For me mentoring is not the same as a teacher-disciple thing — it should be horizontal. The Activist character in , is a kind of a person, who loves all things vintage. That was the very first time I tried my hand at stitching and I stitched for 5 straight days, until the costume was ready. Retrieved 4 June Chaitanya is seen as the father of a six-year-old in s and a happy-go-lucky college student in By researching on various spacesuits ranging from Apollo missions in the 60’s to the current Russian, Chinese and Indian spacesuits, I came up with a rough sketch of what the suit should look like. This approach has immensely helped us to put a cap on the budget of this film. Upon release, the trailer went viral , praised as “refreshing”.

Manam Theatrical release poster. This approach has immensely helped us to put a cap on the budget of this film. Chaitanya stays in Rao’s house for further treatment while Nagarjuna joins them as he was expelled from his hostel. The promotion material featured the “Akkineni Family” as the film’s producer. Archived from the original on 11 August Archived from the original on 24 February

Tamhane had earlier made short film, Six Strandsthat screened at several film festivals including Clermont-Ferrand, Slamdance, Edinburgh and Rotterdam.

CHAITANYAM || A Tale of Innocent’s Short Film || Luckey Short Films

He knows what an important opportunity he has and how necessary it is to soak up all he can through observation and careful questioning. Anjali and falls in love with her at first sight. With this objective in mind, I started my research. The film, that is an exploration of the Indian judiciary, had received the Hubert Bals fund for script and project development chaotanyam fall and was part of Nfdc Film Bazaar co-production market in Critics appreciated the performances of all the members of the principal cast, Akkineni Nagarjuna leftShriya Saran middle and Samantha Akkineni right receiving praise in particular.

He is against modern tech and loved the way the Earth was in the past and wants it to go back to that phase. Borah, Prabalika 23 May I believe that instead of worrying about the bigger picture, if you can sub-divide chaitnayam whole into various segments and work meticulously to get those segments right, the overall product will surely result in something great.


Archived from the original PDF on 11 February Luckily after consulting almost 20 bike sticker outlets, I found a guy who did the job by cutting the film into multiple horizontal strips and heat forming them to stick them in place. So I began writing to the festival admins, explaining how we finished our film at such a low shrot and asking them if we could get partial or complete waiver of the fees.

On the other hand, the video showcased the recording of the song by Shreya Ghoshal.

We were called upon to their office, to pitch the script. Bikas Mishra talks to Chaitanya Tamhane about the journey of Court. Filmed as a character study, without a single fiilm word, the movie features a woman narrator who begins the story by asking the viewer to keep quiet and not share the secret she is about to reveal.

So with no other clear choice in hand, I started contacting companies working in construction and mining areas with shot luck.

Retrieved 11 August Be that change” with the other three saying “I Am That Change”. He chaittanyam this to the press on 19 October while on set.

Archived from the original on 11 August The sheer grit, passion, and focus with which he overcame the challenges on a daily basis was inspiring and revealing. What has fuelled rising mob violence in India? The Activist character inis a kind of a person, who loves all things vintage. As it turns out, there are not many mainstream space exploration movies made in India.

While Rao’s attempts to court Anjali begin, Nagarjuna and Priya join Salsa dance classes where Priya constantly expresses her anger towards Nagarjuna.

PREMALO || Telugu Love Short Film (with Eng Subtitles) || By Jain Nani

That psychological aspect of magic happening in the mind of the audience is cinema. The best choice for capturing a dry planet in India was to film at either the deserts of Rajasthan or the Rann of Kuchh in Gujarat and to extend the sets in post production.


Manam Theatrical release poster. With this film, I wanted to prove to myself, that one can tell a good story, irrespective of the budget of the production and the size of the crew; all one needs is a vision and the perseverance to pull it off. When he talks, he dances verbally around it and you can feel he is almost ready to explode.

Hence we wanted chhaitanyam make sure that he was completely prepared beforehand. So I told him I think this collaboration will be way more productive if you read the screenplay.

On another note, a kid drinks a cool drink and drops the paper cup near a dust bin and walks away with his father only to halt after a small distance. Retrieved 24 February Following is a break-up of the expenses incurred by this venture:.

It also showcased the recording of the song by Arijit Singh. One of the most significant elements in a space costume is the chaittanyam.

How I made a Sci-Fi Thriller short film in under $75

Full Cast and Crew. The film was initially rumoured to be inspired by the American science fiction comedy film Back to the Future. I was solely focused on getting the look correct and once I got great reviews on the costume from my friends, I never worried about the look in the later phases.

Retrieved from ” https: Shekhar of Oneindia Entertainment gave the film 4 out of 5 stars, stating “Manam is a perfect family entertainer and it is director Shorg Kumar’s unique script that makes the movie a brilliant experiment. It was then that one of my IIT friends, Yaswanth, stepped in to help us out. The DSLR shots were a mix of p 24fps and p 60fps, while the drone shots were filmed at 2.