Mahira Khan’s acting was amazing, she is a naturally gifted actress. All the songs are best suited for the situations. I didn’t have high expectation from the movie but whatever little i had its even fail to pass on that. The scenes bopped around from America to Pakistan way to quickly without smooth transitions. As a movie fan, I enjoy experiences that I can relate with, and a film close to my culture, is the one that is dear to the heart and soul. Despite a few hiccups in the plot and a rather predictable “twist”, Bin Roye is great effort and a perfect addition to this newly resurrected Pakistani Cinema. Saman and Irtiza go to Pakistan for holidays with Maaz.

It is the story of Saba and the struggles she faces due to being in love with her best friend and cousin Irtiza. Despite a few hiccups in the plot and a rather predictable “twist”, Bin Roye is great effort and a perfect addition to this newly resurrected Pakistani Cinema. It was an Amazing Movie overall. Soon after Saba gets a proposal for marriage. In June , it was confirmed that Shiraz Uppal would compose music for series, who also composed three songs for film adaptation. No doubt she is going to be a major highlight of SRK’s new film coming soon. Saba is the same, I mean, the variation you would see is that you will see a lot more shades to her. Just to mention some of the all-time family drama romantic movies like Silsila, Kabhi Alvida na Kehna , Saajan, Ashqui etc had all these ingredients even though I don’t market Bollywood movies any more and moviegoer came out of cinema emotionally attached to these movies.

Saba is an extrovert, who lives life to the fullest, and expects Irtiza to fulfil all her childish demands. Without spoiling the movie for fans, its a treat to watch on the big screen, and the quality of the production is on par with current international titles as can be judged by roe sudden accident scene, which is second only to aansoo one done in “Meet Joe Black”.

Saba happily participates in all wedding rituals, however Saba loses all patience when she finally sees Saman and Irtiza making their wedding vows. Of course, not everybody has watched Bin Roye!

It is also established that Irtiza also cares a lot for Saba, and both have a very close bond.

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In the midst of film makers trying to portray the problems of the illiterate and poverty stricken Pakistan comes this masterpiece from Momina Duraid which says Rich people have emotions and problems as well. Irtiza reasons with Saba and tells her that he will be back in 2 years. I can see everyone loved Mahira Khan’s acting but to me she has the same style of acting everywhere which sometimes makes it a bit monotonous. Although Mahira has once again stuck to her forte and her character isn’t all that different from what we’ve seen earlier from her but you really don’t care about it that much when she’s so refreshingly good at it, turning into the Julia Roberts of Pakistan, you like her more every time you see her on screen.


The heart-to-heart with Humayun Saeed and Mahira Khan has lifted our expectations for the upcoming drama. Great Pakistani romantic film with excellent songs, photography and background score.

This behaviour of Saba makes Irtiza upset, for which later Saba also apologises! She cries her heart out and blames Irtiza for always taking so much care of her! And as per the latest news, the girl has bagged a major role in an upcoming Shah Rukh Khanmovie too which is nothing short of a life-time opportunity in her rising film career indeed.

Strangely Saba accepts this, and tells him that she is absolutely fine with this arrangement and that she will not be telling her parents about it, which gets the man quite confused.

And always being there for her! The acting is also terrible. Init was announced that a drama series is being developed based on Farhat Ishtiaq ‘s novel Bin Roye Ansoobefore the project went into development hell for almost half an year.

The story quickly moves through years without any visual justification and many characters get introduced only to be forgotten soon in the next scenes. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Encompassing some major transformation, there is epispde lot to watch out for in the 20 episode drama serial.

But sadly it couldn’t get episore decent release in our country because of a ban imposed in Maharashtra and only one show release in the few major cities finding no audience due to lack of information or publicity.

Saman gets pregnant and tells Saba about it, Saba gets very happy about the news and congratulates Saman. Saba and Irtiza get married in an intimate ceremony.

This fact brings Saba and Saman closer to each other. Its Music won’t let you blink your eyes! Irtiza tells her that no one can control destiny and life, and that she is not responsible for Saman’s death!

The next day it is Maaz’s birthday, and Irtiza, Saman and Saba go out to the mall to shop for Maaz’s birthday party. He says that the love he has felt for axnsoo all these years is very pure, it is the kind of eplsode that is not selfish but selfless, this love only wants to see her happy, the love he has for her cannot be shaken up no matter how rude she aqnsoo with him, no matter what she does, he can never hate her, he says “You expect me to hate you, but someone who has loved you all their life can never hate you!


My brother in-law who has already watched this movie went with us again to watch it. Don’t waste your money on this awful movie donate the money to shaukat khanum instead. The direction, songs and setting however was a work well done.

Acting is terrible Mahira’s dressing is the only thing to look forward to.

Bin Roye Exclusive Interview: 5 Ways the Drama Will be Different From the Movie

One day Irtiza sits Saba down and asks her if she is interested in marrying the guy, and she can tell him if she has feelings for him, Saba loses her patience and rudely reverts stating that he has no business meddling in her personal life and he should stay away! After the flagship that was Humsafar, my mind unconditionally pairs up Mahira Khan with Fawad Khan, but to his credit, Humayun Saeed has done an incredible job at making this couple look great.

Worst acting except Zaba Bakhtiyar, she still looks good better than the lead actress Mahira other actress looks good but don’t how to act. Retrieved from ” https: In AugustIshtiaq announced that series would replace, her then running series Udaari and confirmed earlier saying “the play will air this year as the last edits are under process.

Irtiza is upset hearing this and tells her that he has always wanted the best for her, so how can rkye think about him like this? It is true that once-upon-a-time, Lahore was a center for great cinematic productions; And the last 30 years of cinema in Pakistan have witnessed a slow and steady decline.

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All of the songs were good but then came along what is most probably the best mehndi song of the decade, incredible music playing back to an equally good dance-off, Balle Balle is the song you want in your life. Soon Saman’s parents die in a plane crash, and Saman comes to Pakistan along with Irtiza to her extended family for emotional support, Saba and Irtiza take care of her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Soon the man leaves for America, leaving Saba behind.

Why even release a movie when you can’t write a proper script.