Despite going through many hardships and his best efforts, Shion ultimately loses to Kai. While wondering what to do, Tokoha ends up helping Misaki run a tournament at Card Capital 2. But with some encouraging words from Mikuru, Chrono makes up his mind; he will protect both her and Vanguard from Myoujin. Through those fights, Chrono is reminded of how much fun Vanguard is. By having fighters from all over the world flood the GIRS system with Stride Force and crashing it, Kouji and his companions are able to pinpoint the spot where Stride Force is still being gathered, which is deduced to be Ryuzu’s main base of operations. While battling, Shion reveals all he has learned about Ace, including that the mastermind behind everything is Ryuzu Myoujin. Knowing that Chrono wants to face Ryuzu Myoujin and despite warning him that he may die, Shin decides to have a cardfight with Chrono to test his resolve.

He separates Kamui from his friends and challenges him to a cardfight. Chrono intends to surpass Kamui, who acted as his mentor the whole time. Furthermore, he tells them that once they fully complete the G Quest and awaken Chrono’s last Depend Card, Plan G will move on to the next phase: After Shouma reveals how he was involved in the Kiba takeover, thereby revealing his affiliation with Myoujin, Shion furiously starts pummeling him. After escaping the robot, they discover a secret laboratory, which turns out to be one of Myoujin’s Stride Force relay stations. While Shion continues his search for Ace and Chrono visits various card shops for special training, Tokoha feels left behind. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

At the end of the round, TRY3 emerges victorious, meaning that one of their members will face the special guest, Christopher Lo. The goal is simple but has yet to be conquered by anyone: Using the cards left by his teammates, Chrono defeats Ren, thus completing the branch’s G Quest.


However, Ryuzu prepares for them However, he rebukes that Kouji has also done things that irritate him, specifically when he gave Chrono gezr blank Depend Cards but not telling him what to do with them. Chrono withstands wave after wave of Leon’s onslaught and mounts a comeback victory. This naturally makes all the other fighters want to become creatures, thus making TRY3 and Rummy Labyrinth the only participants in the quest.

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After Shouma reveals how he was involved in the Kiba takeover, thereby peisode his affiliation with Myoujin, Shion furiously starts pummeling him. Shion attacks aggressively at the start, but Kai quickly closes the gap and puts him a nearly hopeless situation akin to the cardfights from their first encounter.

Nonetheless, Shion vows to get revenge on Ace.

Naoki, Miwa, Shingo, and Kai. Naoki and Shingo, respectively. Characters Mini Van Cardfight!! Team Q4 – Tokoha vs.

This makes Shion feel helpless and powerless but eventually realize that he can do more, thus gaining more confidence and determination.

During the escape, Shion sees that Ace’s true identity is Am. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat While Shion fights as many chasers as possible, Chrono and Tokoha end up imprisoned after they both fall for some of the G Quest’s traps. Misaki sympathizes with her after having experienced the same feelings that Tokoha is going through. While Mamoru and Trinity Dragon try to escape, Kamui defeats Handa and demands him to reveal all he knows about Myoujin.

To truly clear the Zoo branch’s quest, TRY3 goes through more challenges.

Then, Kai approaches Shion and says that he will be enblish for him at the Star Gate branch. However, the facility activates its self-destruct mechanism, and Handa falls through a trap hole.

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Ace later reveals that their fight was captured on video to smear Shion’s credibility as Kiba heir, the glowing sword was a mere trick, and Utsugi was working with Ace all along.


However, there are “chasers” vanguarv will impede them along the way, but defeating them in battle will award a lot of points.

Retrieved from ” https: This time, the goal is to ascend a maze tower within a time limit. With e;isode at stake, Shion cardfights Ace, both using decks made out of cards pulled from random booster packs.

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Languages Italiano Tagalog Edit links. By the end of the day, Luna and Am’s friendship deepens, but Am is reminded of a terrible accident that happened when she was 5 years old. This time however, Shion keeps his composure and miraculously defeats Kai. Soon afterwards, the quest ends with Shion having gained the majority of the points and thus making Team TRY3 the winner. The next day, the Dragon Empire branch’s G Quest begins.

Despite going through many hardships and his best efforts, Shion ultimately loses to Kai. The G Quest ends after 3 months, and an award ceremony is held in honor of the teams, including TRY3, that have earned the title of “Generation Master”.

Kai, who is using his Overlord deck. When Shion sees the sword shining in Utsugi’s hands, he loses both his fighting spirit and the battle. Retrieved February 20, — via Twitter. Later on, Tokoha and Am have a cardfight after a disagreement over their favorite food toppings, and Kumi and Luna join in the fight.

Following some rumors, Kamui goes to a seemingly abandoned facility.