Scientific name: Other names: Tamaraw. Bubalus mindorensis. Mindoro dwarf buffalo, Timaraw, Tamarao, Tamarau, Mindorobüffel, Búfalo de. Bubalus mindorensis is included in the subgenus Bubalus [Hamilton-Smith, ], being affiliated with the Asiatic water buffalo (B. arnee). Bubalus mindorensis Heude, Taxonomic (Download Help) Bubalus mindorensis TSN Reference for: Bubalus mindorensis, tamaraw [ English].

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The animals are now found only in the mountainous portions of Mt. Johns Hopkins University Press.

Tamaraw – Wikipedia

Tamaraws are found only on the island of Mindoro in the Philippines. Thus, international commercial mindorendis in the species or any derivatives of which, such as the meat, horns or flesh is considered illegal.

Horn length is 35 to 43 cm. Adult bulls are coloquially called toro and are rightly respected for their size and surprising agility. It has been suggested that this solitary behavior is an adaptation to its forest environment. Babies are born reddish-brown in color, and slowly darken over three or four years to the adult coloration. Both sexes of tamaraw have unmistakably stout, wedge-shaped horns which are relatively short, straight, and black in color Custodio et al.

Domestic water buffalo or “carabao” – Bubalus bubalis are also found in the Philippines. MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite Arkive images and videos and share them with friends.

Hyemoschus Water chevrotain H.

File:Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan 01.jpg

Once widespread on Mindoro, the tamaraw is now restricted to just three 5or possibly two, reserves 1. Tamaraw regularly use well-trodden paths through their habitat, including through steep terrain; based on hoofprints and scat, multiple animals use the same pathways although likely not at the same time Suchomel, Due to the decline mibdorensis the B.


The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support. The tamaraw is the largest mammal native to the Philippines 4and also has the distinction of being one of the rarest mammals in existence 2.

The tamaraw was once classified as a subspecies of the Asiatic water buffalo Corbet and Hill,although some authors have allied this species with the anoas B. Share on Facebook Tweet Send email. Both sexes grows short black horns in a V-shaped manner compared to C-shaped horns of Bubalus bubalis. The following other wikis use this file: However, bulls were observed chasing other bulls, especially during breeding season and on burned grasslands.

The length of the body is 2. A greyish-white stripe runs from the inner corner of the eye outwards and greyish-white patches are also found on the legs and neck 5.

However, much of the original forest in its range has been replaced with grassland as a result of human activities 2 5.

Wikispecies has information related to Bubalus mindorensis. There is little sexual dimorphism in the species although males are reported to have thicker necks. As a member of the family Bovidaethe tamaraw’s close affinity to the water buffalo Bubalus bubalis has been validated many times in the past. With the mindroensis, CITES recognizes the species as critically endangered and threatened with extinction.

Tamaraw conservation Despite significant efforts to protect the tamaraw, numbers remain alarmingly low 6.

File:Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Bubalus mindorensis is included bubalis the subgenus Bubalus [Hamilton-Smith, ], being affiliated with the Asiatic water buffalo B. Beforetamaraws were widely distributed throughout the island, inhabiting all elevations m and all habitat types, including Mindoro’s vast forests and less common wetlands, grasslands, riparian areas, and bamboo thickets. Description Bubalus mindorensis by Gregg Yan To cite this page: It visits nearby rivers and streams to drink and also frequents mud wallows 5.


Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts. Traditionally, tamaraws were active during the day, feeding in close proximity to human ranching operations. White markings are seen in the hooves and the inner lower forelegs.

Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Bautista 3 August Adult bulls are locally called toro and are rightly respected for their size and surprising agility. bubaluz

Half of these occurred bubbalus the animals were condensed into small fragments of habitat due to fires, while two others were of an adult male chasing dispersing juvenile males.

In addition, the small sizes of the species’ subpopulations, already spread thin throughout their fragmented range onabout 51 individuals are found in a 20 square kilometer area[12] make contact with any more than a solitary individual a rarity. A tamaraw bull Bubalus mindorensis crossing a grassy field.

Individuals of the species are reclusive and shy away from humans. Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK.: