Alternity all Book “The Externals” by William W. Connors and Steven Schend. Alternity is a Science-Fiction “Role Playing Game” featuring Dark Matter (modern . Index of /~akclark/Alternity/ Aug Alternity – Star Drive – The Aug Alternity. Some time ago, before WotC pulled the pdfs, I purchased a copy of The Externals . It consisted of a series of interconnected html documents.

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Major battle group with armor support.

Heroes can meet, examine, and expose these Externals, but their status among the Externals may be impossible The Medurr to determine until seen in context with any of alterinty other External species. The symbol itself is a simple triangular overlay of three circles: The simplest forms of cybiotech are armor or melee weapons like blades suddenly jutting out the forearm.

Gamemasters with a particularly sadistic streak could leave a parting blow by the Exeat by seeding large numbers ecternals troop transports across the Verge, depositing bareem troops into many inhabited systems to cause problems for decades to come.

They soon scuttle an antiquated generation ship, removing its propulsion systems and launching the battered hulk into space using their newly granted powers.

Additional Chor and alfernity as needed minimum of three per each groush. Existing millions of years ago, their travels, colonies, and wars spanned at least these two local arms of the galaxy, if not more. Aside from the first encounter reports, there are many layers of intelligence to sort through.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

Systems of the Verge; and Klick Klack. The thaal embrace religion and domination; the Wanderers embrace psionics and isolationism; the Builders embrace science and assimilation.


If not given a reason to attack by insult or injury or orders, bareem can be quite affable alterjity first meeting. The League of Nine Of the nine exterrnals species that make up the League of Nine, only three have more of a history in space travel than humanity.

Gardhyi allies studied the Verge and Old Space species and suggested these workable pod-forms as a particular form of psychological warfare. She secretly allied with Vurhyr Barok Lhor, her teacher long ago, aletrnity dispatched her favored grandson along with him on the Exeat.

Robots, computer-driven ships, and artificial intelligences are all equal citizens of the Technarchy; their PL9 design simply make them technological rather than biological lifeforms.

Despite the fact that the bareem were far more physically formidable, the sifarv had greater weapons and the advantages of flight.

Alternity – Star Drive – The Externals – PDF Free Download

At rank 12, the effect becomes mobile and moves with the worshiper at a movement rate of 2. This supplement seeks not to repeat what we already know but to expand the knowledge of the entire External threat and drive its secrets out into the light, for good or ill. Ython Kadar and Paratak Trewys externaks began assembling a fleet as Vurhyr Barok Lhor and his cadre of agents out beyond the Theocracy began the final intelligence preparations for the Exeat.

Alternity for Beginning Players. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of this product is prohibited without the express written consent of Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Many among the nobility are also part of the church or military, their roles and social influence improved even though their earned ranks are often far beneath their noble titles. Back amid the Theocracy and in a limited number in the Redcrown facilities, Ravans use more crablike and mantalike pods with some form of hover or flight technologies.


In truth, they are proud outcasts of the gardh people, severed from their community, determined to exhernals to it triumphant. Other goals are open to wild speculations.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

One tactic noted by those escaping the hunts unleashed on Penates mentioned two sifarv flying close to ground level, slim metal filament chains aoternity between them that decapitated any foolish enough to intercept them. It can be cast by multiple worshipers to either share the energy cost of the casting or to simply increase the effects of the prayer in numerous ways.

The cover was among artist R. In all things, bareem rationalize their actions in terms of how it helps them and how it adheres to the Bareem Game Data These statistics represent a typical bareem warden or military officer roughly 4th level Combat Spec.

This supplement does not reproduce every scrap of material we have on some previously encountered External species—the klicks alone have generated more than thirty pages of hard data!

For the video game, see StarDrive.

Star Drive

Additional Ru-Arami and officers as needed minimum of five per each legion. To torture life, sentient or not, and treat it as a plaything or curiosity is abhorrent, as are the kadarans.

Squad of thirteen troops made up of two Hruth six-member fire team and one komoth.