It is his duty to manage such situations and his failure to do so speaks to his incompetence. As it is now they are failing to prosecute him because he vowed to expose them. PF is in full control as a ruling Party. Kaoma you are just a bitter Musa taniyo like your verandah politician Kaponya HH 0. I have to be concerned with the affairs of the country. You need to open your eyes! No, Dundumwezi has collapsed!!

He is just another Visionless id! Always insulting and talking about HH. KK brought in parastatals with a view of reducing this gap but unfortunately these companies were sold off by FTJ and colleagues. HH will never be allowed to rule Zambia until you are mature and stop your tribalism. Let the Ministers enjoy their benefits. They are interested in music and not policies. The unemployment levels in Zambia is propitiate to the national population.

KK zambiwn in parastatals with a view of reducing this gap but unfortunately these companies were sold off by FTJ and colleagues. To contact the copyright holder directly for corrections — or for permission to republish or make other authorized use of this material, click here.

I will do you like I did you pa umfweko where you went in exile kikiki hope you have recovered. He victimized us and brought in his fellow Tongas and many non-Tongas were either fired or forced to leave. How can the President allow Davies Chama to promote corruption and lawlessness in a public speech and remain silent?

Must Read! Mwine Mushi, Kasaka’s Life Story – Tumfweko

mwiine We know it pains you behind so much,but you lost and no amount of insults will change this fact. Bafwilisheniko guys nabapwa sana. However you can find me at upnd head office in Lusaka. Robam and Webster have blended so well with other characters from Chipulukusu Township, a place the duo describe as their village.


Must Read! Mwine Mushi, Kasaka’s Life Story

So ndanje has clearly accepted that he is a tribal bigot. No, Dundumwezi has collapsed!! HH wants to do the same 0. A good Lawyer would have known that HH is a free citizen with rights to free movement and association.

Webster said he owes it to Robam because he Mwine Mushi has been his director to this day. It is surprising that Kaoma can write this trash and miss out on discussing issues. He and his Rb sponsored jokers are runing the country.

Chiwala-Chilengwa road needs attention Kabamba. One of Zambia’s renowned comedian popularly known as Kasaka, whose real name Webster Chiluba of the Zambina Mushi fame, yesterday survived a near fatal road mishap along the Great East Road. But who cares—Lungu says the madman is going nowhere! In the given situation, Lungu is well heading in the right direction.

This situation is highly disturbing. I and my clan would still vote for Lungu should elections come today. How about zaambian adult conversation! With a guy called Boozebay. Msine need to open your eyes! The two always cause laughter with their sense of humour during zamiban acts which no doubt has become a house-hold comedy. Who in there right mind can shout Ifintu ni Lungu even your 5 year kid would ask you why you shouting that on an empty stomach…the likes of Kambwili have cut deals to shut up and ACC have restrained….

You can find me at the upnd secretariat office. How can an old person sit down and write such a useless article.

I am not an HH support but as long as the petition remains unheared. President Lungu appoints ECZ chairperson. They should insist on good governance not this corrupt maizeget riddled adminstration and tell them that dont waste time hear the petition mwinf that we get the legitimate winner to start working on repairing the economic mess left by ECL.


Sources say the comedian is out of danger.

Zambia: Comedian Kasaka Survives Road Mishap

Stealing was there during privatization boss 0. Leadership nipalobe and we can make a difference.

Similarly, the comedy that characterizes the PF- Kambwili saga is unsurprising. That is because we give sixty moons to every President to do his work.

Related Entertainment Southern Africa Zambia. If we have to clean house, even Lungu himself will be ccomedy prison together with all his dununa dancers. Ba JM enjoy your stay there and leave Zambia to us.

Zambian Comedy Mwine Mushi And Kasaka HD Download

Kapaso and Shi George are also my favs. In simple terms, Mwine Mushi is about realities of life. Live to be happy and continue celebrating. We live and behave just like them, hence we have no problems interacting. Already talking about PF losing the election. Many people who voted for PF last year are regretting their action. Articles and commentaries that identify allAfrica.

Its true, Lungu looks behaves like Kasaka. HH will never be allowed to rule Zambia until you are mature and stop your tribalism. Are you implying you are still a slave but free from thinking correctly?

Lungu as a lawyer has very kushi tendencies to break the law at will. Whereas, Mwine Mushi is talkative and so quick to give his opinion, Robam is a reserved and shy person who often avoids crowds.