has ratings and 80 reviews. Dan said: Yet another great read from a great series. re-read: In this novel, we get to meet, and absorb new. Having read 20th century history books of the period, he has become determined to rescue Galileo from his trial for heresy. The Americans are divided on. The Galileo Affair. The Epic Struggle of Freedom and Justice Against the Tyrannies of the 17th Century Continues, as European Cunning Meets American .

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Grantsville, a West Virginia mining community that a black hole transported back to the Thirty Years War, now forms the kernel of a fledgling democratic Germany. An embassy to Venice is led by Grantsville’s only Roman Catholic priest, whose revelations about Vatican.

The Galileo Affair by Eric Flint and Andrew Dennis – WebScription Ebook

An embassy to Venice is led by Grantsville’s only Roman Catholic priest, whose revelations about Vatican II meet a surprisingly unhostile reception. When the pope appoints this priest advocate for Galileo at his trial for supporting the Copernican theory, teenagers from uptime, combined with local Italian sympathizers, are convinced by Cardinal Richelieu’s agents to stage a rescue mission whose assured failure will discredit the Americans’ efforts.

In many ways this reads like a Tom Clancy techno-thriller set in the age of the Medicis with the Three Stooges thrown in for seasoning. In the tradition of Italy’s commedia dell’arte, the rollicking plot serves to bring affaig lovers together despite formidable obstacles. It’s refreshing to read an alternate history where the problems of two people do amount to a hill of beans, which isn’t surprising, since all the installments in this popular series to date have focused as much on ordinary people as on kings and generals.

The closing chase sequence is literally a riot. It’s also clear from the ending that another one is in the works. The back story is the continuing adventures of the citizens of the small mining 16334 of Grantsville, WV, transported to 17th-century Germany, then in the middle of the Thirty Years’ War.

gxlileo This fourth valileo centers around a trade mission to Venice that leads into an attempt to free Galileo from his trial and house arrest by the Inquisition. That Galileo turns out to be crotchety and unpleasant instead of a noble defender of truth only adds to the mix.

This is a good choice for fans of alternative history, although those who prefer the more serious work of Harry Turtledove may find it too upbeat for their taste. Also, familiarity with previous titles is a must as the authors place readers right in the middle of the action. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving….

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? 11634

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — by Eric Flint. Paperbackpages. Published August 1st by Baen first published Assiti Shards 3Universe. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask affaig readers questions aboutplease sign up. Lists with This Book. Jan 03, Dan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yet another great read galieo a great series. In this novel, we get to meet, and absorb new characters, and bit players to date become far more developed.


May 30, Jeremy Preacher rated it really liked it Shelves: The Galileo Affair is where the Ring of Fire series really begins to show its promise.

With a much tighter cast of characters and plot than its predecessors, we’re able to get a deep, rather than a broad, look at the setting and really develop some fun plot threads. It’s vastly less focused on military matters I like David Weber fine, but I’m just not as interested in guns as he is and the Stone family is a nice counterpoint to the otherwise fairly idealized blue-collar main characters.

On that note, the fact that the Stones were created by Mercedes Lackey for a short story and then affxir into this novel as well as the use of scenes written by an experienced pilot in some of the other books in this family is just a fascinating use of intellectual resources. This series wins a lot of goodwill from me by being collaboratively-if-not-communally written in a way that I believe is unprecedented in modern fiction. Apr 27, Debrac rated it really liked it. Even tho I skimmed sections of the story, I enjoyed it!

Great story line with the Pope and Galileo! Jul 27, Daniel Bratell rated it it was ok. First a quick note: Goodreads calls this “Assiti Shards, 3” but in the recommended reading order this is in pos 6 or possibly 5 Ram Rebellion can be read before this one without any real loss.

In the widely sprawling fictional universe conceived by the bookwe have now reached Venice and the catholic church. While the adults teach medicine the Stoner children hear afcair Galileo being imprisoned and make plans for a big jailbreak. I find the book less convincing than I would like.

The Galileo Affair by Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis – Baen Books

Of course the base premises are not really plausible with a whole town transplanted years backwards in time, but I think that humans will remain humans, and this book seems more like slapstick at times, and humans are way too one dimensional.

That was a criticism I had of the first book in the series, and of a few other Eric Flint books, but then there were a few that were better. This is worse again. So while I still enjoy seeing the universe evolve, the path there can become tedious.

I ended up with 2 to differentiate it from other books in the series. Again another solid Novel in the Verse series. I really enjoy how Eric Flint tells his story and at the same time including a history lesson.

I highly recommend this series to any one who enjoys history and alt-history. Lastly this whole series has gotten me interested in reading more about this time period from both a political, religious and military point of view.

Feb 01, Kristoffer rated it liked it. This book was entertaining, but the Stone boys are idiots. The ones who aren’t Frank are especially dumb because they seem to have nothing actually motivating their stupid actions.

The whole plot line involving them is just annoying in my opinion.

The rest of the book was pretty good though. This book deserves maybe three and one half stars. Feb 26, Beth rated it really liked it Shelves: Popes, revolutionaries, hippies and agents provocateurs chasing each other around and through the Vatican. Love, marriage and betrayal, not necessarily involving the same individuals, and a healthy serving of revolutionary propaganda.

Nov 20, Howard Brazee rated it really liked it. The third novel in this wonderful series. Most of this one takes place in Venice ofwith characters from modern Grantville in the U. Start with the first novel though. Mar 02, Jim rated it it was ok. Aug 31, Dale rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


To view it, click here. This 164 not a commute book – this was a “hanging around the house” book. Because I have to save the commute books for the actual commute, of course, but sometimes I feel like reading when I’m home. The Galileo Affair lasted me a looooong time.

It’s been on my currently-reading list for as long as I’ve been on GoodReads, and I started it well before that. It had a Spider-Man 3 ticket stub for a bookmark, so at least that long ago. The Galileo Affair is a prime example of one of the risks run This was not a commute book – this was a “hanging around the house” book. The Galileo Affair is a prime example of one of the risks run in reading genre series: It’s the third book in a series, one begun by appropriately enough and I liked both of those books a lot, but things started going downhill fast at this point.

The earlier books had no subtitles after the year, but this one did, because at this point the series creators decided to expand their storytelling universe. Which really hurt, in my opinion. Here’s the basics of this crazy sci-fi concept: It was a fun action romp and ended with the displaced WV town of Grantville declaring itself an independent nation and forging an alliance with Sweden.

Again, good bloody fun. I guess after that the authors decided that the best way to keep the franchise alive was to branch out. So they started putting out multiple novels forone taking place in England, one in Austria, and The Galileo Affair in Italy.

And open warfare couldn’t continue forever, so now the novels are all about intrigue and political schemes and religion and science. These are all valid avenues to explore with regards to the influence of 20th century American refugess on 17th century Europe, but just didn’t grab me the same way the war stories of the first two books did.

I could read a couple of pages before zoning out, and then set the book aside for weeks at a time. So, I won’t be picking up any other books orfor that matter. They had me, but they lost me. Dec 30, Chip Hunter rated it really liked it.

1634: The Galileo Affair

This is one of numerous spin-offs from Eric Flint’s brilliant and What that means is that this book and the other spin-offs deviate from the primary storyline of the previous books. While expanding the overall story of the impact Grantville has on the world of the ‘s, this book basically ignores the more exciting developments of the war with France and the exploits of the USE ambassadors in London, Scotland, and Amsterdam. That is the reason I think most people are disappointe This is one of numerous spin-offs from Eric Flint’s brilliant and That is the reason I think most people are disappointed by this book.