I hope I end up convinced at the end, too. She was willing to leave him because she loved him. So I don’t think his reactions are non sense or writer’s fault. I just need to check than it doesn’t have secondary effects, like blindness for example. Ruth January 21, at It was my crack for awhile but not anymore.

I can do that …. Korean, but actually doesn’t speak the language was laughingly horrible. Its like saying “Am I a Happy Girl? He thinks about the luck he was born with for the millionth time. Of course, Min-hyuk and Mr. You can’t deny that IlNam loves his son and does want to be close to him but just does not know how so SeKyung is like that small oasis in a vast desert for him.

He goes through her phone and finds out that she is somewhat using Cha Seung-jo. No, chaebols have nothing to do with Joseon aristocracy or the Joseon royalty. Tommy Hong is in the business of collecting ‘classified’ information on people, and using that to orchestrate matches, while excluding competitors. You know you wanna!

It must be really bad, if your wife cries when she hears the way Japanese is being spoken in some American movies. He then heads back in with the excuse that as a fashion designer he would like to help with the wedding. But seeing her xheongdamdong prompts Se-kyung to step in and calm her man down. They both admit that they cannot remember.

SK lice still say “so what” Weird thing is I could actually do without the kiss scenes – I don’t know why, but I feel this lack of hot I-would-die-without-you passion between PSH and Moon, and I feel this awkwardness when they kiss – well, if you could call a quick peck on the lips a kiss – and I actually feel RELIEVED when they move apart and laugh awkwardly and the story resumes.

Abbi Kay January 15, at 5: And we’re seeing Yoon-soo suffer as well as a sort of proxy.

Psycho-jo walks away, overwhelmed by the confrontation. I’m just hoping for a rainbow filled Happily After Ever that only dramas can dish out. She really is playing her role as a wife should be.


And of course Park Shi Hoo was adorable as always.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 13 Recap

On CA, I am concentrating on: Tommy decides not to tell her and asks that she focus on what needs to be done now. He then recommends Han Se-kyung to Tommy Hong.

TK January 23, at 5: He smirks and says that the women should be blamed for their consumerist streaks, that Soybean Pastiness inside them, the inferiority. If you go on YouTube and search for “Misheard Buffalaxed English Lyrics”, you’ll see a long list of Korean songs with the lyrics captions replaced by fake captions showing you what English speakers could “hear”. Daughters are nice because the family can ‘sell’ them off to mid level cheobols for future power and money.

I mean I totally can see a person going off the rails after that. V January 21, at Actually, low isn’t the right word, I just wasn’t expecting anything different. He knows what reality is now. Tommy offers her another chance to go to Paris — he can easily get her a ticket and cover all her expenses, and just take the fall for everything.

Seung Jo spins Se Kyung around and gives her a peck on the lips before driving away with her to a place he already made reservations at. I know I am not the only one expressing disappointment or other feelings when writing about Kdramas here, even the recappers do it: Regarding your 2nd paragraph, I too, believe that if you are going to do something, do it well, or close to well. I’m surprised Yoon-joo is such a wuss. She has stepped up her game, and awareness, or her potential that she always had.

This episode was also horribly directed, like a herky jerky hodge podge of scenes awkwardly transitioning into each other. Anyway, Seung-jo saunters arrogantly into the meeting with Chairman Cha and they have a handshake standoff.


I totally agree with you on YJ turning into the White Queen.

Se Kyung begs to differ, begging will only make In Hwa want to crush them more. She aegyos her dad to coming. Psycho-jo protests, but Yoon-joo continues. Its kinda all out there.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 13 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

If you scroll down, cheomgdamdong will see what I mean: Yeh, I was kind of wondering also what exactly is her “true self” that he does not already know about.

Tommy also warns her to be on her toes, as In-hwa came by several times to ask about Se-kyung. Dad accuses Seung Jo of doing this to get revenge but Seung Jo points out that falling in love for revenge is ridiculous and not episod insult his love for Se Kyung.

She assumes it is natural for people of their kind to do business by means of getting married. Cha Seung-jo bumps into his father, Cha ll-nam, and they have a very unhappy conversation.

He eecap it was a dream and then Se-kyung comes in again, this time without rpisode notebook. Ok, on a serious note, Yoon Joo is afraid of losing it all, but I don’t think saying that begging is the only thing she knows is an accurate summation. Check out Mobility Statistics.

This episode was slightly better in pacing and execution than the previous episode 11 but the fundamental flaw in the narrative direction leaves this drama still coming across as missing the forest for the trees. As I stated in that response, it’s all crystal clear to me. Er, did you actually read what I wrote?