cfdocument format=”pdf” marginbottom=”1″ marginleft=”1″ marginright=”1″ alternate colors and font-size so that you can easily see where. I just noticed that the CF7 tag, CFDOCUMENT (as well as the new form of This NAME attribute is simply an interesting alternative. Here’s a. But you are correct, it is now less useful when they are alternatives. I was hoping to see updates in CF10 regarding using CFDocument to.

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Comments 35 Comments [ Add Comment ] Yup. Cumulative Hot Fix 1 for ColdFusion 9. And I see now where the “commercial” discussion came from.

PDF alternate to cfdocument

Posted By Dan G. Be sure to explain to others what you mean, exactly is it a PDF of tabular data? Rather, they were the ones that used the best technology for the job,” statement, my recent cf Railo app utilizes jQuery as well.

The jQuery example just shown is cleaner, does a whole lot more, is easy to write, and is actually very productive in its own right. Fix for the issue where ColdFusion was ignoring local variable assignment when the variable is assigned to a struct at runtime.

The following should precede the listing I posted earlier: On Altegnative 06 AprPaul Hastings wrote: First, as I show above, it’s CL But again it’s not fail proof. For server side advancements they should focus on continued easy integration of complex java libraries Hadoop comes to mind Anything that reduces the roundtrip from server to client.


The page just hangs waiting for a response, it appears.

Ben Forta | Blog

More likely, you may choose this approach to facilitate caching and later reusing the generated output. This blog is running version 5. I appreciate the points you made, and hope to see the CF team focus more on making more awesomeness happen where CF really shines.

I would encourage you to vote for this bug in the CF bug database: I have done plenty of googling and seen plenty of dispair but no answers that work. And then we added the ability to work with spreadsheets, and manipulate images, and communicate with Exchange servers, and so much more, all in the name of greater productivity. Are you still running CF11? These all need to be supported by ColdFusion to maintain backwards compatibility, but there just is no good reason to keep advancing them, and even less reason for you to use them in new development.

Cold Fusion – Technical – PDF alternate to cfdocument

We also cfdoument a different class of features, ones that simplified the use of client technologies. I Googled and found this in about 1 minute: And I am not allow to take the code home in any case. Then a single line of code turns the table into a paginated grid that is sortable, searchable, and completely customizable.


Here’s a quick example: The airport had only just cleared the backlog from flight delays caused by bad weather earlier in the week. What should the format attribute of the cfdocument tag be set to?

Short of takng the code home and using a real old pc that has deamweaver on it I am at a loss as how to get this crossreferencing done. Big thumbs up on cfdocumen article, I am with you on this one. I know this doesn’t make everyone happy, but it is what I needed to do. This is not an attack on ColdFusion, nor is this a novel idea.

Way back in you helped me get started with ColdFusion, Ben. In the style sheet div. I think this could be alternatibe turning cfdoccument from php to coldfusion. Sure, I could have written the alternatjve JavaScript myself, but that would have been a slow and highly error-prone process, and I was willing to sacrifice some performance and control for that greater productivity. Keep it simple and small.

Charlie Arehart Related Categories: Let them know on the House of Fusion mailing lists Archive: In reply to this post by Paul Hastings.

Can you explain what you’re thinking is? This example uses another great jQuery plug-in named Data Tables.