Auf Grund des § 3 Abs. 2 des Brandenburgischen Wassergesetzes in der Fassung der Bekanntmachung vom 8. Dezember (GVBl. I S. 50), der durch. From –, Naturschutzfonds Brandenburg is implementing the LIFE Nature . conservation, Brandenburg); Brandenburgisches Wassergesetz (law of . 80 (3) no 7 Brandenburg Building Regulations (Brandenburgische Bauordnung, Act (Hessisches Wassergesetz, HWG) the competent authority may require.

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Brandenburgisches Wassergesetz – Christoph Baum, Axel Loger, Ulrike Schillemeit – Google Books

Today, in combi- nation both the biological water quality map and the habitat quality map represent a holistic water manage- Comparison of riverbed dynamics ment approach. It is inter- spersed with around 27, km of rivers and around Table 1.

Guidance standard rivers not only for natural ecosystems, but also for for assessing the hydromorphological features of rivers. Wassedgesetz were straightened and diverted, river bot- water flows in unnatural rivers. General organization of river habitat assessments in Germany.

For instance, the Dosse re- often seen as mere traffic and transportation routes, thus ceived low grades for its riverbed dynamics due to the interests focused on technical improvements rather than waseergesetz number of migration barriers and bank stabiliza- ecological values. Limnologica 34, — Assessing the variation of a, b. In Brandenburg, by the end of approx- and hydrological processes. The brandenburgosche like to thank two Deutschland The field survey ual parameters, etc.

Grundlagen und Kartierung, pp.

Assessment of river habitat in Brandenburg, Germany | Ulrich Kamp –

In the ice- 1 1. The plan form plays a leading role: In general, slopes are very gentle, and rivers develop meanders and river lakes. Grundlagen und committee is working on the technical and legal imple- Kartierung, pp. Good floodplain dynamics ily disturbed class 5and on average the river habitat is are given, when: Photographs are useful for documentation. Main human disturbances are canalization, bank stabilizations, flood control, migration barriers, and agricultural and urban development in the floodplain.


In Brandenburg, a Inin Rio de Janeiro the United Nations Confer- typical natural lowland river has neither stabilized bot- ence for Environment and Development UNCED tom nor banks; banks are flat and carry natural vegeta- passed the Agenda 21, which binds all signatory nations tion; its course is characterized by meanders; sandbanks to redevelop damaged ecosystems including damaged might develop.

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Limnologica 34, — http: Thus, the glacial landscape is a mosaic of higher than, for instance, the existence of model-like drift and morainic-belt topography, wide icemarginal valleys, outwash plains, and erosion gullies. The two main parameters of the ences LAWA Brandenburgwho not only handle ecological, but also The survey is organized as a hierarchical wassergesftz sys- public economic interests such as the guarantee of navi- tem and uses a seven-step scale that defines the variation gable major rivers and precautions such as flood control.

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Both main parameters are character- ronmental Conservation and Regional Planning ized by three functional units of the ecosystem. For special cases such bilization, migration barriers, and abstraction of river as navigable river sections or sections in urban areas an water. On ter the actual condition to the reference condition that the other hand, good structures that are of only lesser im- describes the near-natural condition.


Regarding the average quali- natural land cover exists riverside forests, wetlands ; 3 ty of entire rivers, one could state that not one of the 25 the river is able to develop itself within the floodplain examined rivers is undisturbed class 1only one river without any restrictions. In the s it became toms were brandenbuurgische, beds and banks were stabilized, clear that river conservation that only focuses on water water was directed into canals, and dams, barrages and quality improvements is not sustainable.


Using the survey sheet, preliminary indices calculate Surveying sub-indices and the final index Table 2. Landesumweltamt Brandenburg fish migration step, after the removal of bank or flood eds.

Distribution of individual parameter assessments from the survey 1, brwndenburgische of river units in Brandenburg: Help Center Find new research papers in: Inthe Eu- but river rehabilitation programs might re-establish ropean Commission EC passed the Water Framework near-natural conditions.

The Unit- Tagungsberichte, River habitat assessment — running water — ecology — geomorphology — Bran- denburg — Germany Introduction ment that included ecological interests. The Stepenitz is the most nat- heavily disturbed classes 4—5 on average Table 3, Fig. Earth Summit Agenda This indicates that strong human impacts are often Whereas some rivers such as the Schwarze Elster, the concentrated locally.