Cradle of the Moon is set after the Alicization arc ends! In case you do not want to spoil yourself, please do not read it! Especially with the story. Actually, Sword Art Online was licensed for English language by Yen Press. So, to prevent legal disputes, Baka Tsuki took it down from there sites. If you search. The Baka-Tsuki translation aggregate has declared the Sword Art Online project to be “Abandoned”. All SAO-related material, save the page.

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This is not merely adventuring in a vast field, [Life] is literally possible here. Just thought I’d add the translations for the images, since I’m starting on doing “Aria in the Starless Night”. Is it Bullet of Bullets or Ballet of Bullets? Actually, sword art online was licensed for english language by yen press.

Wouldn’t it be better to, at least, put a link in the full text to let those who want to read it in the good context artt able to read it? It is enclosed within a perfect circular rampart with a diameter of ten kilol, and possesses a population of over twenty thousand. Index is currently shelved, though I may take a shot at baaka a bit more done some time soon. Dang, I had thought they would spend at least three to four episodes on Aria, but you seem to be implying that they end it in one, maybe two.


If the book version has only three chapters, then our translation should have also only three chapters, since the web version is gone and the book version is working as the translation reference When I posted in white that I would go unless it was removed, note that it was in jest.

But since I can’t I must use such methods. How about like this: The Progressors should be named “The Clearers” instead since that is what the title is talking about in regards to the story and all the translations so far have used the term “Clearer” instead of “Progressor” — Arctosa Or don’t, I said I would drop this, and now I will. So take your flame baits somewhere else.

Sword Art Online:Cradle of the Moon Chapter 1

Older updates can be found on the SAO: Like, the character descriptions. I’m not giving the link.

I originally had it as Calibur for the sword onlind we are familiar with, but I happen to glance at the last chapter while counting parts, and sigh. What happened to Volume 9?

manga_Sword_Art_Online directory listing

I don’t really care if it consummates their relationship or not it’s a harem where one girl is given the “I’m going to win regardless” before said chapter even happens, so However, yen press, an american publishing company that usually licenses japanese printed content, atr sao last year, to baja an official english translation onkine.

Sword art online progressive 5 light novel by reki kawahara after successfully untangling themselves from a dangerous encounter with the black poncho man and clearing the fifth floor of aincrad, kirito and asuna head to the next challenge, an area filled withpuzzles.


I’m talking about that thin white skin you see after you peel off the thick outer orange colored skin. It should be Tecchi or Thatch right? I wouldn’t have known that I haven’t read much and I know nothing about the Onlinw theme, anyway Vaelis has indicted its proper English name. The reason I think it follows the Mythology theme is that I believe Yggdrasil makes an appearance I couldn’t find where I read this, and I have tsuji memory at best, so possibly wrongKirito’s class becomes a SprigganLyfa or whatever it ends up being is a Sylphand Yui is a Navigation Pixie.

The translators have their own timeline and life as well though. Notify me of new posts via email.

Otherwise, you can look at his user page for a timeline. You are awesome and so is this book!

Sorry, I removed links to shut up a large spike of naysayers. Each time I read through I find new and more interesting tidbits. You could practically feel the fear and desperation in the air as well as Kirito’s sdord to live.

Hello, i was just wondering if you guys would accept another editor here. Give me the translations here and I’ll photoshop them as usual.