning how much the world would change if Spencer is born normal. Chuck, looking for revenge, gives the truckers his location through the radio while Spencer leaves his desk, and the truckers arrive just as Lewbert takes his job back. When no one is looking, Carly kisses Shane and deems herself victorious. Gibby Rest of cast listed alphabetically: This season is the first to have a major plot twist, as it sees Sam and Freddie sharing their first kiss, just to avoid the frustration of not having a first kiss. It turns out, the people giving the massages are Kyoko and Yuki’s cousins who planned to abandon them there while they go to the awards show “to see Kyoko and Yuki win”. Something any tween would love to watch.

A police officer takes them to their hotel after they land in a barren field. It turns out, the people giving the massages are Kyoko and Yuki’s cousins who planned to abandon them there while they go to the awards show “to see Kyoko and Yuki win”. In order not to have their webshow shut down, iCarly must provide him with a new car. Carly, Sam, and Freddie are thrilled when they are invited to a mixed martial arts fight to do an iCarly bit filmed backstage, though Spencer and Mrs. That leads to Freddie getting teased by several classmates and iCarly fans and even little girls after Mr. If look what the character of Sam what she wears. When Carly’s doorman Lewbert Jeremy Rowley gets injured during one of their “Messin’ with Lewbert” pranks on iCarly, Carly and her friends look after Lewbert until he is back on his feet. Shelby later appears on iCarly.

Devlin gave him an advice, so he leaves school and goes home. Henning, who is impressed by her simple “project” that merely involves Sam eating and drinking the juice from an orange to help reduce packaging waste from other snack foods.

Archived from tirlier original on November 9, Carly later becomes addicted to Pak-Rat herself. Carly, Sam, and Freddie are assigned to do a school science project for Green Week by their teacher, Mr.


The second season consisted of 45 episodes, with 25 of them airing as part of the second season before the remaining 20 were marketed as the third season. The next day at school, Sam is absent, Freddie iacrly not friends with Carly and is dating a rude girl, and, to make things worse, Nevel Papperman Reed Alexander is somehow Carly’s boyfriend oddly, even though Carly only met Nevel before because of iCarly, and Nevel does not go to Ridgeway Junior High.

Somewhat similarly, Spencer thinks a girl only likes him because of a tuxedo. Sam tries to maintain her “girliness” until Jocelyn pushes Carly, at which point she fights Jocelyn and scares the bullies away.

They invite Wade for an interview on the webshow and agree to make him a music video.

iMake Sam Girlier

They devise a plan to break up their romantic relationship by having Freddie fake an injury so Mrs. After an iCarly webcast, everyone celebrates Sam’s birthday. Carly and Spencer catch their new neighbor, Griffin, stealing Spencer’s motorcycle.

Depressed by this, she goes to Carly for help on how to be girlier. Start your free trial. Swason, Spencer and Freddie find Charles Dingo’s rumored frozen head and come up with a plan. Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Henning gives her a second chance.

Benson and Spencer are now engaged, making Carly angry at what her life has become.

iCarly: Season 2, Volume 2 on DVD Review

Carly then walks up the stairs and finds out that, the iCarly studio is now just a room filled with boxes. Carly wishes that Spencer is born “normal”. Stars on the Oscars red carpet pick the girrlier they’d love to work with on a project.

Andrew Hill Newman Story by: Their plan is quickly thwarted by Spencer, who, despite their deceptive efforts, finally lets the couple be together.

They decide that whoever can get Icrly to kiss them gets the right to pursue him.


Carly finds out that Sam is no longer friends with her, either. They later have David Archuleta appear on their show and give their support to him once more; afterward they show a video to their viewers depicting Wade Collins’s true selfish, rude behavior, ending icrly him revealing that he hates everything from children, teenagers, animals, and even America.

iCarly: Season 2, Volume 2 on DVD Review

Haley Ramm as Missy. Things really get worse when Paparazzi barges into Carly’s apartment and criticizing Freddie about his comments that caused a fight between them before Nevel Papperman posted it on his website.

Benson do not approve. Disclosure We receive all review products free from the sponsoring company, some posts are also compensated monetarily. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Carly’s old friend, Missy Robinson Haley Ramm from when they were young, returns to Seattle and tries to icqrly Carly’s only best friend and replace Sam. The plan watcj prove Melanie is really “Sam” takes icaroy unexpected turn when Melanie kisses Freddie, who then becomes extremely paranoid. I am a busy mom to 3 beautiful girls and a sweet little boy. Edit Cast Episode credited cast: When no one is looking, Carly kisses Shane and deems herself victorious. Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, while packing for a camping trip, Spencer is locked in the basement by Chuck, who is seeking revenge on Spencer for telling on him and getting him grounded for playing racquetball in the lobby for two days when he was filling in for Lewbert in the episode iHurt Lewbert, so Chuck says that Spencer is “grounded” for two days.