The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla (Cambridge University Press ) pp. viii , $, ISBN 0 I Pbk. The Evolution of Technology has ratings and 8 reviews. Richard said: Humans are the most sophisticated toolmakers in the family of life. We’ve gone f. The Evolution of Technology (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science) [ George Basalla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents an.

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A workable theory of technological evolution basallx there be no technological progress in the traditional sense of the term but accepts the possibility of limited progress toward a carefully etchnology goal within a restricted framework “. This yields a perfect segue into the next two chapters, which are all about novelty. Variant artifacts do not arise from the chance recombination of certain crucial constituent parts but are the result of a conscious process in which human taste and judgment are exercised in the pursuit of some biological, technological, psychological, social, economical, or cultural goal.

a: The Evolution of Technology — pasta and vinegar

Zeynel rated it ecolution liked it Jun 30, It challenges the popular notion that technopogy advances by the efforts of a few heroic individuals who produce a series of revolutionary inventions owing little or nothing to the technological past.

Of particular interest is his counterfactual look at how there are potential alternative technologies for those adapted at various points in history: Here criteria are established by the humans who select characteristics they consider worthy of preservation. Therefore, the book’s argument is shaped by analogies drawn selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution. It’s definitely an historical account, but I think there’s more philosophy in here than Basalla admits.


They technoology no need for it, and experimenting with it could permanently destroy them.

Henry Ford called his car a “quadracycle”, The emergence of the inventor as a hero: Alper Coplugil rated it really liked it Oct 19, Onat Ekinci rated it really liked it Ecolution 07, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This is a sound strategy, for it provides a common thread of investigation throughout the entire book and he includes enough examples from other eras, like xylography in ancient China, to avoid charges of hasty generalization.

G.Basalla: The Evolution of Technology

The wheel was first used in Mesopotamia, about 5, years ago. Books by George Basalla.

Open Preview See a Problem? Utterback No preview available evolutino And the third theme is technological evolution: Economic and Military Factors. The Evolution of Technology works because Basalla articulates his thesis so clearly and precisely that his entire argument is, if not convincing, at least admirable. China invented the compass, gunpowder, and printing, and put them to practical use.

At the same time as he reassures us that this is an historical account of how technology develops, he dispels any misapprehension that this will be a chronological look at technology from f History is more than just a series of events happening in sequence.

No trivia or quizzes yet. It’s interesting that technology is held up as the prime example of ‘intelligent design’, but this book shows that technology is poorly understood as a process, and may be best explained in evolutionary terms. Diversity Necessity and Evolution.

Presents an evolutionary theory of technological change based on recent scholarship in the history of technology and on relevant material drawn from economic history and anthropology. These communities stay in balance with their land, and are content. However, he also discusses the ill-fated attempt to develop commercial supersonic transport and the propaganda-saturated era of nuclear power.


Therefore, the book’s arguement is shaped by analogies taken selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution. The Evolution of Technology.

The Evolution of Technology

Alex Claman rated it really liked it Jul 12, One of the most thought provoking books I’ve ever read Aug 10, Sherwin added it Recommends it for: Instead, it was evolutionary! He does tend to focus on nineteenth- and early twentieth-century innovations, including the steam engine and the automobile, probably because of the plethora of economic and historical data available for these inventions and the people involved in their production.

Paperbackdvolution. Although the book is not intended to provide a strict chronological account of the development of technology, historical examples – including many of the major achievements of Western technology: Shannon Green rated it liked it Feb 20, Apprentices worked hard to imitate the work of their elders, and their success earned respect.

It was not nimble, fast-paced, and highly competitive, like Europe.

The book just seemed to be unusually objective, as if it had a good cleansing soak in a potent mythocide.